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Sandstorm Team

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by smellyfaces, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. smellyfaces


    Dec 11, 2012
    So, I just created this sandstorm team and i would like opinions on it. I wanted to try out some new stuff, that may seem odd on paper, but i think in general it would catch a ton of opponents off guard. 5/6 of the pokemon are already seen in sandstorm teams, but ive done a little bit switching of moves and EV's. Either than small changes, basic sandstorm team. PS; ive been competitively battling for 8 months (on and off) so i consider myself a noob, and therefore apologize for any obvious checks/counters.

    Tyranitar @ Chople Berry and Quiet Nature 252HP/252SpA/4SpD 0Spe IV
    Ability: Sand Stream
    Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Protect.

    T-Tar's obviously here to set up the sandstorm, thats its main objective.
    The reason i chose the SpA route is because i see a lot of physical T-Tar's running the usual Crunch, Rock Slide, Low Kick, and Protect and for the most part, Metagross (who is a used a lot) can take any hit and smash T-Tar with Meteor Mash. With the SpA route i can 2HKO Metagross with Flamethrower, 2HKO Multiscale Dragonite about 99% of the time, 2HKO Specially Offensive Latios and OHKO Salamence.

    Garchomp @ Dragon Gem and Jolly Nature 4HP/252Atk/252Spe
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Substitute, Protect

    I went with the Sub/Protect Garchomp due to the fact that Earthquake and Dragon Claw will hit almost everything for neutral damage, and those it doesn't T-Tar can hit hard with Flamethrower, 2HKO Skarmory and 3HKO Bronzong. Also the reason I went with Sub/Protect is to stall out trick rooms as with Sand Veil already making it harder to hit Garchomp, substitute just adds to the problems. Protect is used to prevent an Ice Beam.

    Rotom-W @ Sitrus Berry and Modest Nature 252HP/252SpA/4SpD
    Ability: Levitate
    Hydro Pump, Thunder Bolt, HP Ice/Fire (undecided) Protect

    Rotom-W's levitate makes for great synergy with Garchomp. Rotom can switch into Earthquakes and can also wall Mamoswine; one big threat to T-Tar and Garchomp and OHKO with Hydro Pump. Thunderbolt can also handle Skarmory who would wall Garchomp. HP Ice deals big damage to 2HKO 252HP/252SpD Careful Gliscor (which would be rare) and OHKO normal Gliscor. HP Fire helps take out Abomasnow, Ferrothorn and other Grass/Ice types.

    Terrakion @ Life Orb and Adamant Nature 4HP/244Atk/4Def/4SpD/252Spe
    Ability: Justified
    Close Combat, Rock Slide, X-Scissor, Protect

    Terrakion is just a beast. Life Orb Close Combat does 63-74% to 252HP Metagross, 81.25% to OHKO 252HP/252Def + Ferrothorn, would have a high chance to OHKO a Chople Berry 252HP/252Def + Tyranitar, and 2HKO's Defensive Bronzong. Rock Slide is used for coverage and a spread attack. Life Orb and STAB makes Rock Slide's nerfed power pretty much forgotten. X-Scissor is used to surprise Cresselia/Reuniclus. X-Scissor 3HKO's Cresselia and with that and (imagination wise) a T-Tark Dark Pulse + Sandstorm damage would put a huge hole in Cresselia in the first turn doing over 70%. X-Scissor 2HKO's Quiet Nature 172HP/28Def Reuniclus.

    Cresselia @ Leftovers and Calm Nature 252HP/28SpA/228SpD
    Ability: Levitate
    Ice Beam, Psychic, Helping Hand, Protect

    I use Ice Beam over Icy Wind as with Terrakion and Garchomps Speed, I found that having a way to 2HKO Dragons and get rid of a Yache Berry or a Focus Sash very useful. Psychic as a STAB move. Helping Hand helps out miraculously and just adds to the power of Garchomp's Earthquake, Terrakion's Rock Slide, and my last Pokemons Power as well. I chose Protect to prevent Cresselia from getting taken out from a double hit, which is usually necessary. I chose Leftys over Sitrus Berry because Rotom-W has it and I find it suits Rotom better, and it negates sandstorm damage.

    Staraptor @ Choice Scarf and Adamant Nature 4HP/252Atk/252Spe
    Ability: Reckless
    Brave Bird, Double Edge, U-Turn, Close Combat

    Staraptor, who I'm assuming isn't seen very often on sand teams makes an appearance on my team to take out Fighting Types. With Reckless and STAB Brave Bird OHKO's 252HP/252Def+ Amoongus which is fantastic wall with Rage Powder. It also OHKO's the likes of Scrafty, Machamp, Lucario and does 82-97% to Terrakion plus it outspeeds due to Choice Scarf. Double Edge OHKO's Thundurus in any form and would outspeed due to the Choice Scarf. Close Combat is used on Steel types that resist both STAB's and U-Turn is used to get the 1-UP on a predicted switch.

    If you have any suggestions or little tips of advice that'd be fantastic! Thanks for the help! :)

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