[RMT] HoundoomDude's CAP Team

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Mission Statement: Make a team that is viable in CAP play.
The Agents

The Lead

Deo@Leftovers/Expert Belt
Ability: Pressure
EV's: 220 HP, 52 Att, 200 SpAtt, 36 Spe or 220 HP, 252 SpAtt, 36 Spe
Nature: Naughty
~Shadow Ball/Psychic
~Super Power/Psychic
~Stealth Rock

Deo is here because he outspeeds Max Speed Fidgit and Taunts him. He then sets up SR and then hits something for SE. Though after Taunting Fidgit I can't do anything which is why I'm considering Psychic. If Psychic>Shadow Ball I keep the current EV spread, but if Psychic>Super Power I change it to the second one. Leftovers provides constant recovery but Expert Belt helps with the SE hits.

The Physical Tank

Ability: Battle Armor
EV's: 252 HP, 16 Def, 216 SpDef
Nature: Bold
~Leech Seed
~Lava Plume
~Grass Knot
~Aromatherapy/HP {Ground}/HP {Ice}

The Prehistoric Wood Dino has come back to serve as my Tank and annoyer. Restoring a 2/16 HP a turn with Leech Seed while bringing your health down with Burn and attacks. Any Grass types that want to switch in have to face a STABed Lava Plume. Grass Knot takes care of everybody that resists Lava Plume-Bulky Grounds and Waters. The only pokemon that resist that combination are Heatran, Ludicolo and Flying Dragons. HP {Ground} takes care of Heatran, while HP {Ice} takes care of Dragons. Help?

The SubPuncher

Pharoah@Leftovers/Expert Belt
Ability: Shed Skin
EV's: 252 HP, 100 Att, 62 Def, 94 SpDef
Nature: Adamant/Impish
~Focus Punch
~Shadow Punch
~Power Whip

McGar except better. Revenankh is here for awesome SubPunching and having STAB on Fighting and Ghost. I modified the Bulk Up set to make this. Switch in on something he walls, Sub as they switch then reak havoc on everything. Though I'm iffy about the EV's and te nature.

The Bulk

Ability: Intimidate
EV's: 172 HP, 4 Att, 252 SpDef, 80 Spe
Nature: Adamant
~Dragon Dance
~Dragon Claw
~Fire Fang

I needed someone who was a great attacker, but bulky on the Special side. Mence fit the bill. Switch in on one of his resists, DDance, then sweep. Intimidate helps him switch in on fighting types with ease. Really not much else to say but Salamence has been a great addition to this team.

The Choice Bander

Steel Monger@Choice Band
Ability: Clear Body
EV's: 232 HP, 252 Att, 20 Spe
Nature: Adamant
~Meteor Mash
~Bullet Punch

CBGross has a ton of power. And mine outspeeds Magnezone's Steel Killer set by 4 points. Bullet Punch is for priority, Meteor Mash is my main move while EQ is for coverage. When you're done go off with a bang running off 603 attack.

The Special Sweeper

Espy@Leftovers/Expert Belt
Ability: Synchronise
EV's: 4 HP, 252 SpAtt, 252 Spe
Nature: Timid
~Calm Mind
~Baton Pass/Psychic
~Shadow Ball
~HP {Fighting}

I really needed a Special Sweeper on this team so I chose Espeon. CM on the switch to something or Special attack then reak havoc. If a counter comes BP out, hopefully having a few CMs to something like Mence who would like the Special Defense boost.
That is my team.
Who ever made CAP sprites and pictures

Peace out!
First, i would suggest maxing your Evs on metagross and pyroak, that's always smart. You have 3 psychic and no resist to ghost.

Edit: i meant 3 ghost weaks. sorry.


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I'm pretty sure he meant Ghost. Also, this team has serious Deoxys-E issues. Put Pursuit on Meta. Finally, just use the standard Bulk-Up Revenankh. Sub-Punch is nice, but you have no healing. Bulk-Up does more damage in the long-run, and there are better sub-punchers to choose from.
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