Smogon JAA 2006: The First Smocon


Ce soir, on va danser.
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I'm eagerly awaiting your warstory from this year and just wanna say real quick that your CD was awesome. =) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha, thanks to you too! I'm glad I'm getting such positive feedback on that.

In fact, dudette, the 'new blood' consisting of Tay, Dubulous, and Rory and lead by myself managed to defeat the old guard of Fish, Articuno64, and OmegaDonut lead by chaos in a rental only Pokemon Stadium match. Looks like some people are at the ends of their PKMN careers???
So wait... you switched over to the "new blood" side, even though you've been around longer than me? Nice one, Benedict.


Ce soir, on va danser.
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Some old Sony I got years ago, I don't have it anymore so I don't know exactly.. Took good pictures though.


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Sir, this story shaped my childhood. It made me shape up and try to become a better user so I could attend these!
Oops I haven't replied yet.

Man, have four years passed already? I remember reading this by then and thinking how well written and enveloping it was. I really wished to had had been there and, again, I feel to the bone how sucky it is to live one whole continent away. Maybe I should send Nintendo ten thousand emails per day so they hold a regional tournament here so I can win it heh.

Congratulations to everyone at JAA and everyone at VGC. I hope you can meet many, many more times and strenghten those beautiful friendship bonds.
I wish so badly that I could have been there, but 4 years ago I was 13 and my needs didn't mean as much to my parents. YES. NEEDS.

I personally love New York city, and I've been there quite a few times, mostly to visit Nintendo World. In fact, I'm going back there for Comic-Con... is anyone else going to that?

That looks like so much fun, and I totally hope they do something like this (party style) in the future so I can actually go. JAA looks like it was so much fun....
Wow, this was a really innovating and awesome story to read!
I really do wish they had the VGC tournament where I live.


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I am so happy this finally is on page 2 so I can't read new replies without having to stop my browser from loading all the images again!
Man reading that story reminds me of so many good times that have been had when various online communities gather together for events. Great read, and it has really made me want to go for a pokeadventure next year.

EDIT: I guess this is my first post here, hopefully I will enjoy my time here as much as I have at smashboards and gosugamers!
I'm so jealous. I can only hope something similar to this happens in the future that I and others can take part in. Until then..... I guess we gotta catch em all