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Witty Nazca Bird.


  • Magic Guard makes it unique for many of its sets; including the lack of taking Stealth Rock damage upon switching in.
  • 97 Speed is moderate with 103 Special Attack.
  • Insane support movepool to go along with its good offensive movepool.
  • At the moment, "in the wrong tier" with its mediocre-to-terrible defenses, crappy typing.
name: Psycho Shi(f)ter
move 1: Psycho Shift
move 2: Roost
move 3: Air Slash / Whirlwind
move 4: Hidden Power Fighting / Cosmic Power
item: Flame Orb
ability: Magic Guard
nature: Timid
evs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

Set Comments
  • Probably one of Shinboraa's most unique sets. It is the only Pokemon that can use Psycho Shift without the negative side effects.
  • Great status absorber once Flame Orb activates.
  • Air Slash + Hidden Power Fighting give Shinboraa coverage against most Pokemon.
  • Cosmic Power can be used over Hidden Power Fighting for ultimate attempt to stall your opponent!
  • Whirlwind can even replace Air Slash for the ultimate annoying Pokemon!!! Well, so long as the opponent doesn't have Taunt.
Additional Comments
  • Toxic Orb can be used, but Burn Orb is usually superior due to cripplying Physical sweepers.
  • ...Not much to really add on this set. Since there is no "UU", Shinboraa doesn't have much more to add on how it can be a threat in UU.
Teammates & Counters
  • Shinboraa is a decent lure for Tyranitar. If Tyranitar is even foolish enough to stay into Shinboraa, this just invites a free switch-in for Lucario. Lucario can take the opportunity to set up Swords Dance (or Nasty Plot) on a Choice-locked Tyranitar. Since the predicted set will likely be Choice Scarf, Lucario should definitely have Nasty Plot + Vacuum Wave at ready.
  • It can be an interesting tool with stall, if only because it doesn't allow many free switch-ins. Entry hazards emphasize this set's potential. With Whirlwind, you can even rack up more damage against the opponent with forced switch-outs.
  • Heatran takes every non-Cosmic Power and Whirlwind set well. It is immune to Psycho Shift (note: IT DOES NOT RECEIVE A FLASH FIRE BOOST) and can fire off STAB Fire Blasts to scare it off. In fact, every Fire-type can switch into Shinboraa safely so long as they aren't weak to Air Slash!
  • Scarf Tyranitar and Scarf Warubiaru can't switch into Psycho Shift, but do well with scaring Shinboraa out. Crunch alone does 92% - 109.2%. Pursuit is pretty much a guarantee tactic to use, but by using Pursuit it must be aware of Shinboraa using Psycho Shift and screwing over their Attack.
  • Guts users such as Heracross will enjoy this set, though Heracross must beware itself of Air Slash. Those Shinboraa that lack Air Slash will face Heracross's wrath.
name: Life Orb
move 1: Charge Beam
move 2: Psycho Shock
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: Roost / Hidden Power Fighting
item: Life Orb
ability: Magic Guard
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Set Comments
  • Probably Shinboraa's next best set primarily because it doesn't attempt to waste time with Calm Minds.
  • Charge Beam is weak, but it is best suited for Pokemon that attempt to switch into Shinboraa. Blissey, a good example, will likely switch into Shinboraa, only to find out it will get smacked across the face with STAB Psycho Shock next turn.
  • Ice Beam is primarily for coverage. It has the added benefit of shutting down Gliscor, Hippowdon, Groudon, and at least damaging Lugia.
  • Roost gives Shinboraa recovery, though it can fore go the option to simply hit Tyranitar and Heatran instead.
Additional Comments
  • Nothing more to really add onto this either. Not at the moment, anyway.
Teammates and Counters
  • Faster Pokemon can switch into Shinboraa's moves so long as they can resist them. Be careful: STAB Psycho Shock hits on your Defense, not your Special Defense! Torunerosu takes 36.2% - 42.7% from Life Orb Psycho Shock and crushes it into oblivion with Stone Edge.
  • Scarf Tyranitar and Warubiaru can revenge kill Shinboraa rather easily. Tyranitar has the added benefit that it doesn't die to Ice Beam while Warubiaru has the added benefit of being immune to Charge Beam. Both can tackle it with either their Dark-type STABs or Stone Edge.
  • Giratina can take just about everything from this set and knock it out with STAB Shadow Sneak.
  • Lucario makes a great partner due to Tyranitar and Warubiaru giving it a free Swords Dance / Nasty Plot.
  • The Fighting trio appreciate the Attack boost thanks to Justice Heart. Torunerosu is the best recipient as it x4 resists Stone Edge and Crunch.
  • Scizor walks into this set easily and tears Shinboraa to shreds with either STAB Bullet Punch or Technician Pursuit.
name: Dual Screen
move 1: Reflect
move 2: Light Screen
move 3: Roost
move 4: Air Slash
item: Light Clay
ability: Magic Guard
nature: Timid
evs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

Set Comments
  • Unique due to its access to Recovery, good Speed, and Magic Guard letting it be a decent status absorber (note: don't absorb paralysis or sleep!)
  • Reflect and Light Screen help Shinboraa out defensively. Suddenly, Scarf Crunch does 46.6% - 55.2%. Giratina-O's Shadow Sneak does 25.9% - 31%.
  • Air Slash is kept primarily for STAB. Nothing really necessary, but gives it an option when under Taunt conditions.
Additional Comments
  • Tailwind is an interesting option on this set. While it is limiting on the # of turns it can be used (3 after use), Shinboraa can safely set up Reflect before Tyranitar uses Crunch, followed by a Light Screen, then leave your Pokemon with 1 last turn with Tailwind.
  • Thunder Wave or Toxic can also fill slot 4 if you wish Shinboraa to spread around status. Thunder Wave has the benefit of setting up Dual Screens easier against offensive Pokemon.
  • Flame Orb works since it can bluff the first set. While Shinboraa lose 3 turns of its screens, it obtains status immunity instead.
Teammates and Counters
  • Metagross makes an interesting partner since it resists Tyranitar's Rock-type STAB and can easily set up Agility thanks to Clear Body nullifying Intimidate.
  • Doryuuzu loves being able to survive for two turns on the field. Considering that many of Shinboraa's weaknesses are Doryuuzu's resists or immunities (Electric, Ground, Dark, and Ghost), Doryuuzu can switch-in after Shinboraa sets up the Reflect + Light Screen.
  • Ghost-types are a good option to consider to nullify Brick Break. Giratina is an excellent candidate for this. Dusknoir also works well.
  • Taunt is a big threat to this set, so it's not really "countered".
  • Wobbuffet.
[Team Options]
  • Pokemon that can switch into Stone Edge or Crunch work well with Shinboraa. As outlined, Lucario is an excellent example of a Pokemon that switches in well. Shinboraa can aid Lucario's sweep by shutting down Gliscor if it carries Ice Beam.
  • The Fighting trio (Birijion, Terakion, and Torunerosu) are great switch-ins as well as they receive an Attack boost if they switch into a Dark-type move. Torunerosu gets an added bonus in that it x4 resists Stone Edge and Crunch from Tyranitar.
  • Stealth Rock is necessary for the second set to aid its sweeping capabilities. The first set also appreciates entry hazards. Nattorei resists all of Shinboraa's weaknesses barring Ice-type attacks and can lay entry hazards.
[Optional Changes]
  • Tailwind can be used on the Life Orb set. While it seems odd, it gives Shinboraa +2 Speed for 3 turns. Unfortunately, it makes the situation with Charge Beam awkward unless a Pokemon such as Blissey switches into Shinboraa. Obviously beware of Thunder Wave.
  • Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, and Flash Cannon were left out as attacking options.
  • Shinboraa also learns Gravity, Trick Room, Rain Dance, and Hypnosis to expand on its capabilities. Oddly, it learns Solarbeam but not Sunny Day (yet it's also found in the desert ?_?..)
  • Choice Specs and Choice Scarf sets can work, but they have major issues with Pursuit. Choice Scarf also lacks the capability of 2HKOing Blissey with Psycho Shock.
  • Blissey can switch into the first set, but all it can really do is set up Wish to heal its teammates.
  • Starmie carries Natural Cure and can hit Shinboraa with Ice Beam.
  • Scarf Tyranitar and Scarf Warubiaru can scare Shinboraa off with STAB Crunch OHKOing and Pursuit OHKOing if Shinboraa dares to switch out.
  • Giratina has Shadow Sneak for priority to nab Shinboraa against.
  • Aside from the first set, Scizor can switch into Shinboraa and threaten it out with STAB Bullet Punch or Pursuit. Scizor needs to be aware of Dual Screen set though as it cuts Bullet Punch's power in half.
  • Wobbuffet. Fucks. Everything. Up.
[Dream World]
  • Tinted Lens opens up a lot of new possibilities with the second set and possibly enough merit to use a Choice set.
  • It is hindered by the point of Magic Guard having insane perks like lack of Stealth Rock damage and Life Orb recoil.

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mien PM'd this to me:
name: Calm Minder
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Roost
move 3: Assist Power
move 4: HP Fighting
item: Leftovers
ability: Magic Guard
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Def

Calm Mind and Magic Guard work excellently well together. It provides it with an immunity to both Poison and Sandstorm a privilege only Jirachi had until now.

Assist Power gains 20 power for each stat boost. As such after 2 CM's it has 100BP which is higher then Psychic, After 3 it has 140 BP and after 6 it has 260 BP. This allows Shinbora to win most CM wars(Jirachi remains a bitch though) and beat Blissey as well.

Special defensive boosting also works quite well with it's typing as most of it's weaknesses are special based.

I don't see this set making Shinbora a top tier pokemon, as it get's owned by Tyranitar. However it may have just like the other set's you've mentioned in the analyse a niche in the lower tiers.
Not sure myself if it is worthy of being added, but I guess it's "okay". Thoughts?
BTW, you're confusing Torunerosu (apparently the official romanticized version is actually Tornelos) with Kobaruon (our romanization, methinks)/Cobalon.

Torunerosu is a pure-Flying, a member of a different trio altogether, and it's weak to Rock, not 4x resistant. Just pointing that out.
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