Are dead. Between time differences and simply noone wanting to play them anymore, rtms have become history, something i haven't seen in 4 months.

Any ideas on how to save them? Or should we just let them die?

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I've seen a couple floating around every now and then.

Fluo is dead probably because it's a system. Everybody knows what roles there are, which makes it tough for the mafia to safeclaim. It would probably just be easier to just show which factions are in the game and let the mafia safeclaim any role.

A fundamental problem I see with RTMs is that it requires you to pay attention for the entire game; if there are any distractions in real life bothering the player, the player may overlook some important information and eventually just cost a game. People are busy with school, jobs, family events, so it might be why there are less people willing to play.


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RTMs thrive during holidays, it's hard to set one up otherwise. Your best shot is to see if there's a lot of people active in #fluodome...I stopped joining it for now to cut down my number of channels though.
Real Time Mafia

think like the kind you would play IRL, except people chat on IRC, and everything like role PMs and such is handled on there. It's a nice blend between the awesome roles that forum mafia games have, and the speed and energy of a real mafia game.

next time please look up this stuff before you ask a question, you're sort of getting on my nerves -.-'
you know, maybe... just maybe looking at the other RTM thread a bit furthur down in the list may have helped a bit.
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