Secret Santa Year 4 FINALS! [Won by Atticus with Team Loki]

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No deadline, get it done!!

Know how to join or host a tournament
Approved by Earthworm

Please PM your opponent and try to get these battles done by the deadline, and remember BOTH WINNER AND LOSER MUST PM THE LOGS, THIS IS AN ANTI CHEATING DEVICE, last round not everyone sent me one, MAKE SURE YOU DO. I know I can't check everything on your team, but please be honest and use the correct things (Poke/moves/etc) or risk being disqualified.

Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
No Self Ko on last pokemon
You MUST only use the team assigned to you
Logs MUST be PMed to me (this is necessary to ensure everyone used the correct team assigned to them)
If you watch another tournament battle while you are still in the tournament you will be disqualified (please do your part to prevent this by disallowing specs or putting Santa, SS, or something along those lines in your name)

The finals pairings:
jabbathegriffin with team tay


atticus with team loki

And the team assignments were as follows:

1 _apocalypse_ w/ kachalski
2 atticus w/ loki
3 batpig w/ moi
4 corndog w/ keelhauled
5 dan dan w/ lakers
6 DJXO9 w/ frosty
7 earthworm w/ jackal
8 flamewheeler w/ king leroy xiv
9 frosty w/ reyscarface
10 gouki w/ reachzero
11 jackal w/ kevin garrett
12 joel w/ jabbathegriffin
13 kachalski w/ locobro
14 keelhauled w/ whistle
15 kevin garrett w/ snorlax
16 King_leroy_xiv w/ flamewheeler
17 lakers w/ reverb
18 limitless w/ apocalypse
19 locobro w/ gouki
20 loki w/ thorns
21 moi w/ dan dan
22 reachzero w/ zarator
23 reverb w/ earthworm
24 reyscarface w/ yehom
25 snorlax w/ corndog
26 stone_cold w/ atticus
27 tay w/ stone_cold
28 thorns w/ djx09
29 whistle w/ limitless
30 yehom w/ batpig
31 zarator w/ joel
32 jabbathegriffin w/ tay
sub1 ryo w/ goldenknight
sub2 class w/ tito
sub3 tito w/ tds
sub4 tds w/ krack
sub5 goldenknight w/ class
sub6 krack w/ ryo
Keelhauled your team was excellent but it has a massive Rest/Talk Roar Gyara weakness. Nothing on your team can do more than like 30% to it.


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Joel, next time you make a team, make sure you have a decent way to deal with Blissey^^ Also, Reach, I hope you did not hate me for the team :-)

EDIT: Don't worry Joel, I don't mind^^ It is only that I really hate Blissey-walled teams, much more than anything else :-)
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