Completed shinyskarmory vs c$fp

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If yes, I'd like to have a 1v1 singles battle against someone in the ASB tournament arena. Beginner rules, 0 recovers, 3 chills, 1 day DQ.
All abilities, no items.
team shinyskarmory:

Torchic (*) [Fawkes] M
Nature:Hasty (+1 Speed, -1 Sp. Def)

Type: Fire
Fire STAB; immune to burn, 50% reduction in freeze chance, emit a low glow in dark places, takes additional damage if active open flames are exposed to a water attack. Superior senses in volcanic or brushfire areas.

Blaze: (Innate) When this Pokemon’s HP is lower than 33%, the base damage of any fire attack is increased by two (2). (eg Flamethrower goes from 10 to 12, Fire Blast from 12 to 14)
Speed Boost: (Innate) (DW) (Locked) Pokemon with this ability increase their speed as the battle progresses, boosting it one (1) stage at the end of each round at the cost of 2% of their energy. This overrides the normal drop in stats that ocurs at the end of each round (stats other than Speed are still affected).

Def:1 (-)
Sp. Atk: 3
Sp. Def: 2
Speed: 45 (x1.15)= 51.75=52
Accuracy Boost= 9%

EC: 0/9
MC: 0
DC: 0/5


Level Up
Scratch (*)
Growl (*)
Focus Energy (*)
Ember (*)
Peck (*)
Sand Attack (*)
Fire Spin (*)

Egg Moves
Reversal (*)
Feint (*)
Night Slash (*)

TM Moves
Fire Blast (*)
Aerial Ace (*)
Sunny Day (*)

team c$fp:

Onix [Boulder] (Male)
Nature: Adamant (+ to Attack, - from Special Attack)
Type: Rock/Ground
Rock: Rock STAB; Take 2 less damage from all special attacks during Sandstorm. Able to use Sand Tomb without losing focus.
Ground: Ground STAB; Immune to all electrical attacks, can Dig through almost any substance, Evasive Digging reduced from 3 per action Energy Cost to 2 per action, superior senses in darkened cave surroundings.

Ability 1: Rock Head
Type: Innate
This Pokemon’s hard body prevents it from taking recoil damage from moves such as Double-Edge, Flare Blitz, and Head Smash.

Ability 2: Sturdy
Type: Innate
This Pokemon’s body is solidly constructed, reducing the Base Attack Power from an opponents incoming attacks by one (1). The effect is amplified on OHKO Moves, which are reduced by ten (10) Base Attack Power.

Ability 3: Weak Armor (DW)
Type: Can be Enabled
The Pokemon can loosen its worn defensive armor so that it will break off when an opponent uses a contact attack, reducing the Pokemon's Defense and increasing their Speed by one (1) stage for each hit.


HP: 90
Atk: Rank 3 (+)
Def: Rank 6
SpA: Rank 1 (-)
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 70

EC: 0/6


Mud Sport
Rock Throw
Rock Tomb
Smack Down

Heavy Slam
Rock Blast

Smack Down

c$fp gives orders first.
To be perfectly honest, I only intended to bring Onix. I didn't even realize that you were bringing Torchic (although I could have easily pieced that together if I tried), it was just a poor coincidence. I would use Metang to make it more fair, but Onix needs to enter battle, and Metang doesn't even qualify for a beginner battle (hence me not meaning to bring him). Since this is such an unfair match-up, I say we don't count it on our win-loss record.

"But anyway, my actions. Let's start off with a Rock Blast and see how many times we can get a hit. Then use Earthquake, that will certainly do quite some damage. Then I suppose another Rock Blast will be good."

Rock Blast, Earthquake, Rock Blast
If we don't count it on our win-loss, can we still collect counters? I'm just trying to make sure Fawkes doesn't fall behind the rest of the team. I couldn't have used Fawkes in the battle you're reffing either, C$FP. (Fighting against Monohm, Larvitar, and Staryu)

Fawkes, despite this battle being as one-sided as a SpecsMence against a Zigzagoon, we still have to try. Start with your only move that isn't not very effective. Next, call down the sun's rays to make your fire moves slightly less ineffective. Finish with the same move as the first action.

Reversal->Sunny Day->Reversal

torchic (fawkes) M
hp: 90
energy: 100%
status: none
boosts: none

onix (boulder) M
hp: 90
energy: 100%
status: none
boosts: none

boulder starts off by blasting rocks at fawkes, hitting four times and doing excellent damage; fawkes gathers energy up and attacks with a reversal, but it hardly scratches boulder. boulder then creates an earthquake, doing more damage, while fawkes thinks it should be a sunny day and makes it so. boulder then blasts rocks at fawkes again, once again hitting four times, while fawkes attacks with an even stronger reversal than last time; it still doesn't do much damage though.

torchic (fawkes) M
hp: 12
energy: 81%
status: none
boosts: none

onix (boulder) M
hp: 84
energy: 84%
status: none
boosts: none

sun (3)

rock blast: 352 (hit); 760 (4 hits); 891 (no crit); ((12+3+(3-1)*1.5)*1.5) = 27 damage, -5 energy
reversal: 242 (no crit); ((4+(2-6)*1.5-1)*1.5) = 1 damage, -3 energy
63/97; 89/95

earthquake: 425 (no crit); ((10+3+(3-1)*1.5)*1.5) = 24 damage, -6 energy
sunny day: -9 energy
39/88; 89/89

rock blast: 864 (hit); 793 (4 hits); 381 (no crit); 27 damage, -5 energy
reversal: 750 (no crit); ((10+(2-6)*1.5-1)*1.5) = 5 damage, -7 energy
12/81; 84/84
sun (3)

shinyskarmory you're up.
Fawkes, I'm sorry I signed you up for this (insert tender moment here).

Our most powerful attack couldn't even dent him. I'm sorry. (insert even more tender moment here)

Use Reversal until the end!

Earthquake, Rock Blast, Earthquake

But to your question about counters, just as long as it enters battle, your Pokemon will get its counters. But, this can count if you want...
quick earthquake kos blah blah gg.

  • fawkes and boulder get 1 ec, 2 mc and 1 dc each
  • boulder gets 1 koc
  • c$fp and shinyskarmory get 2 tc each
  • i get 2 ref tokens
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