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Gen 2 RMT: [Ain't Broke] - GSC Throwback

Discussion in 'Ruins of Alph' started by Rock, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Rock


    Dec 5, 2005
    I managed to stumbled onto the Pokemon community during the end of the RBY generation. A few months before the GSC generation actually. I used to play GSC alot back in the day. Through the entire generation actually. When the advanced generation came out, like everyone else I got the cartridge and enjoyed it. But as time went on, I left due to circumstance. I played FFXI for a couple years and became detatched from the Pokemon community. During a month long break, I poked my head back in to take a quick look around.

    Things sure changed. A new faction called Smogon showed up as the universal symbol of Pokemon authority, Fanha's Bots had been replaced by lolnetbattle which was originally mocked at it's debut, and the advanced generation was now playable online. Not being as intuned to the advanced generation as I was with GSC, I attempted to recreate my last GSC team. However due to it being built specifically to fight the GSC metagame, it didn't do too well. So after making a ragtag team with a few Pokemon I remember, certain Pokemon began to fall in place. And now, over a year later, I still use that same team. Although it's not it's official name, I refer to it as, Ain't Broke.

    Now, ahead of time. Even in GSC, I learned just enough about DVs to know how to use HP and make Marowak's attack not reset. To this day, I haven't learned EVs. I just picked the trait that worked best for what I wanted, and turned the bar as high up on the stat I needed.

    [​IMG]M@ Leftovers
    Trait: Levitate
    Persona: Hasty(+Speed, -Defense), 252 Speed, 251 Sp.Atk, 7 Atk
    Fire Punch
    Ice Punch

    I love opener Gengar. He's fast and has a variety of attacks. I've gotten some flack for having Fire Punch on him, but IMO it does just as well as Thunderbolt. All I can see it being useful for is Skarm. And Skarm drops to Fire Punch. And as for waters, the most common one I see is Miltek. And Gengar ain't beating him. ._.

    Ice Punch is self explanitory, same for Psychic. As for Explosion, I love Explosion. He's fast enough to always be a threat, even at 1%. I always try to keep him alive as long as possible, and have him get one last Super Effective hit in, or blow up to cripple or kill.

    - One shots opener Gars usually due to speed.
    - Fire Punch for the unexpected KO or cripple.
    - Explosion makes him useful even when weak.
    - Weak survival wise.
    - Weak against anything he's not Super Effective against.

    [​IMG]M@ Leftovers
    Trait: Chlorophyll
    Persona: Mild(-Defense, +Sp.Atk), 252 Sp.Atk & Sp.Def
    Sleep Powder
    Giga Drain

    I named this dude Ganja. I learned a month or so in that Sunny Day is the stand on him. But I've never been a fan of moves that take multiple turns to set up. The guy knows it's coming, and can switch to his counter. Besides, insta-cast Giga Drain rules. He one shots those grounds expecting Sunny, and can beat T-Tar. Plus, Sleep Powder. That's his main function. Sleep Powder is just awesome.

    - Sleep Powder effectively shuts down a single Pokemon with a strong special attack to punish whoever takes it's place.
    - Giga Drain is unexpected and heals well, especially on a Super Effective. Also allows him to beat T-Tar.
    - Explosion is great for taking out Blissey.

    - Ice, even non-STAB'd ice cripples him.
    - Not enough speed to make his Explosion as awesome as Gar's.

    [​IMG]M@ Leftovers
    Trait: Sturdy
    Persona: Adamant(-Sp.Atk, +Attack)252 Attack & Defense
    Rock Slide

    I wasn't much of a fan of Donphan in my GSC prime, but he just fits so well on this team. I keep him around mainly for Roar. As for Rock Slide, too used to it. And it rules for defending himself. As for Rapid Spin, nah. I have everyone with Leftovers, so I'm not worried about DoT Spikes. I rather have a Pokemon able to effectively attack anything.

    - Roar is a nessessity for dealing with certain Pokemon and Donphan suits that role perfectly due to his defense.
    - Able to hold his own pretty well.
    - Rock Slide is unexpected usually and allows him to beat certain Pokemon that wouldn't expect it, such as.. as.. that damn Dragon guy. Forgot the name. ._.

    - Not viable to be switched in on a non-paralyzed special attacker. Period. STAB or no STAB.

    [​IMG]@ Leftovers
    Trait: Pressure
    Persona: Mild(-Defense, +Sp.Atk)252 Sp.Atk & Speed
    Thunder Wave
    Drill Peck

    Always had a Zapdos on my team. The guy is just made of awesome. Thunder Wave is my favorite move on this guy. Alot of people switch Jolteon in on him. I usually Thunder Wave and hope the switch in isn't a ground. I could put HP on him to combat those, but I can't stand HP Zapdos. Fighting types die to Drill Peck, but they'd prolly die to Thunderbolt anyway. Best useage I found for Drill Peck is to pressure Blissey. Thunder Wave, and Drill Peck. Switch to a Pokemon on the Softboiled to avoid a Seismic or Ice Beam.

    - He's fucking Zapdos.
    - Thunder Wave supports Exeggutor and Donphan awesomely.
    - Thanks to Drill Peck, can annoy Blissey rather than be her bitch.
    - Shut down by Grounds. Drill Peck can take off 20-25% or so, but they usually have a move to combat flyers.

    [​IMG]M@ Leftovers
    Trait: Intimidate
    Persona: Brave(+Attack, -Speed)252 Attack & Defense
    Bulk Up
    Shadow Ball

    My favorite Pokemon. It's a fucking bulldog with massive jaws. How can you not love this guy? I used to use him in GSC on my fun teams, but I had to put the gimmick Roar on him to Curse up with Lax and then get rid of him. I was excited as hell to learn that he has Intimidate.

    Intimidate alone makes this guy. I use him as my anti-Lax and just to shut down physical attackers in general. Not to mention the fact that he has massive attack. If the opponent switches to a Pokemon that has the advantage, chances are he let him Bulk Up. A Bulked Up Granbull two shots or one shots pretty much anything. Granted he lives through the attack. I try to keep him alive for as long as possible. Mainly for when he's at low health, send him in against a physical attacker to get one last intimidate to help out a fresh Poke.

    - He's my favorite Pokemon. It's awesome to have a Pokemon that is decent in battle, looks cool and rarely used.
    - Defeats Snorlax with ease.
    - Shuts down non-STAB'd physical attacker.
    - Two shots almost anything after a Bulk Up.
    - Even at the edge of death, can be switched in for a sacrifical Intimdate.
    - Special attacks hurt him pretty bad.
    - If he's not at 100%, he needs support from Exeggutor or Zapdos to still put up a good fight.
    - Can't cook dinner.

    [​IMG]F@ Leftovers
    Trait: Thick Fat
    Persona: Jolly(+Speed, -Sp.Atk)252 Attack & Speed
    Heal Bell
    Milk Drink

    And for my last stand. Miltank. I've never been able to make a team without Heal Bell. I've always loved Miltank over Blissey for the fact that Miltank can bring the pain and dish it. I don't think I've ever used Blissey honestly.

    I got the idea of Cursetank from kevin16. He was mocked for it when he first though it, but it is really incredibly awesome. After one Curse, Miltank is still faster than most. I like to save her for last for two reasons. One, she's my beller. I can't afford to lose her early on. My team is fragile enough as is and a Thunder Wave or Sleep on the wrong guy knocks my Jenga team down. Two, after a team is gauged and their ghost is gone, Cursetank usually sweeps.

    - Due to a nice bit of attack and excellent speed, she beats alot of Pokemon.
    - Shuts down Fire Pokemon.
    - After a Curse, still faster than most Pokemon.
    - Heal Bell. Duh.
    - If left last and the match has gone on long enough, Tank usually sweeps.
    - STAB'd special attacks are usually a problem.

    General Strategy: Try to get as many Pokemon Paralyzed and take advantage of Sleep as much as possible. Such as sending in Granbull to Bulk Up or giving a weakened Pokemon a chance to rest. Use Explosion on troublesome Pokemon to take them out early, such as Blissey. And when all else fails, save Tank for last and hope the special attackers have been dealt with.

    - Leftovers. I never really knew what item to put on them so I just Leftovers on everyone. I don't really regret it either. It suits the team well. I can fight Spikestorm teams effectively and it gives them an extra bit of survivability. Only Pokemon I think needs an item change is Gengar. But not sure what would work well. Gengar isn't intended to take too many hits anyway.

    - Tyranitar. Damn I hate this guy. Especially opener T-Tar. I usually switch to Granbull for that to take a weakened Rock Slide or sacraficial Crunch. Crunch is too much of a risk for Donphan.

    - Kingdra. Kingdra just uses Rain Dance and skeets all over my team. Unless I can get Zapdos in on the dance and para, someone's gonna die. Multiples are gonna die.

    - Metagross. I just don't like this guy. Intimidate doesn't work on him. Agility and youknowwhat pwns Zapdos. He beats Donphan on the switch in. And Sleep Powder always seems to miss with Exeggutor. Gengar can finish him off or chip off some nice damage with Fire Punch, but he's still there for the Explosion later.

    - People expect a standard and BAM. Giga Drain. Or Fire Punch.

    - Snorlax is locked down nicely by Granbull. Granbull beats Snorlax on the switch in or just in 1v1 in general. He has the speed and power.

    - Celebi is locked down perfectly by Exeggutor. While Exeggutor can't effectively attack Celebi, Sleep Powder works long enough to switch to a more effective Pokemon such as Zapdos.

    - Skarmbliss is annoying, but can be handled well enough by this team. Blissey has to dance up to full health to avoid Gengar's boom. Granbull Bulked takes off over 25% usually on the Whirlwind. And Zapdos Thunderpeck annoys Blissey quite effectively. Given some luck and a below 100%, Zappy could even win.

    Well, this is my massive RMT topic. Given that this generation is ending soon, I wanted to know how my team ranks up. While not doing the best on Netbattle, I won more than I lost. So I'm happy. Plus it was fun playing this team. I plan on taking D&P more seriously than I did R&S so I wont be as wet behind the ears then.

    So, to the dude who read this all the way to the end, thanks. And to the dudes who rate my team, thanks in advance.
  2. Bekins


    Mar 4, 2006
    Nice team. I can see 4 unusual pokemons (for RSE) but your team haven't lots of weaknesses.
    Regice and Alakazam with Fire Punch (expecially the first) destroy all.
    You haven't a spinner. In RSE you can put 3 layers of spikes instead of only one, so you need to give RSpin over Roar on Donphan. If you need a roar you can try it over DPeck on Zapdos.

    You can try Lanturn over Grambull just to don't lose the cool factor (Surf - ThunderWave - Confuse Ray - Thunderbolt/Ice Beam) or Blissey over Miltank, that stops Regice and helps with Salamence. (Ice Beam - Softboiled - Aromaterapy - Toxic/Seismic Toss). If you use Blissey, i also suggest you to change Zapdos with something like Gyarados to lose that ice weakness (DD + Hp Rock + EQ + Rest can be a cool thing) but stay away from TPunchGross.
    Your evs spreads are pretty bad, so i suggest you to read the articles in the smogon site :)
  3. cocomunga


    Jul 24, 2006
    252 spreads are generally bad, especially when they are put into bad stats. Your miltank has 252 speed ev's and she has curse! A single curse will make miltank slower than pretty much anything. So, put them in a different stat.
  4. Drab Emordnilap

    Drab Emordnilap

    Oct 30, 2005
    Miltank and Granbull are really similar; they're both normal Cursers, in this case. They're rather redundant.

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