Remoraid Mafia - Haters, Yeti, and Coronis Win!


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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March always was a good time for camping - it's always wet, cold, muddy and really wet. However, this did not perturb a band of 22 travellers from visiting the amazing site of Remoraid Lake. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the famed fish, the campers laid down their equipment and began to unpack. Suddenly a Remoraid darted from the water and playfully squirted some water at the tired and irritable travellers.

There was silence.

Then there was chaos.

Smogon user Joel pulled a large pair of underwear from his inconspicuous violin case and attempted to shoot down the pesky intruder, after taking a slight pause to aim the knickers were fired at an inconceivable pace towards the fish - it all seemed to be the end for our friendly little Remoraid. However, Smogon user Alchemator would be having none of this and, pulling a ripe Orange from his inconspicuous ocarina case, threw the fruit at lightning speed, intercepting the stinky knickers. There was a huge explosion at the collision of such deadly weapons and a great deal of smoke. When the choking smoke had cleared, Remoraid was nowhere to be seen and only the body of the poor Macle was left in its place, having taken the brunt of the explosion.

Alchemator said:
Dear Macle, you are Macle.

Love by many, despised by few, your skilful drawings in MS Paint have earned you a whole load of recognition from the Smogon community, reyscarface in particular. Alchemator is really quite jealous of your recognition, but hey that's life.

Earthworm asked Alchemator to pick a co-host to keep him right, and the latter chose you for some arbitrary reason (probably because you're friendly). As co-host of the game you have gained significant powers. At night, you may PM Alchemator and Macle with "Night X - Co-hosting game with <user>". You will co-host a mafia with <user>, with the latter promising not to kill you in the OP. You are only vulnerable to kills on Day 0 - good thing that Day 0 doesn't exist. Right?

You are allied with Alchemator.

You win if you aren't killed on Day 0.
With an innocent person already having lost, you notice that others have also disappeared amidst the smoke - some users have decided to pledge their support to Joel and the Remoraid Haters, others making the choice to join forces with Alchemator and the Remoraid Lovers. The rest of you, however, are completely baffled by the recent turn of events and, after a naming poll in which a user suggested "The Batista Regime" (what kind of a name is that) you eventually settled on The Clueless, for that is what you are.

Fortunately there's still someone to moderate the game who isn't involved or is dead - a Magikarp lies flopping in front of you with a sheet under its fin, on the side visible to you reading "READ: VERY IMPORTANT!". Carefully removing the piece of paper, you notice that it states some very important things about the game which you must read.


Stolen from Superstars which was stolen from Carnage which was probably stolen from somewhere else ;D

1. Whilst you are alive you can talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you cannot talk to anyone about the game unless specifically stated in your role PM - there are exceptions.

2. The game will begin on Night 0. There will be no kills on Night 0. During Night 0, no one may paste any part of his or her role PM unless they are mafia members on the same team. Role PMs may be freely distributed starting from Day 1. PM Alchemator if you want help creating a fake role PM.

3. Do not take grammatical errors in PMs as proof of faking. We are human and we can make mistakes, and heck, this applies even more since one of your hosts is Alchemator ;D. The PMs have only been written by Alchemator, so they all be in the same style so to speak.

4. You can paste things told to you by the hosts. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM Alchemator or Macle for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way. You also may not screenshot anything related to the game. Seriously guys, none of this :P you can talk under a false name but don't frame anyone.

5. Each Day period will last 48 hours or until a majority is reached. A grace period of two to three hours will be allowed in the latter case (a majority of votes is up to the host's discretion).

6. Each Night period will last 48 hours or until all PMs have been received.

7. During the day you must bold your vote and use Any Word <User>. To change your vote, you must edit your original post with your new vote. You may choose to No Lynch during the day as well, and any votes towards a dead user (if he or she has been godkilled) will be nullified. A tie in the vote will cause neither user to be lynched.

8. You may target dead users with your abilities, but that does not mean anything will happen.

9. Priorities are set and will be kept secret. Don't even ask about them.

10. There are items in this game. You may hold an arbitrary number of items at one time. You may give away an item at any time by sending a PM to Alchemator AND Macle entitled “Day/Night X – Giving <item> to <user>.” The item will reach user at the conclusion of that Day or Night. If a person is holding an item when they die, their items will disappear.

11.Alchemator and Macle MUST be informed of any IRC channels or spreadsheet/whatever else you create for this game.

12. IRC is not compulsory, but you'll find it of great use during the game ;)

13. If you have any questions about the game, you can find Alchemator in #stark, #sprite, or #fluodome.

14. Send all PMs to Alchemator and Macle, and if you decide not to use an ability on a given night/day, don't forget to PM us "Night/Day X - Idling" to make it much easier for us. Repeating, send the PMs to BOTH of us, sending to only one host may result on your ability not being used.

15. You HAVE to be active, if you are caught inactive you will be sent a warning PM. If you keep being inactive, you will be subbed out without hesitation, please don't make us do this. :(

16. If a role PM and the rules clash in something, the role PM takes precedence.

17. Your enjoyment of this game would be increased if you frequent #stark when I'm around and know who I am, however this is not completely necessary.

18. I'm pretty damn weird, and I'm British [No connection!]. Don't assume something is too wacky to be true ;D

19. Please talk to me during the game, I get very lonely it will make for a better postgame! Please give reasons for your actions, this will also help.

You also find a list of all possible people who are involved in this odd predicament:


  1. Bunnymaster
  2. Team Aether
  3. Dogfish44
  4. Thorns
  5. Darkanine
  6. Nachos
  7. Kinneas
  8. Eo Ut Mortus
  9. Yeti
KnightOfTheWind/Random Shoddy Battler/Paranoid Inspector/The Clueless/Lynched Day 1
Finnragetti/Alphabravo/Inspector/The Clueless/Lynched Day 1

Kharozz/Psyduck/Revenge Kill/The Clueless/Killed by exploding present on Night 1
Alakapimp/Team Rocket Grunt/Thief/The Clueless/Killed by Orange on Night 1
Unclesam/Chimecho/Safeguard/Remoraid Lovers/Eaten by Sharpedo on Day 2
hailflameblast/Toaster/Hooker/Remoraid Lovers/Perfectly Lynched Day 3
Phantasia/Julius Caesar/Bodyguard/The Clueless/Stabbed in the back Night 3
Coronis/Marcus Junius Brutus/Assassin/Neutral/Shoop da whoop'd Night 3
Alphabravo/Pastel/'Gambler'/The Clueless/Killed by Orange Night 3
Reyscarface/Wobbuffet/Double Lyncher/The Clueless/Killed by exploding present Night 3
Exarius/Alchemator/Inspector/Remoraid Lovers/Knicker'd Night 4
RBG/Mantyke+Mantine/Bodyguard/Remoraid Lovers/Abandoned by TCG card Day 5
Agape/Remoraid/Redirect+Mayor+Announcer/Nudged Day 6
Dubulous/Santa Claus/Vigilante/The Clueless/Knicker'd Night 6

Frightened, but also excited you decide to sleep on it and decide who you must kill in your thirst for blood in the morning.

It is now Night 0 - No kills can take place on Night 0, but all other roles will work. Night 0 will last for 48 hours, or until all actions have been received.

PMs are being sent out.

EDIT: PMs sent. If you think you should have got one contact me ASAP!
Obligatory "I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it" post.

In any case, good luck all. Don't do the meowth mistake and try to eat that Magikarp; I won't pay for any dentist-trips.


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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The Clueless are the village.
The Remoraid Lovers are a mafia group.
The Remoraid Haters are a mafia group.

You guys are so useless xD
yeah but useless are actually good

anyway i'd like an inspector to clean me because i am slowpoke the clueless bpv and i'm gonna go ahead and win this for all of the clueless. clueless can talk to me when i am on irc, and i would also like julius caesar to talk to me
Back & Live.

I'll like fluffclaims.

Here's mine:
AlphaBravo, you are Pastel. You are the kind of person who defines ‘Wifidiot’ and continues to uphold that stereotype regardless of the many times you have been told that you are a retard.

***Clueless allience footer***

Naturally, I am allied with the clueless. However, I'm not adding my allience footer to the message - i'd like to catch some mafia.
Dear Darkanine:

You are Alchemator

Pretty all around cool guy.

You are neutral in this fight.

You win if you recolor every pokemon in the current pokedex into a remoraid color scheme.


i woke up in a new bugatti
I am clueless as to how the clueless are villagers when there lovers and haters

almost entirely like a wolf village

this is gonna be fun