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Smogon Premier League 8 - Finals [NO WINNER]

Discussion in 'Smogon Premier League' started by Mazinger, Mar 27, 2017.

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  1. McMeghan

    McMeghan Dreamcatcher
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    Aug 25, 2010
    After three full months, this tournament has finally reached its conclusion. I'm happy all that time was worth it, and all that stress too, because I rarely, if ever, got that nervous over a single tournament. I wanna put some of my thoughts out there so I'll start with that before the corny shout-outs... Sorry in advance for the TL;DR.

    As my signup post indicated, I didn't have many expectations coming into this SPL. I had just gone through a pretty inactive year, tainted with bad showings. Most of the managers knew this, so I was wondering where I'd land, which is always pretty exciting to me. My plan was just to have fun, not care to much and try to stunt in BW.

    Turned out I ended up on the Tigers with a bunch of people I had never teamed before. I didn't want to influence the auction plan at all, so I just let tennis & llamas do their thing. Only influence I had on the team was telling them to outbid giara for the Scooters. I've always had great SPLs whenever I wasn't part of the auction preparation (SPL 3 & 6), so I just hoped it'd be the case again when all the bidding was done. I just hoped everything would mesh well.

    Despite the week 1 beating, I was very much satisfied with the game I produced vs Jayde, and it gave me a lot of confidence back. Little by little, I started to care more about this, as we had some really hardworking people on the team. We rolled over the second week, then blew a 6-3 lead in the third one, which got on my nerves. Week 4 was insane with the 2-5 to 7-5 comeback and it really put our synergy, collective and mental to a new level. That victory was one of my favorite SPL moment ever. Going into the mid-season with 5 points and a top 4 spot, I knew we were capable of at least reaching POs!

    After a rowdy midseason, thanks to our Valentine on Steroids Mazar & Steve, we started with a very disapointing loss against the Ruiners (2-5 to 5-5 comeback to 5-7 loss). The following loss against the Wolfpack made me question everything because I thought it was the week to win and we just got blown back. Tama and I had a long conversation about the line-up and we said "It's time to go big or go home". We couldn't afford a loss at this point, and had to win against playoff contenders only from that point. Although we were at an all-time low in term of ranking, I could feel the team was still there mentally and I'm glad nobody gave up.

    The rest is history. We looked a lot stronger against the BIGs, even if I missed the "penalty shot" vs dekzeh and only got 1 pt out of it. The 8th week vs the scooters was a carnage and I could feel we had the wind in our sails at this point. Week 9 was a classic case of SPL magic and reminded me of SPL4 Wolfpack a lot. We got really lucky vs the Cryonicles overall, and then GOAO beat PDC in game I'll never forget. History was made already and I was in disbelief we reached POs. Calling with some of the guys to watch this game was a hell of moment.

    Regarding the PlayOffs, the semi went against all odds. I remember when I lost all access to Internet on the saturday, right as I was about to prep the ADV game with Jabba and test teams in GSC. The next day I just texted Ojama using international credits so I could stay updated on the situation. The final was one of the most stressful situation I've ever been in. Between my own game, the 6-2 lead blown away and then the delayed OU game, I was feeling exhausted as far as Pokemon goes. Tiebreaker was just as crazy but it all ended well for us. It was insane how I could only think about SPL in the past 2 or 3 weeks. I remember Tokyo Tom saying he couldn't move on from it until he'd get closure and end the tournament, and I felt the exact same way.

    One of the thing I'd also like to mention is that I'm also proud of the fact we won all by ourself. We had nobody outside the team during the whole season, and only invited a select few for the last 2 weeks. We kept our identity throughout the tournament

    On a personnal level, I'm very satisfied with the record I got and the games I played. Felt great to be back on a good groove :D No better way to end it that to win it all while playing good along the way. Before going into the shout-outs, I'll just say that the top 3 moments this SPL were: the week 4 come back, GOAO's win and Mazar's last game. Thanks for the memories <3

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    tennisace & atomicllamas : very different managers compared to the people I've been used to in the past. Much more quiet but still around when needed. You guys weren't afraid to experiment with the line up either, and it worked out well for us. I could feel you cared more and more as the season went on and you offered some solid reports in doubles & rby for PlayOffs. Stay chill and laid back, glad you were able to take it home. Tigers won't be a farce franchise anymore. #goatace

    p2 : love your humor man. The expanding brains images you and ryan made cracked me up. I loved your confidence whenever you played, you always had a gameplan in mind and could see what you had to do stay in the game and win it. Rough second hald of the season, but I know how annoying it can get to build in a tier with so many threats for 11 weeks... You just need to pair originality with efficacity now, when it comes to building, because some of your stuff failed miserably :sob: Also your win vs Adam to clutch Week 4 was fuckin amazing. neverforget

    Steve Angello : I think you're a good guy and I really liked your enthusiasm. You finally got more than 4 wins in a season too, grats again. You were one of the most active chat presence, and combined with your workload, you were a big part of our early season success. You always apologize after bursting out, but keep in mind damages are still being done, so try to think about it :x Great teammate overall, especially if you like the crazy type. mahlzeit

    Eternal Spirit : The SM OU starter I have the worst record against based on our test games. You're a super wild player for sure. You need to be a bit less loco sometimes and work on your gameplan making and you'll reach a new nevel. You also did a lot of work behind the scenes with the BR goons, be it with Nintendi or Tama during the tiebreaker. You were also often around to tier in every SM tier, props to that too. Loved your support and confidence in me :) wrawnn

    MajorBowman : Rarely seen a VGC guy so active in his team chat. You had another great SPL and worthy of the Terminator title I gave you. Really cool guy to talk to, and keep enjoying the life man; travelling is a lot of fun! You dipped a bit midseason, and I didn't want to be the guy that doesn't play doubles but try to give advices but you took them very well. You were very impressing again afterwards and I had a ton of confidence in you to bring Ws after Ws. I wish you the same success in VGC now :)

    miltankmilk : I already told you a ton of times, but you're the teammate every team dreams to have. Constant supportive, helpful and active presence in the chat. It was a blast to have you on the team. You were also a big reason why Doubles was one of the Tigers' best tier, and you shoud definitely be starting if it wasnt for MajorBob being a beast. You were the team mascott to me, and it seemed just right that you had to play the OU game vs TheThorn. Thanks for stepping up to the plate in that nervewrecking situation again. I remember when I was talking in PMs with tama and llamas about who should we send to play it. We both decided on you unanimously because we could feel you had the fire in you.

    OP : Very quiet and always online at ungodly hours of the night / morning for me. Very rough start of the season, but I could feel you weren't getting on tilt. Also, you only lost because people used broken Sun against you most of the time... Anyway, you stepped it the fuck up when we had to win out and our season was on the line, which is all I'll remember from you. An instrumentary part of our late-season revival.

    Zebraiken : Zebra :D One of my only friends coming into this team. Really amazing guy and teammate, just perfect all around. Helped OP a ton when you weren't playing, supported everyone and went around asking our preparation were going, etc. Then you reached your god forme when we put you in RBY winning in both playoff games, that was great. You worked your ass off to reach this level in so little time and that's why I was sure putting you there in the first place was the best decision to take. Glad for you and your fan-base that you finally took some gold home!

    Edgar : Only member of the jerkchan that was picked in the auction. I remember telling tennis & llamas it'd be cool to get you. You were solid while you played and I'm glad you enjoyed the season. You're not afraid to stand your own ground, and I like your honesty. Keep doing you IRL hombre.

    Mazar : Oh boy. Definitely one of the most singular guy I've met so far. There would be so much to say about you... I'll mainly bring up 4 things: great chat presence that helped the OUers a ton; insane midseason string puller, putting valentine to shame, not to mention that one time you wanted us to start Jabba in SM; listened to all my advices and I'm glad you appreciated them; finally: being one of the most impressive player I've ever seen. You were radiating with confidence when you played Uber. You had to win a ton of important games, and you always did it. I marked you down as a win every week when you got rolling and when the tiebreaker got announced, there was no doubt you had to play it for me. Thanks for making me feel like a child when you clutched it all at the end. You're a legend.

    Nintendi : Like I told you many times, I had a positive opinion on you when Gama told tennis to pick you ever since you trashed me in a stour countering Keldeo with Gliscor. You're a little prodigy man. Very solid games with solid teams, you're on your way to become a model of consistency, which is what every team should strive to acquire. You can achieve big things here if you put your mind to it.

    Tokyo Tom : Much like p2, I love your humor and I got to love your persona in general. Very down to earth and worked hard for every games you've played. You seemed very unconfident at the start, but you played pretty solid man. I was very glad to have our BW slot be in a good spot after I left it. You brought some important wins to the team, even if Lady's Luck was on your side to help achieve that. When you think about it, you also clutched the tie in the final, which turned out to be invaluable. I hope you keep growing as a player if you stays around, I love watching your games if only for the teams.

    DeepBlueC : Very quiet but always around to serve Tama :slave: Hope you enjoyed your first SPL experience and thanks for helping the oldman to achieve his GOAT season.

    JabbaTheGriffin : You kept beating yourself over for every losses. Sadly, the last minute prep didn't work as well this year... I've told you everything I wanted to on Discord anyway at this point, but thanks for sticking around and showing more care as the season went on. Your win in week 4 in particular was some clutch shit. Glad you got to collect a ring after all these years man.

    giara : wesh, j'espère que le paysage était cool à bord du train. bref comme je t'ai dis, j'espère t'as pas été trop déçu de tes perfs. pour une fois que tu underperformes, tu gagnes au final... désolé si j'étais pas toujours chaud pour tes idées farfelues. j'ai bien rigolé en PM quand on commentait sur ce qui se passait dans la team ou le tournoi et merci d'avoir laissé quelques opinions sur mes teams en GSC. enjoy ton nouveau train de vie IRL et on reste en contact d'ici la wcop de toute façon. inchallah tu seras remis sur pieds d'ici là

    Century Express : last addition to the br squad bought to help in OU who had to play GSC. Another quiet member but you were always online and showed a lot of involvement when you had to play. Also always around to test whenever we highlighted you. I hope that SPL was formative for you and that nerves wont affect you too much in the future so you can show your true potential :)

    Golden Gyarados : thanks for sticking around despite ending as a sub, i saw you play and help zeb a lot, and I'm sure that helped him to become familiar with the tier that fast. It seems that SPL keeps being a tournament in which you underperform, so I can only hope you'll break out of that mold in the future. You need to stop using reflect lax every games tho :sob:

    Tamahome : The best for the end. What a season man, what a fuckin season. I've told you in PM everything I had on my mind, be it about the team or about you so I'd just be repeating myself here... I can say with certitude that you became one of the best teammate I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Prior to this SPL, we never really talked and I saw you as just a solid player who always fished for para. While the last part still holds true, I now think you're the kind of guy every team should try to buy as a priority because you have an amazing influence on your mates AND you're good as fuck. That season was one of the best performance I've ever seen, kinda like Conflict last world cup, except I had the pleasure to be on your side. I rmbr when you wanted to throw the towel after your 1-2 start, man am I glad you didn't. We've done pretty much everything together, be it line-up discussion, team preparation, etc. It was an amazing experience and I'm so glad all the efforts you put in your preparation, test games, etc were all worth it. From destroying the reg season, to playing & winning first in the final & the tiebreaker, you showed you were the best player of this SPL to me. I hope we'll keep our friendship even if this tour is over. At least we made history and we'll always recount it later. Fighting is everything

    Jirachee : special mention to you, I had a lot of fun talking, building and testing with you while I was slotted with BW, you sadly didn't have a great season individually, but I hope you'll turn it around in future occasions :)

    GOAO : THE LEGEND & HERO or our spl, you da best man, you deserve this trophy just like any of us tbh, thanks for savin our season and allowin this to happen

    To close it out:
    - thanks ginku and kicc for hosting this perfectly, altho it was free as fuck until the end
    - thanks to the jerkchan for making this super enjoyable for me, up until the implosion post week 6 civil war
    - thanks to the raiders for crushing the competition and being on another level during the reg season, allowed the spl to be close as hell and prevent other teams to rack up pts
    - thanks to our helpers, your support was helpful :) special s-o to Pearl for getting on the tigers bandwagon early and becoming one of our most active chat presence in playoffs
    - s-o to the scooters who had a lot of close friends (big oj, cbb, john, slick) which made this final even more special to me

    With that Finchinatoresque post out of the way: Cheers

    GG BL
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  2. cholera90


    Nov 29, 2014
    Steve Angello
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  3. Solace

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    Nov 4, 2009
    my former tigre heart is v happy at this... grats to tennisace and everyone on the team! <3
  4. tennisace

    tennisace cardiac cats
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    Dec 16, 2007
  5. Century Express

    Century Express
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    Jul 12, 2014
    i wasn't planning to write shoutouts, but after the effort you guys put in this season, i couldn’t ignore. gdi, what a tight season. regardless of the outcome, i honestly wanted to do a better performance at GSC, and i apologize again for my shitty performance. you guys were a hella team, and despite a few breaks, i don't regret absolutely anything. i hate being the emotional guy, but i won't forget this experience, special thanks to llamas and tennisace for giving me a chance to enjoy this awesome experience, and for Ginku / Prague Kick for hosting, it's a stressing task and many people fail to realize that, props for that.

    sorry for keeping it too short (kinda lazy for writing individual shoutouts), but i truly admire the effort that each teammate of mine put in this season, special thanks for GOAO for clutching week 9, and Finch / Pearl for being amazing dudes on the playoffs as well. Sorry if i kael'd too much!


  6. Stellar

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    Jan 3, 2007
  7. little gk

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    Mar 19, 2009
  8. Lunar.


    Apr 4, 2010
    Congrats tigers!
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  9. Tokyo Tom

    Tokyo Tom
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    Oct 17, 2013
    Hey, so since we didn't get an official banner, McMeghan did a lot of work recreating the original template to make banners for us this year. I cropped and added the Raikou heads; there are two sets, one from the Tigers logo and one from Solace's signature. I believe Gama created a more HQ version of the one on the top right but since I spent like a fr*cking hour on these I figured I'd share them for publicity. Enjoy and go Tigers! (sorry Gama)

  10. Eternal Spirit

    Eternal Spirit VIPAH
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    Jun 18, 2013
    posting bc i spend 10 min doing a better version, thanks

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2017
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  11. Philip7086

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    Jun 23, 2008
    Took me this long to shake off my salt, but I figured I should post something.

    First and foremost, congrats Tigers. Well fought. Thought we had you when we came back from 2-6, but we couldn't quite finish it.

    I'm not going to do individual shout-outs for everyone on my team. I'm proud of what we accomplished together this season, and you should be too. I also had a helluva lot of fun and made some new friends, which is rare for me in my grumpy old age. I'm sorry I couldn't come through for you in the finals; you all deserve a trophy.

    There are a few people I do think deserve extra special shout-outs, though. obii , you were hands down the MVP this season. Always ready and willing to help test/build in any tier. You were the glue behind the scenes that kept us all together. I said this to you earlier this season, but you remind me of a younger version of myself. That's high praise, considering I think I'm the most perfect being to ever grace humankind. bro fist , you were an amazing manager and I'm glad you bought me this season. Crazy that we never really got to know each other in the years we've been on this site until now, but I'm glad that has changed. CrashinBoomBang , why did it seem like every non-scooter hated you? You always kept things fun, and I'm glad we could be on the same team two seasons in a row. Biosci , bro, you fuckin KILLED it this season. Every week, I knew we could count on you for a win, and you always delivered. I hope we can meet up someday at a VGC event.

    And last but not least, our Kingpin, Ojama . You were the one that convinced me to join SPL this season, and I'm glad you did. Again, really sorry I couldn't come through in the finals. You deserve this trophy more than anyone else in SPL history, having made finals three times now. You showed everybody how champions play, and you should be proud of what you've accomplished this season. Someday you'll get the red, bro, I know it. I was planning on posting this image when we won this year, but unfortunately I never got a chance to. I hope you enjoy it anyways.

    Ojama Kingpin (open)
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  12. Steven Snype

    Steven Snype Kunclord Supreme
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    Mar 27, 2009
    Just a friendly reminder to all the spectators out there: No official tour is actually over until the post-credits Ghosting Scandal Reveal!
  13. tennisace

    tennisace cardiac cats
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    Dec 16, 2007
  14. CTC

    CTC The Lord Shepherd shall guideth ye cattle
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    Oct 26, 2012
    Wow can't believe Tokyo tom has a smogon trophy now what has this community come to
    Also shoutout jaydes record for being useless in carrying his team ol Russell Westbrook ass nigga
    Side shoutout to mcm for finally joining the multiple trophy club kiddo maybe ull be a big name on this site one day like goatc himself dream big
    Overall happy w tigers' win seemed like some cool people I'll watch replays later
    Plz everyone reply w all the playoff game replays that were choked away I love me some dickinmouth action

    Ps. Wow tamahome what a beast lmaoooooo carried in dpp and had to come out in fucking sm too to wipe up the mess for these yung bloods smh
    Shoutout Cbb and brofist for "managing" (or is that what the kids call it nowadays?) a subpar team to the finals yall r dank

    In the end, the winning formula stays true: get as many IDM goons on ur squad (or 1 ctc) and u get the bucket. Shoutout pearl btw for recognizing talent within my conglomerate
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2017
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  15. Mazar

    Mazar Tournament Banned

    Aug 4, 2014
    Okay finally my shoutouts are here.. hype.. I'm seriously not good at this and thats why I didnt have much motivation for these, but every single-one on this team deserves it and therefore I try to overcome myself and write them.

    First of all I'm glad the 'anime-spl' ended with us winning. It was a fantastic experience. 8 teams competing for Playoffs in W9, Raiders having probably the best regular season of all time and the GOAO & FAJI-night with Tigers as 4th seed in playoffs beating the best team of 8 years SPL in semis. And yeah, the only way to end this SPL was in a tiebreaker, afaik it was the first time ever a tiebreaker had to decide the grand final and thats pretty impressive. We all wrote history in this, not only the glorious Tigers-team, but also Scooters who were strong opponents who came back after being back 2-6. There was a lot of shittalking, but I would like to point out obii who is a pretty cool guy and we talked quite a lot during this SPL. He always was my go-to-guy if there was sth to discuss during finals just because he always stayed calm and objective and even when we were rivals in finals I liked to give him my team for his seasonal-match and stuff. Lets just say it was pretty nice to meet you and you have lots of potential and will make your way to the top of smogon.com soon. Also Prague Kick and Ginku for hosting this tour. There were lots of controversials but you guys both stayed fresh and took the time to make ur thought process followed by a decision. Amazing how PK informed me I posted my team in the scheduling conversation with bro fist and Gunner instead of the other one with the hosts. I tried to clean the mess asap and hoped no one saw, didnt even inform my team and got even more nervous than I already was lol. Ginku also always was a great addition to our team chat as he was a) +1 to Mahlzeit-role and b) a nice chat presence in general. I always looked up to you as a player and person which is why I was really happy when you joined our conversation. Hope to have you at our WCoP-team man.

    team shoutouts (open)

    [​IMG] tennisace: I'm really happy you finally got ur trophy and proved the ppl who were against u how wrong they are. After you were already nice to have every SPL-sunday as a funny and motivating guy you got to another level in playoffs when you did all the scouting work and tried to help wherever you can. Like for real you were online the whole time when we were in playoffs. Also I will never forget how you already said u will retire after this year and talked your last words before the two classiest vs sharks games as it didnt look like we will make it into semis. I'm really glad I got the chance to be a tiger this year and hope I could overshadow the expectations you had in me. Thanks for all this season!

    [​IMG] atomicllamas: Who would have thought we would rock SPL together when we chilled in RU skype chat which was more about the election in the US than about anything RU-related. Anyways I was happy to get a manager I kinda know and who knows something about me personal. Also I think you were super cool and active in the chat and everytime you came online everything turned into fun. You were able to turn around unlucky moments in the team and you always kept us motivated and fresh. Calling you a monster for not keeping me in Ubers became a meme and overall I would also like to thank you for this great experience too. Personally I will never forgot ur words before finals-tiebreaker and how I always could annoy you with stuff I was worried about.


    [​IMG] Steve Angello: You deserve it first bro, but as I know your english is shite I will just continue in German: Mahlzeit Tim hahaha, krass du hast grade (vor 2 Wochen oder so kek) zum zweiten Mal die SPL gewonnen. Ich schreibe grade wie ein Grattler damit die leutz hier keinen Google Übersetzer anwerfen können und weil du sowieso Grattler Numero Uno bist. Jedenfalls weißt du eigentlich alles schon, aber ich würde dir an erster Stelle danken, dass du mir das ganze ermöglichst hast. Ich denke mal ich konnte deine und die Erwartungen der anderen übertreffen und war meine 3k wert. Du bist jedenfalls ein toller Mensch, Tim. Emotional, sehr emotional, zu emotional.. du nimmst dir alles zu ernst und mutierst zum Hitzkopf wenn dir was missfällt, aber das bringt dir nichts. Wozu? Du bist keiner von denen für die Mons ihr ganzes Leben bedeuten. Wieso solltest du dir so einen fetten Kopf machen über Pokemon lol. Aber es gibt auch die tollen Momente mit dir, in denen du gute Laune verbreitest und eine tolle Chatpräsenz zeigst und das ganze Team mitreißt. Du bist ein Teamplayer, aber nur zu dem Punkt an dem es läuft so wie du es dir vorstellst. Tatsächlich könntest du einen guten Manager abgeben.. dann müsste auch niemand mehr deine schrecklichen Teams erleben, aber dafür solltest du dich etwas mehr unter Kontrolle halten (du weißt bescheid bruder). Hab dich lieb, mach mal ne Pause bis WCoP brudi :*

    [​IMG] McMeghan: Yea dude what can I say.. you were the heart of the team, our Tom Brady and tbh I will never see such a performance again. For me you are the greatest Pokémon Player of all time and a great person too. I kinda feel bad that our buddy Quaggster couldnt be in this SPL, but that would probably be over-the-edge of greatness. Anyways you were a superb battler who nearly won with Riolu, a superb person who took the train to meet other SPL-colleagues and a superb motivator. Damn ur speech when we reached playoffs was legendary and I just cant stop praising you. Damn I even changed my playing-style after ur tips - I will never forget this sentence u told Tokyo Tom and me. I hope we all could help you recover from the rough season you had last year and in addition I want to share a funny log after semis when thought about adding Finch in our conv (ps it felt like finch was there whole playoffs although he just joined for tiebreaker wtf)

    [​IMG] Tamahome: Our own Arjen Robben.. one-trick-wonder they said.. worst and saltiest dpp player Somalia said.. (kek, atleast xtra knew Jirachis will be named after tamahomie this season). Well, now you are at the top. You are the best player WCoP+SPL combined, the best player. How can someone be that consistent? Gustavo ur a hero. You are the hero of this team, the player behind the quarterback who does the same work but gets under the radar all the time. When I once saw this Draco Malfoy guy playing on stours with the same teams over and over I just wondered how you could still manage to win ur games consistently. You are the defintion of consistence, but damn lol you wanted to get subbed out after 3 weeks. And now you won the tour with playing in DPP, RBY and fucking SM OU hahhaa. Learned from p2 the best, but thank god he didnt pick the team for you. I have the highest amount of respect for you and I hope to see you around atleast until I quit playing this garbage game.

    [​IMG] MajorBowman: travelling through the whole world - check, getting mods on smogon(dot)com - check, winning SPL - check. Jake I regret so much I didnt come to Leipzig to the VGC event, but whatever u met a bunch of friends of mine and you always gets this chance twice in your life. Starting like the Doubles-boss you kinda had some rough weeks. But then Roro-the-goat tried to adjust ur agression in making plays during game and you rocked it all. Imagine Biosci didnt flinch u in finals. You would have clinched the finals and it would have been over for all of us way earlier. But yea I have to admit I hacked PS and make that Rock Slide flinch so I could play tiebreaker and yea dont forget I hacked into Scooters conv and knew all their teams (shoutouts starmaster). You are a great dude and despite being drunk most of the time this SPL, being in another timezone and country nearly every day you gave your best to ensure the teams success. We will meet one day bro.

    [​IMG] p2: Shekekrofltopkekkels alias Porygon2. Dude I loved talking with you about OU. At first I thought we had the new slim jesus in our team and loved your inventions, but after a while you got unlucky with matchups and didnt get rewarded as much as you deserved it imo. You are a great player, but things didnt went in ur way end of the season. Still I have huge respect for you as a player. You have a lot of potential left and you will become a SPL-staple. I'm pretty sure about this, because I saw in my own eyes how dedicated you build. As much as you tried to slow your inventions down because I always told you, it didnt work out in the end, but it doesnt matter lol. Your record is amazing for ur first SPL-season (I was 0-2 lol) and we won the fucking SPL-trophy! CPG-staple p2 becoming a SPL-hero. Damn thats a great story.

    [​IMG] Tokyo Tom: unreal.. just unreal.. it fits the anime-season so well. We got a player in midseason who was kinda rejected by his old team and he lead us to victory. That remembers me of one of those football-animes who were the only one I watched in my life besides Naruto, Pokémon and DBZ. Anyways ur performances in BW were on point and ur volt switch vs chomp with Rotom was on another level - crit rewarded it lol. You were a supercool chat presence, always had a meme ready and were in general a great guy. After you got subbed in vs Wolfpack over me (remember u thought u would never play a game again) and lost to Luck>Skill you pmd me and apologized. That was cute bro, but it was unneccessary. And after McM decided to drop his BW-spot to you to clean shit in other tiers. Thats the faith you needed and it was the start of a wonderful cinderella-story you were a part of and ended it with your important 6-x win in finals.

    [​IMG] Eternal Spirit: dayumm gama haha, remember when we beefed during tests because our plays made no sense to each other? And now look where we are. I'm so happy you got a trophy after u lost OST finals. Also its quite funny you played in german-PL as one of the few foreigners and actually stayed motivated lol. In my opinion you are the player with the most unrevealed potential on our team. People might say you are trash but dont let this get into your mind. You are a great player, you just need a bit of the consistency tama has and should play less risky. If you think you can bluff scarf kyurem dont only look into ur own mind, but also what ur opp would think when he sees ur team. Not everyone can be as gifted as you bro. Keep on and you will become a beast :D

    [​IMG] Nintendi: My partner in crime whens about getting a lady bug-badge lmao. You are a nice and intelligent dude. For real your thought process in every way is advanced and I saw this pretty soon. I remember how I once came into a brazilian server with some friends and was super-cocky. Then you challenged me and at that time no one knew you. You brought stall, 6-0d me and I was like 'fuck this kid bringing stall in a match like this'. But I knew you would make it to Smogon once and got great potential and I tried my best to be a good test-dummy for you the first weeks although I missed late-oras ou completely due to inactivity. These games were a pain for you, but I hope they helped you haha. You will go your way in the future. Good luck losing to me in WCoP bro :smirk:

    [​IMG] miltankmilk: The secretary. You were an amazing chat presence and looking at your name I thought you were a meme or something lol but you didnt take long to get into everyones heart and you did an amazing job in your doubles-match vs the bigs. Also dont forget you are true brain behind MajorBrowman and ghost him in every decision he takes in the council. So you will obviously some day overtake your boss and all of his roles and become the new emperor of the dubs-community. Also I felt bad for you when ppl blamed you because you lost to TheThorn - one of the best SM-players rn. Although u misplayed theres no reason to shittalk you or anything as we all are human-beings and not roboters who never misplay or anything. Dont forget this bro and keep up your good work. You are a must-have for every spl-team after this season imo.

    [​IMG] Zebraiken: another one of Finchs central prodigies. The legend of the ZEBRA alias 3rd in SPL rankings and our RBY-hero. Who would have thought that after the rough losses in SPL, but a tiger - even when its a zebra - never gives up and always gives its best to help the other tigers! It was great to have you in the team, not only getting an idea of the work as a TD from roro and you, but also the opportunity to show ppl like you how I really am was pretty cool. You are a great guy and all I can say now is: Thanks Zebraiken.

    [​IMG] JabbaTheGriffin: Jabbaa, I teached you SM OU hehe and I actually wanted us to play you there in some week. You had a rough season, but I hope the trophy is a good solace for you and maybe (?) a good ending of ur SPL-career. Its sad things didnt work out like they did last season, but odds werent in ur favour and although u had limited time u gave ur best for the team. I really liked talking with u about different stuff and It was great to have you on the team.

    [​IMG] OP: damn bro what a season. first losing 4 games - mostly vs sun and getting unlucky and then coming back and winning 4 games straight. Would have been even better if you would have won your finals game too, but your semis game vs Kingler was pure destruction and maybe the key for winning the week as dominant as we did. You are a top-player and you have the cutest avatar on PS by far, i want it so bad lol. Thanks for your amazing work even when Zeb played you supported him a lot.

    [​IMG] Edgar: My mexican friend, you dropped at 3-3 with some amazing and some other underwhelming performances and although u originally wanted a break for 2 weeks you were out for the rest of the season somehow. But your impressions of the Nintendo Switch and the new Zelda were cool and after I finish my exams I'm gonna buy mine too so we can play a bit if you want haha. It was an honour to take over your spot bro - ps you knew my Ubers potential already when I beat you and Steve in every test haha

    [​IMG] DeepBlueC: You didnt talk much but when you did it was pretty cool to have you around. You helped Tama a lot and later on ADV with Roro too, I was really happy to have a sub for old-gens when we needed one. I never felt bad if Tama or Roro had any issues and it looked like we might sub, because I always knew you are a player on SPL-level. Glad to have you on the winning team :D

    [​IMG] giara: Although playing-wise the season wasnt really cool, you are the first frenchy to have a trophy and talking with u who I baptized Andre-Pierre Gignac before W1 was fun. About times when Roro was the dictator of french community who played their own wild-ass metagame or about cartridge-players. You're a nice guy with a rough season who got carried, but you will strike back and probably beat our ass in GSC this wcop ._.

    [​IMG] Century Express: You were a nice but quiet guy. Whenever someone needed tests, you were there and whenever you knew you would play you gave your best in preperation. Still things didnt go in ur way in terms of records but who cares when the team wins haha. You are a great guy and I hope you can establish yourself for future SPLs.

    [​IMG] Golden Gyarados: damn boy tfw you write essays in the RBY-chat but somehow are cursed and got unlucky :(. I still think you are one of the best RBY players on this site and your knowledge about the tier is supreme, but I hope you can recover from this rough record and come back much stronger next year. Youre a cool dude although we didnt talk much.

    other ppl (open)
    Now lets come to guys outside of the conversation.

    First shoutout goes to Freestylerking who managed to get into SPL and although I wanted him on Tigers badly he got into the Wolfpack. You didnt have the season you wished you would have, but look my record last year was 0-2 too. I hope you showed the Wolfpack-ppl what a great builder and player you are and can recover to be stronger in future tournaments. You are my best buddy on anything pokemon-related and it was super cool to meet you last summer in Vienna. I dont want to write a lot here, you helped me with my teams in some weeks and its always nice with you, but you know all this stuff and how much i value you as a friend, bro. Also Seeme sad u didnt get a trophy, but real life is always more important and it will be cool when we see each other bro, we are both crazy dude so its gonna be fun haha

    next is Get this Money who nearly ended up being on our team in midseason but decided not to trade in the end. Ur own fault buddy but you helped us quite a lot in playoffs and were a great addition to our conversation. You are probably the best german builder rn which kinda shows how bad our SM is, jk bro youre the best man. Another Falcons-addition was Tamas test dummy osgoode who brought some fun conversations into the dpp-chat. You are a quality player and I just want to thank you for everything.

    GOAO who saved our season, thank god bro and its fun as you wanted to be on our team earlier and still contributed for us. also thanks to FAJI and Omfuga for winning the ubers game.

    shoutout qsns Sergi thanks for helping in Doubles and BW! :3

    Pearl you originally hated me but conversations with u were pretty fun and it was very nice to have you and Finchinator in our conversation. Also Pearl you were one of the ones who jumped on the tigers-train quite early on and became really important in our teamchat. Thanks for that. Same goes to Finch who try-harded in semis to avoid Raiders in finals but no one cared about his advices so whatever x). When you arrived in the teamchat you got a crucial member of the squad and also your words during my tiebreaker game, keeping me calm were important for me, so special thanks for that! You are a great guy and as soon as you stop with this finchtour-bullshit you will win the tour haha.

    also another wolfpack The Trap God was crucial for this season as at first he helped me together with Acacia who he suggested to prepare for Level 56 and later you were just a good friend and nice dude whose tips I always tried to follow. In my opinion you have the potential to become the best Ubers player over this year and be a MVP next season. Keep up dude, ur amazing. And Acacia, you spent several hours helping me in teambuilding and preperation, you gave me tips on how my opponents behave in special situations, so you deserve the biggest shoutout of all of these guys and I was rly glad I got to know you. Its sad you gotta take a break from mons, but the game is not worth it whens it not fun anymore, but only time-consuming. Maybe you will come back even stronger once. Also thanks to u guys and whole stag to be so nice to me, but I tried to protect you guys and thats why I didnt want to join the clan, I dont know if any of stag understood that in a bad way, if so: thats wrong. Shame all this ended so rough with this konzern-drama. Hope you guys in STag are all all-right. Shoutouts benbe and Camilas here for being cute. Also Obliviate blunder and KratosMana :)

    special for ojama (open)


    thanks mcmeghan for this beautiful piece of art

    Sorry for posting so late, but I needed a break from mons-related stuff on my laptop. [​IMG]
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    my secret revealed
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    Jsaok3 is a legend and he love you! It has been eating at Jsaok that music producers are stealing his swag. As we all know Jsaok's rare production has only been featured once before on a song titled "First Mixtape" and the influential flute style Jsaok unveiled (shoutout to Nujabes and Paul Cervati) has since been copied by artists such as Metro Boomin and Playboi Carti. Jsaok has been planning how he will respond to this and I can only say.. Black Ken coming soon. Shoutout to the Tigers, when Jsaok receives knowledge from "The BasedGod" he is rarely wrong. As we can remember "The BasedGod" spoke thru Jsaok and said that Jsaok will be the captain of the WCOP Afrabs and lead them to their first championship. Ppl may say, Jsaok why you posting so much in SPL forums. The answer is plain! I LOVE POKÉMON! Jsaok was hurt to not be selected although he made no effort to try out but he feels as if people should recognize his rare prescience. Many users here have known Jsaok and his historic ways for a long time and choose to ignore him! Also Jsaok has made history recently as well in gen last WCOP learning a tier last minute and defeating some of the best players of that tier! It is okay because I love you anyway to all managers who did not draft Jsaok. I love the moderators too and also shoutout to Zarel! Finally I wanna give a few shoutouts to people who supported me during this SPL season: Blunder, navy, omfugie, Elise, sunnyoras, bouff, get this money, lefties, shoka, hell all of the afrabs bros Jsaok has played with the last 3 years, zak91, farmer, rmega and many more I'm sorry if I forgot I love you so much! Finally I want to say... if you're ever feeling sad or need someone to vent to you can feel free to PM me and tell me what's bothering you. I'm here for you... yes I'm talking about YOU -Jsaok :+)
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    milking spl a bit more, i started a youtube serie to talk about and analyse my games

    first and last post promoting it, i hope you guys wont mind :x
    i appreciate feedback and will try to work on my flaws as i get a better grip of this shit
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    shoutout kicc
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