Gen 3 RMT Emerald Version Competetive

Funny to say, but i actually have an IRL battle community of a few friends who are all strong competetive battlers. They all play gen 5 PO, but when we play, we play gen 3 in the legit carts. All of our pokemon are hand raised, and i just wanted to ask about my team. Is it OK? or complete garbage. TEAR ME APART! (but please note that no natures are listed, because this team was caught and trained beating the story mode, although I did do EV training when i could) any questions i will answer why i put what where. Thanx!

Swampert @Leftovers

Ice Beam

Side Note: I am unsure where, but i would like to fit Protect somewhere into this set, for the Tox/Protect staller, but.... so help me out here.

Gardevoir @Leftovers

Calm Mind
Thunder Wave

Breloom @Leftovers

Focus Punch
Mach Punch

Side Note: I went with Mach Punch over Leech Seed for priority, so he kind of doubles as a revenge killer.

Camerupt @ ???

Rock Slide

Side Note: Leftovers or Choice Band?

Skarmory @Leftovers


Side Note: I know Fly is terrible, but i couldn't afford Drill Peck...

Flygon @Leftovers

Dragon Claw
Fire Blast


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It's generally fine. Nitpicks:

Swampert - If you want Protect to accompany Toxic, you probably want it over Surf. Ice Beam keeps it intact as a Salamence counter. If you want to be like me, though, and play around with stuff, you can put it over Ice Beam, Toxistall against Salamence, then switch to Skarmory. At full health, it can take a Fire Blast, but if you know it's there, just kick it back to Swampert or Flygon and proceed to let it take damage.

Gardevoir - Thunder Wave might conflict with applying Toxic. You can either drop Toxic on Swampert or switch out Thunder Wave for Toxic or something like Fire Punch for Metagross. If you want to keep Thunder Wave and it works, that's fine. If you decide to drop Toxic on Swampert, though, consider Hypnosis/Will-O-Wisp as a status move.

Breloom - I can't give any reasoning to NOT use Mach Punch of Leech Seed. Just be careful of Ghosts.

Camerupt - Your choice, honestly. It'd be something to experiment with. Is Camerupt hitting hard enough already to where switching moves between turns would be beneficial? Leftovers. Is Camerupt too slow to do what I just mentioned or isn't doing enough damage? Choice Band.

Skarmory - Aerial Ace and Air Cutter are available. Steel Wing is a decent alternative.

Flygon - If you can get it, Rock Slide would be beneficial over Dragon Claw. You can take on Salamence, but other Flying types, mainly Zapdos and Gyarados, become an issue.

As the team currently is, waters, both bulky and offensive, can rip this team quick. With 3 Ground types and only one of them having Levitate, you can afford to drop Camerupt or Swampert (preferably the former) for a special wall like Regice. Lanturn isn't a bad choice if most if you are using RSE cartridges with a lack of FR/LG/Colosseum/XD trade-overs. It definitely shuts down most waters by its lonesome, and you have Swampert/Flygon to deal with Salamence and Tyranitar.

You might also find issues with other Psychic types if Gardevoir can't beat them outright. Perhaps Shadow Ball (kinda gimmicky)/Hypnosis/Will-o-Wisp could help with that. As you have it, Thunder Wave could work too if you have a strong follow-up to dealing with the Psychic type in question (usually through a big physical move). If you needed to free up a slot to deal with the issue, you could trade Breloom for Snorlax, Tyranitar, or Metagross.
This is a great diverse team.... but i think camerupt is to fragile, may i sugest something much faster due to the fact none of your pokemon have a base speed stat above 100
thank you all for the constuctive comments!

i do feel that way about camerupt as well, having him be frail typing wise, but using this team agaist said IRL friends, he LIVES metagross MM with life to spare, twice in a row infact, and went on to KO w/ overheat, and explode on alakazam for the kill, which is no surprise, making 2 for 1 in camerupts favor. either i have an unusually bulky cow-camel, or his metagross sucked in attack. either way, what would be another good pokemon to replace him with? note that im pretty much playing 200 w/ Emerald tutors, plus sudowoodo and smeargle, but yeah.

another thing that completely sucks, is that i LOST my Beldum! i spent days reseting and picking up beldum from stevens desk just to get Brave Beldum, then when i went to start training it, IT WAS GONE! *tear* so metagross as a replacement option is a no go.


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Well if Camerupt works against your friend, that's fine. Our suggestions go towards playing competent players, for the most part. I know that sounds assholish towards your friend, but it's the blunt truth. D:

If you do choose to replace Camerupt, Regice, Lanturn, or Ludicolo might be worth a shot. If you have other games to trade from, Snorlax is a good guy. Basically just something to buffer any strong, water-type sweepers (Breloom can't do it reliably, though if your friend loses both Alakazam and Metagross to a Camerupt, Breloom can probably do it, lol) like Rain Dance Kingdra or CM Suicune.