Smogon iSketch Tournament [Round 3]

Welcome people, to the first Smogon isketch Tournament!

This tournament is based on the very fun and easy-to-play game, isketch, which consists of a player drawing something, and the other players trying to guess whatever the artist is drawing the fastest as possible to earn more points.

How to Play:

To play, you need to be sure you will be able to meet up with your opponents, as its crucial that you get the games done. More importantly is the game itself:

You will all play in this site:

After getting there, you will see an option "Play Now" (theres also an "Instructions" one, which can help the unexperienced learn the game), which you shall click.

A new window will appear, this one asks you to join. You just need to pick a name and click Log On, unless youre registered, in which case youll need to put your password as well. Clarifying here, you dont need to input a password if this is your first time playing.

There will be a group leader, which will be picked by me. The group leader will be the one who will create the room. Read below on "Rules" to see how the group must be created.

To create a room, you just need to click on the "Create Room" tab, and pick the options. After the room is created, all the players will be informed by the creator of the room's name and when its created, in order for the players to refresh their isketch page and get the room loaded. Players will need to pick the "User Created" Tab located at the top right corner and search for the room's name.


1) GuessBox - In this box you will write your guesses, this is the one that counts for the points, so be sure to try your best!

2) ChatBox - You can chat with people here.

3) Player List - Self explanatory really.

4) Drawing Box - Heres where the drawing of the artist is displayed / where the artist draws.

5) Thickness Box - You can make your lines thicker or thiner with this box. (Artist Only)

6) Color Box - Be sure to use this one, it really helps the players guess correctly! (Artist Only)

7) Tool Box - Different tools you can use to make your drawing better. (Artist Only)

8) Clock - Time left to guess.

9) Counter - Heres where the current round is displayed, and for the artist only, where the options to draw are.

10) Hint/Skip/Done - You should NEVER use the "Hint" or "Done" buttons as they just screw you over (first one) and screw others over (second one). Skip can be used if you really have no idea what you got to draw.


1) You must be available to play. I cannot stress this enough. It will be played by groups, so be sure to be available enough time so your match gets done.

2) No cheating. We dislike people who cheat by giving out the word and such, so please dont do it.

3) No giving out the word. This goes to both the player and the artist. If someone breaks this rule please tell me so we can take measures. In case of "Pokemon Theme", the artist may write "Item/Pokemon/Character/Place/Move" in order to give the players a clue of where he is going.

4) No trolling. I think this rule speaks for itself.

5) For no reason may you click the "Done" button when youre the artist. It just pisses off players and adds a whole new strategizing level not needed in the game.

6) Be careful and active during the game, if its your artist turn, be sure to quickly add some lines to the drawing so you dont get replaced in order to gain time to think how you will draw. If you get the "you are asleep" message and get replaced, be sure to click the "Away" button so you get off away and are able to draw other round. You can know when youre in "Away" by checking the Player List, if your name is grayed out, it means youre "Away".

7) I ate rule 7.

8) Follow the guidelines in this post.

9) You must post your timezone in order for me to pair people more likely to find each other. This is important.

10) Have fun!


Here's the stuff the room creators will need to know in order to create a room.

1) You will click Create Room.

2) Time / Round and Grace Period stay the same, with 150 and 20 respectively.

3) Click the "Advanced Options" tab besides "Basic Options".

4) Change "Rounds" to 16.

5) Stoke Limit, Guess Limit and Artists stay at 0/0/1 respectively.

6) Words will be 3, giving you 3 options to draw, remember, you only pick 1 out of those 3, not draw all 3!

7) Scoring will be "Any Word" -- This is extremely important as it makes people get points by getting 1 of the 3 words, not all 3, be sure to click it.

8) Make the room some bizarre name that starts with letter x/y/z in order to get away of the path of random room joiners.

9) Inform the players when the room is done, and do NOT start drawing, until all players are in the room.

10) This is a rule that wasnt here because the theme wasnt decided. Once you finish with all of the above, you will go to the right tab which has a lot of themes. Pick POKÉMON from the list and then go ahead and play.


The format of this tournament will be the following, depending on the interest, people will be divided in groups of 4. It will be either 4 groups of 4 or 8 groups of 4, again, depending on interest.
The top 2 players of each room will advance onto the next round, in which they will be placed, again, in groups of 4 with the other players that advanced, continuing this sequence until we get the final 4 players, in which the number 1 will be crowned the "isketch Champion".

In case of a tie for the second spot in a group, both players will confirm this on the thread. After that, we will set a time, "we" meaning me and the 2 players. I will create a room where I will be the only one able to draw. There will be 5 rounds of drawings, the player with the most points at the end will be given the spot onto next round.

Due to having 48 players instead of 32, there will be a slight change. The 4 persons group stays the same for Round 1, Round 2 and Semifinals. For the finals, there will be 6 guys instead of 4.

With nothing else to add, the groups!

[Cerulean City, Kanto]

* badalcristiano - GMT +5.5
* coolking49 - GMT +5.5
* Mekkah - GMT +1 ..... *Group Leader*
* Zy - GMT +0

[Cianwood City, Johto]

* G80 - GMT -4 ..... *Group Leader*
* tophway - GMT -4
* supermarth64 - GMT -5

* dbolt - GMT -5

[Vermilion City, Kanto]

* Umbreon Dan - GMT -5
* billymills - GMT -6 ..... *Group Leader*
* LinIsKorean - GMT -8
* Midou - GMT -8

Bold = Advanced
Italized Red = Eliminated.

Its a good idea to hang out on IRC to get your game done and/or schedule it. Inactivity will not be tolerated and you will be subbed out if you arent active, so please try your best to get it done.


* spies - GMT -5
* Knightofthewind - GMT +10
* Midou - GMT -8
* Crux - GMT +10
* chris is me - GMT -5
* HD - GMT -5

(If you want to be a sub just post in the thread asking so, im very sure some people will become inactive all of a sudden so its very very likely you will play).

Have fun!

Feel free to join the channel #sketch to "practice" with other people and schedule, among other things.

Deadline is September 25th so get them done! Stop slacking so much jeez.


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[13:52:30] <Badal> hi what are we doing for the iSketch?
[13:53:33] <pot> i dunno when coolking is usually on
[13:53:42] <pot> and i dunno if zy can still participate
[13:53:42] <Badal> around now on weekdays
[13:53:51] <Badal> yeah, Zy went off to boarding

Also, 6 guys scheduling a time to be on at once for finals? Are you mad?


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zy is to boarding school and his sig says he'll be on irc rarely, iono if that means we should try to set up with him, or have him subbed? coolking is unable to play for now due to computer/parent issues so i guess it's a waiting game until both of these players' problems have been resolved.