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Gen 1 RBY IV catching questions

Discussion in 'Ruins of Alph' started by Toby, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Toby


    Mar 19, 2007
    Hey, was watching RBY speedruns the other day, and got me thinking about how one would build a competitive team in-game, just out of intruige.

    So after a little research, I discovered IV's are 0-15, for 4 stats (Attack, Defence, Special and Speed) and that the last binary value of each of these stats makes up the HP IV.

    This means, ideally, we want 15 in each stat. This means the odds of getting a perfect pokemon are 16^4, or 1/65,536. 16 becuase 0 counts as a value. Of course, some pokemon don't use attack, so for those one can use 16^3 (1/4096). Special is always needed as it is both special attack and special defence. EDIT: doh, silly, we need the last (binary) digit of attack to be 1 and not 0, so that doubles the denominator so its actually 1/8192)

    IV checking can be done through Rare Candying, but of course one must teach the moves required as there is no going back to forgotten moves (unless soft reset obviously, but that wouldn't work for catching legends). EDIT: does timemachine to g/s/c, learning old moves then timemaching back work? I presume some moves might be R/B/Y exclusive?

    Stat Exp: so IIRC its 255 in every stat maxed out? I wonder what the best area is to train this? Obviously level 100 pokemon need to be boxed and unboxed for the stats to apply.

    All of this is me guessing from bits of information I recall etc, so I could be wrong on a lot of it, feel free to correct me! I joined competitive battling around the end of the G/S IRC bots, such as netbattle was coming on the scene, so never did anything competitive in RBY, and was just intrigued as to how someone could do it.

    Thoughts? Have I missed tricks/got elements wrong? Are there IDs/unobtainable IV combos?

    Also, does the ball you catch with effect the data of a pokemon in RBY? If one were to missingno glitch infinite master balls, would caught pokemon with it have that data stored?

    Is the mew glitch mew have set IVs or varying ones? Where would one save to reset to try for straight 15s?

  2. Psyshock


    Aug 7, 2012
    Idk how IVs (or their equivalent) works in Gen I. There is Stat Exp. that works a bit like EVs, but I just go along aided by stat boosting items (Carbos etc.) and my team are pretty damn good. But it's strange that my Alakazam has 290 HP but still has nice Special and Speed (349 and 309 respectively). Always happy to offer helpful (Or not) insights.
  3. Toby


    Mar 19, 2007
    I mention Stat exp above.

    I'm not talking here about making a team "pretty damn good" by just using stat items. I'm thinking more of a land of perfection, min/max'er approach. Look up base stats if you wanna understand your alakazam.

    This is more theorymon than practical, as obviously the odds of straight 15s and the horrendous grind of maxing stat exp isn't worth it, especially these days.
  4. Misdreavus


    Feb 27, 2009
    You may find this helpful. A few quick points (it's all covered in the link):

    • What you're calling "IVs" are actually referred to as "DVs" in R/B/Y/G/S/C.
    • Stat experience is calculated differently than an EV system where you can reach 255 in every stat, though the results are very similar.
    • If you can trade with G/S/C, your odds of getting perfect Pokémon will be much better if you breed there (assuming it's not a legendary) instead of capturing in R/B/Y.
    • Keep in mind that not every Pokémon needs a perfect Attack DV (i.e. Alakazam).

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