Shaking Up RU: Round 3 x.x

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Shaking up RU

One of the coolest aspects about playing the lower tiers is how they change every few months. Pokemon move up and down the tiers, shaking up the metagames and testing the players' abilities to adapt. This tournament will take this test to the next level for RU players, forcing them to constantly adjust each round as something either moves up from RU or down from UU/BL2.

Tournament Rules:​

  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • Best of one, single-elimination
  • Standard RU - Singles
  • The banlist for this tournament will be the Smogon University RU banlist, with an exception: each round, either something from RU will be banned, or something from UU/BL2 will be made legal. These changes are cumulative.
  • Should the banlist change while the tournament is running, the banlist at the time of the start of the round will be used for that round.


  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • Wifi Clause
  • Team Preview

Round 1: Standard RU, except Froslass is now legal. Because this is the first round, and new teams will likely have to be created, you have 2 weeks to complete your battles. After that, I'll make activity/coin flip calls. Good luck, have fun, and let's get these matches done ^.^

Round 2: Standard RU, but Sceptile is now banned. Also, Froslass remains legal from last round. You have 10 days to get your battles done! Good luck, everyone ^.^

Round 3: Standard RU, except Durant is unbanned. Additionally, Sceptile remains banned and Froslass remains legal from previous rounds. You have 9 days to get your battles completed. Good luck, have fun ^.^

Round 3 Pairings:

blarajan vs Seco453
[sAuraRayquaza[/s] vs Zebraiken
SilentVerse vs august
Living Things vs Brap
LuckOverSkill vs -Manu-
Amell vs McMeghan
DestinyUnknown vs SoulWind
Eustatic vs Andeby
DetroitLolcat vs Gone to the beach
DittoCrow vs davidness
BattleStar vs Ningildo
Texas Cloverleaf vs Akumetsu
Jellicent, I forgot to make an activity post but I VM'ed SilentVerse long time ago. And he was busy and answered few days ago and we planned to play today at midnight (GMT+2).
Could just please allow us to play ?

Edit: No regrets, SilentVerse won against me. Well played man and gl for nexts


zebraiken of the year
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i saw zebraiken on irc and asked if he wanted to play and he said 'not particularly'. :/
To clarify, you contacted me immediately after we set a date to meet, after I informed you I was busy at the time, so clearly I didn't want to play right then. You also weren't here yesterday, the time we were scheduled to play, and I was online and available all day. Regardless, I'm available to get it done today (tomorrow is going to be harder for me to do, since I have a placement exam at 11am).
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