Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament: Finals (Atticus vs Asim) ATTICUS WINS

Congratulations to Asim and Atticus for making to the semi-finals. Anyways, I'm most likely going to make a Top 4 Decklists thing, but only Asim has given me the decklist. Anyways, here's the bracket:

Atticus (guylaroche) vs Asim (bbtancakes)

Good luck to the both of you and have a fun duel.
we'll get this done soon (hopefully)

edit: usually i used to see asim daily on irc but he has seemed to have vanished lately, -.- (activity post)
I really hate to do this, but seeing as Asim hasn't been here since the 1st, I will wait a week. After that, Atticus will be the winner by default.