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RSE In-Game Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by The QWAZ, May 1, 2012.

  1. Limi

    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Aug 25, 2011
    gen 3 seems to be getting more and more love as the archetypos of the raging gen 1 & 2 nostalgia whore dies down, and that is a damn good thing. now i may be tainted by nostalgia myself, as ruby was my first own pokemon game (i was too scared to buy gen 1 or 2 games), but gen 3 is the best generation, no doubt for me. being a stupid 9-year-old who deleted mud shot on his swampert but kept mud slap, and thought that would be the best thing ever with rock smash, i got stuck at so many different parts of the game (how do i reach the third gym? the fourth? the seventh? the eighth? i never reached sootopolis on my first ruby runthrough. also, i cried because i got lost in the seafloor caverns). soon after, i decided to screw money and buy sapphire on top of that, where i trained my swampert to level 100 (making it my only lv. 100 poke ever). when i eventually bought the real face of gen 3, emerald, i had already known the game, and was pleased by all the little changes they made.

    while gen 1 certainly was the best in terms in characters (gym leaders, rival etc.), an area that honestly was RSE's weak point, gen 3 excels in having the best region. hoenn has so many whimsical and unique landscapes. compare the arid west with its desert, canyons, ashy fields, and many mysterious caves to the eastern rainforest with beautiful scenery and music, incessant rain and an almost endless (and epic) journey to fortree city. the parts surrounding the 4th to 6th gyms are easily the best of the game, and you know you're entering a huge adventure the second you set foot on route 111 that lasts until at least magma's hideout, where you finally have to leave that wonderful continent. and that is just the summit of the amazingness of the region.

    my first impression of RSE was actually three posters of all 386 pokemon in hoenn pokedex order, and when i saw the new pokemon, i thought "oh god those suck a lot". now, the designs have grown a lot on me. i can't exactly say that hoenn trumps the other gens in this aspect, or is beaten out by them, though.

    so yeah, i adore gen 3 (to death, if it were living), and tried nuzlocking my favourite game emerald recently. flannery beat me, and she has never given me trouble before. =[ discuss.
  2. WinstonShnozwick


    Jul 13, 2011
    I regard pokemon Emerald as the best pokemon game created to date. It simply was the funnest region and had all the best goodies of any pokemon game I've played.

    -Secret Bases. These were so amazing I lose words to describe them with. Anyone who really knows them shouldn't need an explanation. Being able to fully customize your own place was epic, but having friends bases and battle their teams? Nothing compares.

    -Battle Frontier. This was the original post game battling complex. It was larger than any town in the game, had so many different buildings and things you could do. When I got to it, I was blown away. This was post elite four content that actually made you want to play longer. Also the cloning bug, allowed me to ev train properly and then rarecandy to 100.

    -Region. I'll agree Hoenn had a bit too much water, but they made it fun at least. After playing hoenn, every generation since I've been dissapointed at the lack of water areas in each new game. Dive was fantastic. The routes like where the weather research station was had atmosphere that just made it amazing to play in, and other places such as fallabor, the desert, I just can't think of what to say anymore, there was so much.

    -Pokemon. Metagross, aggron, mighteyena, swampert, rayquaza. Many of my favorites are from hoenn. They were just so fun and cool looking. Many very good to use as well.

    -TV events. Nothing excited me more than walking into someone's house to see static moving on their tv. Things actually happened on the tv's here. Whether it be a department sale, berry master, or something else, it was awesome to have extra events happen.

    -Contests. Yes, there was a time before contests were not girly minigames that you avoided. This was that time. Jamming was half the contest, and all of the other additions in the new gens made them suck :(

    -Story. RBY was boring as crap, I had to say it. It was basically you walking around a region to get to the elite four. Hoenn had TWO, count em, TWO bad guy groups, and seeing their epic struggle and foiling each was very fun. Also, Kyogre and Groudon feud part of the game was just awesome, music and weather changing, seeing rayquaza wake up and "stfu guys i'm trying to sleep!"

    -Intro to double battles, abilities. Mach and acro bike. Some of the little things. It just added everything.

    I restarted my emerald a few months ago from my original save. 200~ hours. I had to because I finally couldn't take that I chose to be a girl in that save. -_-
  3. JSND


    Jun 28, 2010
    gen 3 is the worst gen when it comes to starter balance(well barring gen 2 and 5 but its... gen 2 and 5) IMHO
  4. TM13IceBeam


    Oct 22, 2010
    iirc there wasn't really much of a metagame before FRLG (which came out like... 6 mths after colosseum? o.o)

    but the EV reducing berries don't work in RS so you're stuck with what you have, generally though if its just ingame you don't need max ivs/optimum evs
  5. goldursaring


    Jan 17, 2005
    Ah, Ruby & Sapphire. I'm an old-timer, so I have my nostalgia glasses for Gen I & II. But, these days, I find it hard to play anything below Gen III.

    Ruby & Sapphire felt like a mess when they came out. We had 251 Pokemon in GSC, and when RS came out, we started out with 200. Gone were many favorites, and the entire Catch 'em All aspect of the games. The games felt like they were overflowing in Dragons, Ghosts, Steel and Dark type. Before those types had been super-elusive. For Dragons, up until those games we had Dragonite and Kingdra. For Ghosts, it had been just Gengar and Misdreavous.

    No compatibility with the previous generations gave the games a fresh start, but for those who had seen the previous generations it was a rough start. It was quickly deduced that every Pokemon had their data, but 184 of them were missing. So many people wanted Ditto and his magical breeding abilities. Rumors were abound that you would have to use the E-Reader, or that the GCN games would finally allow you to bring Pokemon from GSC back.

    I found Ruby & Sapphire to be weak links, given how incomplete they felt. When Emerald came around, I found it a much stronger game. It felt better with the generation being complete, and the improvements to breeding mechanics that it brought about.

    There was a HUGE emphasis on getting female Shadow Pokemon, for breeding moves and EV training. This was before Ditto was reintroduced.

    That really meant that only 6 Pokemon were problematic for EV Training. The starters, Hitmontop and the dogs. You could KO one starter in the first battle, so it wouldn't get any EVS, if you were so inclined.

    The game gave 3 Time Flutes, which would instantly purify a Pokemon. You could also have a Pokemon in your team as you walked, in the daycare or use colognes. Any of those methods would keep a Pokemon EV free. People developed a method where they left the Gamecube on overnight, to purify Pokemon.
  6. More Cowbell

    More Cowbell

    Mar 23, 2010
    Only this summer holiday did I play through Ruby for my first time, and I'm very glad I did. Hoenn houses a lot of my favourite Pokémon (and Zangoose especially! Sadly Ruby doesn't get Ludicolo...), probably my favourite out of all the generations so far. The world also seems to be a lot more diverse than in others; especially the towns had me surprised. Fallarbor, Lavaridge, Fortree... All very neat places.
    Another aspect of Ruby I enjoyed was the relatively high difficulty. Unlike other Pokémon games, sometimes I really had to come up with strategies to beat gym leaders. Things changed with SD Zangoose (which destroys pretty much the whole game), but even then, leaders like Liza & Tate were troublesome to fight. Main problem Hoenn has, imo, is the abundance of water. I don't like surfing too much.

    Sadly, I could not get my hands on Emerald, but Ruby served as a very good alternative.
  7. tasso


    Sep 28, 2011
    Third generation is so good! I've played blue version, or better Pokemon Edicion Azul, cause in the store they didn't have an italian one, and i was like 7 years old and didn't quite understand much. I somehow missed generation 2 and so i feel ruby was the first pokemon game i understood enough. RS were great, but Emerald is much better and overall my favourite pokemon game. I spent hours in the battle frontier trying to get some silver symbol, and with a team consisting of swampert, lanturn and almost completely special aggron i managed to get through the battle pike and earn my first, and only, symbol. Can't wait for RSE remakes, hope they do come out after BW2.
  8. NoUserName


    Jan 31, 2010
    Has anyone ever seen Mirage Island?

    I think it may be the thing that more times I searched on the Internet looking for an answer of how make it appear.

    Programmers were very evil with that, 6 chances of 65535 everytime asking to the old man was too much.

    I asked to the old man every day that I played the game, and nothing, and even there were days that only asked him and save in front of him.
  9. Zowayix


    Oct 26, 2008
    Technically the max is 426 out of 65536 (~1 in 154 chance) per day...if you're willing to literally go and shuffle around your party and your maxed out boxes 71 times a day.

    If it takes about 30 seconds to talk to the man, go back to the Pokemon Center, switch out your entire party, and return to the man then you would need to spend a straight 35-40 minutes doing nothing but shuffling around your party 71 times, for a chance of seeing Mirage Island about twice a year.

    If you own multiple RSE games, then you can improve this chance, but you would also need to multiply the time you spend doing nothing but shuffling around your party. For example, if you own four games (say, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Japanese Emerald), then you could spend over 2.5 hours straight doing nothing but shuffling your party, for a shot at seeing Mirage Island about once every six weeks.
  10. PKMN Hunter 18

    PKMN Hunter 18 Remember! Drive Smoothly!

    Nov 1, 2010
    Ruby version was probably the game that I have the most hours clocked on it. Off memory I'm sure my in-game clock was over 650 hours of game time lol.

    Had my party all at Level 100 :) most of them were pretty weak too I struggled in the Elite 4 and Champion (had no idea what types Cradily or Metagross was lol). My team consisted of Beautifly, Pelipper, Gardevoir, Linoone, Golem, and Swampert.

    Playing through Emerald now and i now have my full team ready to raise and take through the game:

    Aron Lv27
    Adament Nature (first catch!)
    Rock Head
    - Mud-Slap
    - Iron Defense
    - Take Down
    - Metal Claw

    Spoink Lv 27
    Hasty Nature
    Thick Fat
    - Confuse Ray
    - Psywave
    - Psybeam
    - Odor Sleuth

    Nuzleaf Lv 27
    Calm Nature
    Early Bird
    - Nature Power
    - Bullet Seed
    - Cut
    - Growth

    Pelipper Lv 27
    Serious Nature
    Keen Eye
    - Supersonic
    - Water Gun
    - Mist
    - Wing Attack

    Marshtomp Lv 27
    Modest Nature
    - Mud-Slap
    - Mud Shot
    - Water Gun
    - Tackle

    Loudred Lv 27
    Jolly Nature
    - Astonish
    - Rock Smash
    - Supersonic
    - Pound

    Up to the 5th Gym now :)
  11. vEzekiaLv


    Aug 17, 2013
    So I decided I'd make a team with some of the Pokemon that I almost never use--not even once for some of them. I'm playing in Generation III at the present moment, and I've been playing a few games--about six or seven--since I've quit about 10 years ago. My game console for Sapphire version is run dry, and I have no way of trading Pokemon to or fro any other game console.

    So I started with (of course) the starter, Blaziken. I usually use Swampert, because he is strong and his weaknesses are easy to cover.
    With Blaziken I have:
    Sky Uppercut
    Rock Tomb
    Blaze Kick
    Bulk Up

    The next Pokemon I had gotten was Cradily. Seeing that Steven (the Elite Four "Champion") has Cradily, and that I always had trouble killing it, I wondered if I should try it that others would have troubles killing me?
    With Cradily I have:
    Sludge Bomb
    Ancient Power
    Giga Drain
    Hidden Power

    The next Pokemon that I have is Magneton. I just never tried Magneton before, and my brother always has him in his team; so I wondered what's so good about him.
    With Magneton I have:
    Rain Dance
    Thunder Wave

    The next Pokemon that I have is Kyogre. I never use legendaries in my game, because I don't find them entertaining with their ability to wipe out just about anyone. But in this game, I thought I'd make a weak exception.
    With Kyogre I have:
    Ice Beam

    The next Pokemon that I had gotten was Salamence. I always thought Salamence was cool, but playing in the game he was a hard one to level for me, and he took awhile--all since he could only be caught after the eighth gym badge; so I never bothered with him.
    With Salamence I have:
    Iron Tail
    Dragon Claw

    The next Pokemon that I have is Metagross. I actually had no idea I couldn't get him till I beat the Elite Four, so I ended up going in with just the five that I had (previously mentioned). Finally I realized I could get him, so I just trained him up.
    With Metagross I have:
    Aerial Ace
    Brick Break
    Meteor Mash

    So that's my team. I realized in having this team a few things. One is Kyogre's special ability to Drizzle--as it were. You see, having Drizzle made him have Thunder, consequently, in my mind, because he could never miss! Another thing I realized that when I had Blaziken, I had to do something--just something about his fig-weakness; so when I realized I couldn't get him Thunderpunch, except by a move tutor in Emerald (which I do not have), I decided to give him the next best thing: Rock Tomb. It has helped a lot against those flying-type Pokemon like Swellow, and a huge weakness, Pelipper. It also works well against dragon types (which was good against the Elite Four). I also realized giving Cradily Hidden Power was a good way to add in some support moves, as I call them, and do damage simultaneously. You see (if you know anything about Secret Power), it actually paralysis, confuses, ect. I love it; and for a Pokemon with high defense, that's a blessing. The next thing I realized is with having Magneton: Rain Dance coupled with Thunder is good, right? (rhetorics)--but it also dowses the fire's ability, which Magneton is weak against. I thought that a brilliant 2 bird-1 stone scenario! Another thing is with Salamence. Salemence was originally going to learn Crunch (in my mind, anyway), but when I gave him Iron Tail as a filler, I thought to myself: "this is actually a brilliant idea!" You see: Iron Tail splits Rock-type Pokemon (dragon's/flying's weakness); much better than some silly old Crunch. And lastly is with Metagross. While the rest was immediately positive, I have to say I am sad about Metagross, because I cannot teach him Earthquake as well as with Kyogre. So while the rest of his weakness's are covered, he is severely weak against ground-type Pokemon, and thusly as ineffective as I had hoped.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on my Rarity-Team. Please fill me in with yours. Thank you!
  12. Temporaryanonymous

    is a Battle Server Moderator

    Sep 9, 2013
    Having just gone through an Emerald Nuzlocke (well almost, gone through. Still have to finish the Elite Four), here are just a few things I've noticed about the entire region.

    Perhaps only second to Johto, Hoenn is a game that I've played the most, playing through Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald many times.

    For some reason, Hoenn has always been seen as the weakest link among the series, and I can think of a few reasons why people would think that.

    For one, it came after Gold and Silver, and while Gold and Silver improved the series a lot without removing too much, Ruby and Sapphire and Emerald took away some important aspects of the game. The day/night cycle was gone, and there was no way to transfer over gen2 pokemon, or even find some of them in the wild. For a kid back then, not being able to catch your favorite pokemon in a pokemon game was a huge blow. There was also the fact that the legendary played directly into the plot and you were forced to fight them. While this could be argued as better story telling, it also felt a lot more constricting to me.

    Hoenn has some great varieties in its landscape, with deserts, forests, volcanoes, and while that was very fun and interesting, half the region is water. Now water routes wouldn't be a problem if there were cool pokemon on them, but bumping into Tentacool and Wingull every few tiles surfing is very irritating; this brings me to my last point. Hoenn's pokemon distribution is really quite disappointing. For a region with half water and half of the dex being water pokemon, only 2 families (Tentacool and Wingull) appear in the entire later half of the game. A lot of interesting pokemon like Ralts and Chichou and Feebas and Absol only appear on one entire area in the whole game, while most routes are filled with filler pokemon like Zigzagoon, Wingull, and Poochyena. Most of the water pokemon don't even appear at all unless you fish (like Staryu, Corphish, Barboach, Carvanaha), and the fishing mini game was quite tedious.

    Hoenn introduced some nice aspects of the game, but they failed to make too much of an impact for the casual player. Natures, contests, and double battles, while interesting, didn't play much of a part in the game, and could be almost completely skipped over or ignored. Abilities were a nice touch to the game, but more often than not, they could be ignored as well. Oh, and there was no physical/special split in Hoenn, and ghost wasn't even bothered to be special and dark to be physical, leading to some pokemon being neglected.

    That's a lot of negativity, so perhaps I should focus more on the positives. There introduced a lot of fun new pokemon, and the gym leader battles were very fun and challenging. Tate and Liza in Emerald was probably the most fun gym battle in the entire series solely because of the synergy between the pokemon and the double battle format.

    So all in all, Hoenn wasn't bad, but by coming right after Gold and Silver, they failed to live up to expectations; Hoenn had a lot of potential, but didn't really live up to it as the pokemon distribution was pretty bad.
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  13. DHR-107

    DHR-107 Robot from the Future
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    Orange Islands

    Dec 26, 2008
    Chopped up the post above a little cause I wanted to add to these points. The Water areas of this game let it down so poorly. You couldn't even run into the supposedly common Wailmer when surfing around those routes. It was these games which forced me to start using repels during normal play throughs just to avoid the colossal amount of Tentacool and Wingull/Pelliper that exist in the latter half. It drove me insane in my first game that so few Pokemon were available via surfing. In Gen 1 and Gen 2, there was so little surfing you could avoid a majority of the routes (I don't think I ever properly explored Seafoam Islands until I went to look for Articuno in Gen 1) and still get to where you needed (Am I right in thinking the travel to Cianwood is the longest surf patch in Gen 2?). It sucked how badly distributed Pokemon were. I have heard nightmare tales of Nuzlockes were the player has 4~10 Zigzagoon/Linoone because of just how common they are across the whole game until Lillycove.

    Oh... And that horrible surfing/rapids puzzle was a huge pain in the butt all the time regardless of what you wanted to do... Who thought that one up?

    And 100% agree with Tate and Liza. Not only are they challenging but it is something totally different for a gym to pull off. I was hoping Cilan/Cress/Chilli would be a triple battle, but to no avail. Infact, there aren't any principle trainers (Rivals, Gym leaders, Elite 4 or Evil Teams) since who use any of the newer forms of battling (Doubles [Excluding Colo/XD and one off doubles matches with Lance/Clair, Volkner/Flynt etc], Triples or Rotations). Ever since I have been hoping for an E4/Gym leader along the same lines as Tate and Liza and none have come :(
  14. Codraroll

    Codraroll Cod Mod
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Smogon Media Contributor

    Nov 6, 2011
    I think we can all agree that Hoenn was beautiful, and that the flaws in the games largely stem from a poor selection of available Pokémon, as well as a general lack of postgame stuff.

    Both those things, however, would be easily fixable in remakes. While I really love Hoenn, I think the place still has tons of potential, and I'll try to explain some of the reason why. I'll try to avoid wishlisting and going off topic, please bear with me if I do:

    Let's start with the biggest thing, the ocean. Despite its extremely lackluster selection of wild Pokémon, GameFreak did some things right with it. Namely, small islets, hidden coves and diving spots. In other games, the ocean routes contain next to nothing but a swimmer here or there. The routes are quite straightforward, you don't miss anything by just surfing along, nor will you find anything exciting if you look for it. The seas of Hoenn, however, are vast stretches of water, with small islands, underwater trenches, hidden beaches and diving spots waiting for courageous Trainers to find them. The oceans could be very enjoyable to explore, and make a great backdrop for an adventure, but it's like GameFreak forgot to add stuff to it. They could do so much with the oceans, everything is in place. There could be more NPCs on the islands, perhaps a hermit's hut somewhere, small caves on the islets or in the cliffsides of the underwater trenches, or small areas with unusual Pokémon or berries (I guess Mirage Island would count, but...). Shoal Cave is a great example of ocean done right. A big dungeon with a surprise at the end (namely, the only frozen-over place in Hoenn), way off the beaten path, and you have to look for it to find it. Abandoned Ship is in the same category, but easier to find. However, the rest of the ocean is sadly lacking in content. The "road" to Sootopolis is long and meandering, and it won't take you five minutes to encounter all the Pokémon you're going to find between Lilycove and Ever Grande City (Tentacool, Tentacruel, Wingull, Pelipper, that's it). However, with the (greatly) increased amount of Pokémon in the later generations, this would be an easy fix. There are also several un-used islands in Hoenn's seas to put content on in remakes. Breaking up the surfing a little with another settlement between Mossdeep and Sootopolis would greatly improve the enjoyability of the seas too.

    Overworld weather conditions were also a plus, but I feel that Sun got left out. There was rain in the northeast, ashes in the north, sandstorms in the desert (and Hail got its portion and then some in Sinnoh), but the weather was only sunny during Groudon's rampage. In Sapphire, there never was a drought in the overworld. Would it be too difficult making the southern seas of Hoenn forever sunny? Okay, it would nerf the resident Water Pokémon, but it would make an eventual route/settlement on the islands north of Dewford more interesting. It also bugs me that even though there was a lot of good weather conditions running, none of the important battles of the storylines were fought outdoors in the weather.

    Ever Grande City was another large disappointment. An actual city next to Victory Road? Awesome! That was, until you got there and realised that GameFreak had been running some slack on their definition of a city. A single Pokémon Center, a few flowers and a cave entrance? This wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I was told I was ready to battle the Elite Four. After all those contests, and beating the evil teams, I had expected a little more acknowledgement of my challenge of the five most powerful trainers in the region. Instead, I went to a far-off island with TWO buildings on it, and battle five nobodies, four of which I would never see nor hear of outside of this island. At least compared to the extravagant Battle Frontier, Ever Grande City felt like a desolate dump. Here's hoping for a little community on the island, should the games ever be remade.

    Mossdeep Space Center was also bit of a let down, especially considering all the rumours surrounding it. Some sort of event here would be nice, at least.

    Last, but not least, the Day/Night cycle. Hoenn worked well without it, but imagine how it would be with it. Hoenn was beautiful on the GBA, imagine what it would be like with updated graphics. The skies clearing in the desert at night, nocturnal Dark types and bugs in the forests, sunrise over the oceans, sunset in the jungle, Mauville Game Corner by night, the grave lights of Mt. Pyre from afar, Mt.Chimney's eruption illuminating the night sky...

    All in all, it wouldn't take much to improve on RSE's flaws. A good framework is in place, but it is as if GameFreak didn't fully explore all the possibilities the framework allows for. Hoenn is a gorgeous backdrop for an fun adventure, and the Secret Base system is flat out awesome. You could actually make your home wherever you wanted in Hoenn, giving you the opportunity to claim your favourite spot as yours and decorate it as you please. Or, you know, search the region for the Bases of your friends, battle their Pokémon, and actually gain experience doing so. RSE were very fun the way they were made ten years ago, I wonder how they would be if given new life today.
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  15. IcyMan28


    Sep 18, 2008
    Cobraroll's post hits the nail on the head. Hoenn's pokemon and designs are amazing, but many of the pokemon just aren't available / seen unless you go out of your way to evolve the first-stage pokemon you do find. With the advent of shaking grass / dust / water, I think that could be fixed. Gorebyss or Huntail underwater, along with the other pokemon. Access to babies earlier on. More variety in the ocean routes along with a greater range of pokemon than just Tentacool and Pelipper (think Sharpedo, Seadra, etc). And with a much larger number of pokemon having since been added to the national dex, many more.

    Finally, adding Day/Night and Seasons (although not as intense as the other games since Hoenn is tropical) would really boost the aesthetics along with implemented 3D. I'm super excited for the inevitable remakes.
  16. Temporaryanonymous

    is a Battle Server Moderator

    Sep 9, 2013
    You know, I'm all for a Hoenn remake even if it's not one of my most loved regions, but only if they fix up the problems it has. Seeing Fire Red and Leaf Green as remakes of Red and Green with no pokemon distribution changes is a bit disappointing though. Just by adding either newer pokemon or just changing the pokemon distribution would make the game so much better.

    Honestly, Hoenn isn't that hard to fix if they were to make a remake. Add the physical/special split, just increase the pokemon availability, and perhaps add some kind of side quest after the 7th gym like in Fire Red and Leaf Green to make the next parts of the game not just mindless surfing. I'd also really like to see day/night or seasons, especially with better graphics since Hoenn had such diversity in its environment.

    I can confirm how bad the pokemon distribution is. On my first nuzlocke, I ended up with 4 Poochyena, and it's worse since before the physical/special split, Poochyena was a worse choice than Zigzagoon because of no STAB. And yes, Sea routes are a big problem. Just compare how much ocean is in Hoenn to other regions: Johto and Unova had 2, Kanto had 3, Sinnoh had 4, and Hoenn had a whopping 17, all filled with Tentacool and Wingull.

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