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Discussion in 'Global Battle Union' started by muffinhead, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. muffinhead

    muffinhead b202 wifi vgc
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    Mar 6, 2010
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    Rhyperior @ Passho Berry / Shuca Berry
    Brave, 0 Speed IV
    Solid Rock / LightningRod
    -Rock Slide

    • stab rock slide
    • stab eq
    • low base speed, incredible bulk
    • passho / shuca berry ensure survival against strong spread moves
    • lightningrod is useable, but rhyperior enjoys the extra longevity
    • Cresselia or Musharna make the best partners. they set up trick room and can helping hand earthquake and take out fighting-type threats with stab Psychic
    • hippowdon or tyranitar are useful for boosting rhyperior's special defense, but they do not help out with synergy at all


    Rhyperior @ Life Orb
    Solid Rock
    -Rock Polish
    -Stone Edge

    • Sub on the switch, get to +2 or even +4 Speed
    • not as predictable as excadrill
    • rotom-w makes the best teammate, resisting almost all of rhyperior's weaknesses and able to take out physical walls

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