Smogon Premier League 4 - Semifinals (See Post #207)

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Bro Fist and Sir are my heros ;_;

It was probably the craziest week of the year, ggs ruiners. Sorry for the commotion we gave you week 1



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McM had won the game 1 and then ...
if by won you mean neither team could touch each other AT ALL, it would last for 900 turns and it was like 3 AM in his time and wanted to go to bed then sure, he had it completely won.

ggs tigers, good season ruiners I had a ton of fun with all of you <3

sorry for being disappointing in adv, at least aggron smashed in RU
There and back again

My genuine gg Ruiners, you guys made a nice comeback grabbing a spot on playoffs, most intense series so far.

also from the day of the auction:

[01:25:12] <RoyalFlush> you guys are gonna lose without kael
[01:25:18] <kokoloko> yeah i guess i should take this off
[01:25:22] <xtra> i .. gonna miss this channelle
[01:25:24] <xtra> :'(
[01:25:30] <~The_Chaser> we shall see

a good reason to keep kael next time btw


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GGs Tigers! Well, thanks for drafting me Ruiners, we had an awesome season. I'm sorry for my average performance in OU, but hopefully my Ubers made up for it :)
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