Season 2 (Week 3 [GSC #1]) Won by Flameout

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The rules are here.

Ok we have 24 people signed up, so I have to be a little stupidly creative. Here is the bullshit.

There will be 3 brackets of 8 people, the 3 winners of each bracket will do a round robin.

Round 1

Bracket 1

Justin8649 vs Groudon80
omni vs Obi2Kenobi
Havak vs Sanders
goofball vs SpaceFlare

Bracket 2

180.ROGER vs omi
gotei(13) hyorinm vs Flameout
Anyone vs Arcturus
freaktron vs Vulcan Fury

Bracket 3

Floppy Disk vs Tmnt Boy
slayed vs Loki
cloud vs Aeolus
Trey vs peter_pan

Round 2

Bracket 1

omni vs Groudon80
Havak vs goofball

Bracket 2

Vulcan Fury vs 180.ROGER
Anyone vs Flameout

Bracket 3

cloud vs Loki
Floppy Disk vs peter_pan

Round 3

Bracket 1

omni vs goofball

Bracket 2

180.ROGER vs Flameout

Bracket 3

Loki vs Floppy Disk

Round 4

Flameout vs goofball vs Floppy Disk

Flameout will get 2 bonus points. goofball and Floppy each get 1. This will be in addition to the typical scoring system. And I will post the final scores below.


Groudon80 - 2
Havak - 2
Vulcan Fury - 2
Anyone - 2
cloud - 2
peter_pan - 2
omni - 5
180.ROGER - 5
Loki - 5
goofball - 10
Floppy Disk - 10
Flameout - 16
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