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Santi's Team

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by chuavechito, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. chuavechito


    May 28, 2012
    Hello Somogon!

    Here is my current Team

    Suggestions are Welcome!

    Choice Scarf - Victory Star - Jolly (+Spe - SpA)
    252 HP - 252 Spe - 4 Atk
    Final Gambit - V-Create - U-Turn - Zen Headbutt

    My lead is an unusual one, my Scarfed Final Gambit Victini. His job is to take down my opponent lead inmedially with Final Gambit.

    The obvious counters are priority, Sturdy/Focus Sash and Chandelure. Of course I dont randomly suicide my Victiny when I expect something like that. I can also send my Deoxys-D as lead when I want to dodge any of them.

    The amazing thing about Victini is that it gives me a lot of momentum, since my opponent lose 1 of his pokes in a 1x1 his strategy may be hurted. It is also an amazing out for Entry Hazards (all of them die before they can set up the hazards) and Heatran (who is a huge pain in the ass since he can stall my two sweepers, specially the ballooned one who is even a major pain in the ass).

    V-Create and U-Turn makes Victini usefull outside the Final Gambit move. STAB Zen Headbutt is pretty much a filler since I dont recall ever using it. On theory, it is there to take down Terrakion (as long as he doesnt have Scarf + Jolly).

    Red Card - Pressure - Timid (+Spe - Atk)
    252 Spe - 240 HP - 8 Def - 8 SpD - 0 Atk IVs
    Stealth Rock - Spikes - Thunder Wave - Taunt

    My second lead is Deoxys-D. He is actually a real second lead since when I 1x1 the Victiny I need something to lead the team. He is there to cripple my opponent team. Stealth Rock and Spikes turns a lot of 2HKO into 1HKO which is fabulous considering usually my sweepers can only hit once.

    Taunt is here to avoid set ups aswell as a non-leader entry hazard setler. Thunder Wave is there to cripple them even futher. Red Card works with Thunder Wave fantastically since it lets me paralize to of my opponent pokes. It is also fabulous to have for when there is some build up stuff in front (+2 dragons, Substitute, etc). And is the absolute counter for Sturdy since they are switch and by the time they come back there will be my hazard on the field.

    Focus Sash - Prankster - Timid (+Spe - Atk)
    216 Spe - 168 Def - 124 HP - 0 Atk IVs
    Tail Glow - Baton Pass - Encore - Confuse Ray

    Focus Sash - Magic Guard - Timid (+Spe -Atk)
    252 Spe - 252 SpA - 4 HP
    Psychic - Psyshock - Focus Blast - Hidden Power [Ice]

    Volbeat and Alakazam are one of my two sweep combos. They work together so well that Im using them over the other combo I really like (Ninjask-Dragonite). Tail Glow + Baton Pass gives Alakazam a huge 1HKO potential for the bast majority of the metagame.

    Volbeat Spe + Priority lets me bypass my opponent's priority attacks. Encore means if they try to set up on my I just rape them. Confuse Ray is my only hax, is 50/50 to dodge an attack and it makes Volbeat usefull after I Baton Pass to Alakazam. After Alakazam dies I can bring back Volbeat and Confuse again. Even if it misses I have good odds of stopping at last 1 attack and that could make a huge difference. It is also my only out when I face a strong poke in front and I cant use my Sash because there is Stealth Rock on the field.

    Alakazam has an overall nice type coverage. +3 STAB Psychic and Psychock 1HKO the bast majority of the metagame. Hidden Power Ice takes care of Multiscale Dragonite and Focus Blast takes care of the bast majority of Dark and Steel pokemons.

    The problem in here is Scarf and Priority. Stealth Rock doesnt hurt that much since Alakazam is unafected by them, nor is Thunder Wave to my Volbeat, nor Toxic/Burn to Alakazam, and other stuff.

    Light Clay - Levitate - Timid (+Spe - Atk)
    252 Spe - 252 SpA - 4 SpD - 0 Atk IVs
    Reflect - Light Screen - Memento - Dragon Pulse

    White Herb - Skill Link - Adamant (+Atk -SpA)
    252 Atk - 168 HP - 88 Spe
    Shell Smash - Icicle Spear - Rock Blast - Ice Shard

    Latios and Cloyster are my other sweep combo. Latios drops the Screens up and then switchs with Memento. This gives Cloyster the absolutely easiest set up possible allowing for either 1 or 2 very safe Shell Smash.

    I used to play a Max SpD over max SpA on Latios, but I rarely need the SpD, and the SpA makes Latios able to 1HKO some stuff (or at last it puts them in Ice Shard range). The Atk drop is irrelevant considering I will use Memento.

    Ice Shard is, imo, the best filler move for Cloyster. It dodges Priority and is a fantastic out for when you are paralized. It also lets you revenge kill Landrous aswell as +1/2/3 Salamance and Dragonite (as long as he doesnt have Multiscale up). Also, if they send something shitty with Thunder Wave just Shell Smash x2/x3 and proceed to 1HKO all of them with priority.

    My current problem is, every time I reach 1200 points I usually misplay like a retard or face major hax and drop to 1100 very fast. My current record is 1250. So I would appreciate any suggestion that would help this team reach even further.

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