Other Scripting Tutorial

Scripting Lesson!:

(Made by supertrunks);


Source = src
Target = tar
stopEvent(); = stops the Message/Event. Like log in or beforeChatMessage this can be used. Some Functions will ignore stopEvent and let them post it. (Only for the one's that un-stopable event).

Note: Each function has to start with 'sys.' or a error will appear, unless var and/or print.
xxxx: Also use "); at the end of each function.


/Eval sys.sendAll(" Test. ");

*** Or in a Command or Eval JavaScript Code.

It will send 'Test' in Main Chat to everyone with out the '.


sendAll("message"); - sends a message to everyone that is in main channel.
sendMessage(src, "message"); - sends a message to the Source (src).
sendHtmlAll("message"); - sends a message to everyone that is in main channel, but with HTML.
sendHtmlMessage(src, "message"); - sends a message to the Source (src), but with HTML.
print("var1, var2"); - to send a message to the Server Window.

Player Events:

changeAuth(tar, authlevel); - to change someone's Server Auth Level. (Use the Auth Chat Below to know the Auth Levels.)
ip(src) - to get the players current IP Address.
ban(playerId); - prevents that playerId from entering the Server.
unban(playerId); - lets the playerId to enter the Server.
kick(playerId); - disconnects the playerId from the Server.
eval(eval); - to enter a eval code. * Please use with caution. *

Info Events:

dbRegistered(playerId) - to see if that person is registered.
getColor(playerId); - to get someone's name color. (If any.)
avatar(avatarnumber) - to change your avatar, until you leave. (If not 1-263, it will be invisible.)

Command Events:

if(command == "COMMAND NAME HERE") {
// Add function(s) here.//
// Also add any messages, ect.//
//If ban or kick add sys.kick(tar); or sys.ban(tar); here.//
Note: When i said "COMMAND NAME HERE" it won't allow you to type in CAPS or spaces. Please use no spaces and NO CAPS. ~ Thanks.

Chat Events:


<timestamp/> - to add the time, if using sendHtmlAll or sendHtmlMessage.
x: If you are not using HTML, it already has a timestamp sent.

<ping/> - to make that players Pokemon Online client flash.
x: Good if they are AFK with a tourney or something important.


"+sys.name(src)+" = The Source or the shorter way 'src'.

"+sys.name(tar)+" = The Target or the shorter way 'tar'.

"+commandData+" = The data. (If any.) For reasons like /me, "+commandData+" is what they said.

"+message+" = the playerId's message, useful when you use sys.print();

Note: You can space out "+ to " + it will still work. Doesn't matter which way you do it. I choose no space because it's quicker.

Other Events:

serverStartUp() - this should be in your script, when the server starts..
serverShutDown() - this should be in your script, when the server shuts down.
afterLogIn() - after the src logs in the server.
beforeLogOut() - before the src logs out the server.
beforeChatMessage() - before the src talks, useful when they are muted.

Auth Only:

if (sys.auth(src) < 1) {
If you put that before the command, it only lets Moderators and +up use it.

Note: You can change 1 to 1,2,3, or 4.


Current PO Auth Chat:

0; User

1; Moderator

2; Administrator

3; Owner

4-6; Invisible


Log Events:

LogIn(src) - when the source logs in the server.
LogOut(src) - when the source logs out the server.

[Var] Lesson:

You can use a var if you.. for ex. like a boarder:

You would put this before your commands:

var b= "»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»";
And you can just use:

sys.sendMessage(src, " "+b+" ");

And it would show: »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»

That is how var works in JavaScripts.

Big Note: I hope to add on a lot more Java Functions soon.

Note: Credit to Sephira for helping with Var. (Thanks bro.)

Remember, feel free to comment!