Completed Simon Says lets have a Battle, SimonSays vs Appa

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Is the title as lame as I think it is anyway lets get the batttle underway

1 vs 1 Singles (send one only)
2 Day DQ
1 Recovery / 3 Chills
ASB Arena
Switch = KO
Items = Off
1 Ability
And here are the mons

Team Appa
The Painted Lady (F)
Nature: Naughty (+Atk, -SpD)

Type: Grass / Ghost
Grass: Grass STAB; Immunity to Leech Seed and Worry Seed. 50% reduction in status effect chance of oncoming “powder” attacks. More mobile in areas with strong natural light sources. Superior senses in tall grass and forest areas. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus.
Ghost: Ghost STAB; brief intangibility that nullifies Normal and Fighting-type attacks. Can move through walls for a brief period of time but must remain in motion. Superior senses in low light and inside dark buildings. Have no vision reduction in hazes.

Abilities: Anticipation
Anticipation: This Pokemon is better at sensing dangerous attacks, and reduced the Base Attack Power from super-effective attacks, Selfdestruct, and Explosion by two (2).
Telepathy (DW-Locked): This Pokemon has a mental link with its allies in multiple battles, allowing it to avoid taking damage from attacks that affect the whole field like Earthquake and Surf.

HP: 90
Atk: Rank 3 (+)
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 2 (-)
Spe: 51
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 13

EC: 0
MC: 0
DC: 0/5

Attacks (12)
Vine Whip
Ominous Wind
Shadow Sneak
Toxic Spikes

Future Sight
Leaf Blade

Grass Knot

Team SimonSays

Piplup (Bonaparte) [M]
Nature: Relaxed [Adds one (1) Rank to Defense; Divides Base Speed by 1.15 and gives a flat 10 point decrease in evasion, effectively adding 10 accuracy (e.g. 85 becomes 95) to opponent's attacks directed at this Pokemon.]
Type: Water
Water: Water STAB; Can breathe and have excellent mobility when underwater, are less capable on land unless they are entirely amphibious.

Torrent: (Innate) When this Pokemon’s HP is lower than 33%, the Base Attack Power of any water attack is increased by two (2). (eg Water Pulse goes from 6 to 8, Hydro Pump from 12 to 14)
Defiant (DW): (Innate) The Pokemon has a deep sense of honor, and whenever one of its stats are decreased by an opponent's Attack or Ability, its Attack increases by two (2) stages. Attack Boosts gained this way are not subject to deterioration that round.

HP: 90
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 3 (+)
SpA: Rank 3
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 34 (40/1.15, rounded down)
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 13

EC: 0/9
MC: 0
DC: 0/5

Water Sport
Fury Attack

Aqua Ring

Ice Beam

Moves: 14

heres the order

Appa sends out Necturine and orders
SimonSays Sends out Piplup and orders
I ref
Pre Round



No time for flavour

Necturine used Leaf Blade (9+3)*1.5 = 18da,-6 en
Crit 5752 no
Piplup used Ice Beam (10+1.5)*1.5 = 17da, -6en
Freeze 6379 no
Crit 8335 no

Necturine used Psychic (7+3-3) = 7da,-5en
SpD Drop 8371 no
Crit 3302 no
Piplup used Toxic -7en
Miss 7556 no

Necturine -1Hp

Necturine used Leaf Blade (9+3)*1.5 = 18da,-6 en
Crit 9446 no
Piplup used Ice Beam (10+1.5)*1.5 = 17da, -6en
Freeze 5534 no
Crit 6939 no

Necturine -1Hp

Post Round

54HP/83en/Badly Poisoned

"Bonaparte, let's continue the pressure. I think you'll find our foe most fun to play against."

Aqua Ring ~ Ice Beam *2
IF an Offensive Grass Move is used more than once, THEN replace the first action with Bide.
Post Round

54HP/83en/Badly Poisoned


Ominous Wind 6+3 = 9da, -4en
Crit 6745
Boosts 3477
Piplup used Aqua Ring -8en

Piplup +2HP
Necturine -2HP

Necturine used Leaf Blade (9+3)*1.5 = 18da,-6 en
Crit 4440 no
Piplup used Ice Beam (10+1.5)*1.5 = 17da, -6en
Freeze 1991 no
Crit 3044 no

Piplup +2HP
Necturine -2HP

Ominous Wind 6+3 = 9da, -4en
Crit 682 no (Omg)
Boosts 1085 no (OMG)
Piplup used Ice Beam (10+1.5)*1.5 = 17da, -10en
Freeze 1269 no
Crit 7360 no

Piplup +2HP
Necturine -2HP

Post Round

14HP/77en/Badly Poisoned

"Alright, we're faster, and even if he uses Evasive Agility, a Priority move with our speed still outspeeds him and takes the KO as said by refs! Let's go PL!"

Shadow Sneak + Leaf Blade Combo -> rest -> Shadow Sneak
Data Audit Thread said:
Agility: The Pokemon focuses to increase its speed two (2) stages, enabling it to maneuver much more swiftly. Agility can also be used as a +1 Priority evasive attack. Agility will evade any single target attack (other than perfect accuracy attacks and No Guard attacks) in a lower priority bracket and +1 priority combination attacks. If used evasively, the Pokemon does not gain any speed boost. Evasive Agility also fails if used successively, or if used after Protect, Detect, Evasive Teleport, or the Dodge Command.

Attack Power: -- | Accuracy: -- | Energy Cost: 7 | Attack Type: Other | Effect Chance: -- | Contact: N/A | Typing: Psychic | Priority: 0 Speed Boost, +1 Evasive Use | CT: Passive
"Goodnight, Painted Lady. You had a good run. Bonaparte, put her to bed."

Evasive Agility ~ Ice Beam ~ Peck
Post Round

14HP/77en/Badly Poisoned


Necturine used Sneaky Blade

Nicturine cooled down
Piplup used Ice Beam

Necturine was Koed

Both Simon and Appa get 2CC
Piplup gets 1EC, 2MC, 1DC, 1KOC
Necturine gets 1EC, 2MC, 1DC
I get 3UC
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