CAP 1 Smogon's First "Create a Pokemon": Poll 5, part II

What will be the stats of our new pokemon? (speed last)

  • 47/ 125/ 75/ 105/ 70/ 123 (Total 545)

    Votes: 72 40.2%
  • 70/ 116/ 70/ 114/ 64/ 121 (Total 555)

    Votes: 107 59.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Because of the incredibly slim margin by which Mario with Lasers' stat spread won (1 vote), and the fact that the first three options didn't even come close to tying, I've decided to finalize things with a once-and-for-all death match! This poll will feature only Hyra's and MwL's spreads. There will be no second chances here, so make sure you choose wisely!

The ability poll is next on the list, and I'm pretty sure I know which abilities are going to be featured. Like this poll, it will be a two-parter, taking the top three abilities to another poll. But why am I talking about that now, when we need new move suggestions! Considering how incredibly poor our new Ice/Bug is defensively, it needs type coverage. Debate is needed for anew move.

Here are the explanations of the sets you have to vote on, for those of you that haven't already decided:

Okay, these Stats are meant for a Mixed Bug Sweeper with main moves of Megahorn, Blizzard, and Earthquake. I obviously am designing for something that will end up with Compound Eyes.

The HP is the lowest one for a fully evolved Bug yet, but it is higher than Dusknoirs. This reduces the effect Stealth Rock will have on its defences.

The attack averages a 2HKO with Megahorn on Max HP no defense Bronzong, without a boosting nature. Bronzong is probably the most defensive thing it will be hitting with Megahorn, everything else is weak to another move, resistant to Megahorn, or both. It also has a guaranteed 2HKO on Blissey with Megahorn, we don't want a physical Sweeper being walled by Blissey.

The Special Attack scores a guaranteed 2HKO on Skarmory with Blizzard, but will rarely 2HKO it with Ice Beam. Everything else Blizzard will be used on will be something weak to it, exceptions being Dusknoir and Weezing. It will never 2HKO Max HP Dusknoir, even with Blizzard. Weezing takes more damage than Skarmory.

Speed is an awesome little stat. This guy will either sit nicely above the 120 Speed group or the 115 Speed group. With 123 Speed, he could also run an attack boosting nature if desired, because it would sit at 345 with Max Speed.

Defenses are made to be even, and fit within the range of the Bug group. The little boost given to defense is incase this becomes immune to Stealth Rock, I want it to have some ability to switch in on Earthquakes.
Mario with Lasers:
HP: 70
Attack: 116 (being Naughty with 252 EVs, reaches 364, EXACTLY the needed to 2HKO Blissey (with 104 HP, Bold) with Megahorn)
Defense: 70
Sp. Atk: 114 (it's a mixed sweeper, anyway)
Sp. Def: 64
Speed: 121 (being Naive with 160 EVs, beats any Infernape)
Total: 555 (same as Arcanine's)

Now get voting! Because it is a follow-up and many of you have already picked your favorite, this poll will close in TWO days, not three.

Link to art thread. If you have a submission for what our pokemon will ultimately look like, post it there.
Voted for MwL's again. Also, for the recoil move? We were designing Volt Tackle....
*Le Gasp* Can it be =O

Vote for MwL too, he set looks nice overall.

Name: Ice Slash
Type: Ice
Power: 70
Acc: 100
PP: 15
Effect: High chance of critcal hitting

Like an Ice type version of Slash.

Thunder Head
Type: Electric
Power: 80
Acc: 100
PP: 15
Effect: 20% chance of paralyzing and/or flinching foe
Why not some sort of attack that represents the swarmingness of bugs, their ability to seek out the weaknesses of the opponent? Like, 50 Base Power, but it was physical and special based on whichever defense of your opponent was lower?
I'll just list out some moves that I would suggest (Not saying all should be used). I'm going to try and be realistic with this move pool, so dont go "ROFL n00b!" When I list Hyper Beam or Double Team, since almost every pokemon learns them >_>:

STAB Attacks:
Bug Bite
Bug Buzz

Ice Beam
Ice Shard
Icy Wind
Powder Snow

Other attacks:
Faint Attack
Knock Off
Night Slash
Sucker Punch

Brick Break
Focus Blast
Rock Smash

Aerial Ace


Body Slam
Cut (HM move, duh, lol)
Double Hit
Fake Out
Giga Impact (What? I wanna be realistic here >_>)
Hyper Beam (^^^^)
Quick Attack
Rock Climb
Secret Power
Take Down

Poison Jab

Psycho Cut

Rock Slide
Rock Tomb

Iron Head

Support/Non-damage moves:

Bulk Up

Sunny Day

Sand Attack


Copy Cat
Double Team
Focus Energy
Swords Dance

Skill Swap

Rain Dance

Just some of my suggestions from existing moves.
Yes I know it's not create a move, but blame Gothic Togekiss. Anyways 555 set ftw

Name: Cuccoon
Type: Bug
Power: N/A
Acc: N/A
PP: (Unsure of Roost PP)
Effect: Regains 50% of Health and removes Bug Type for turn of use.

Like an Bug type version of Roost.

Type: Bug
Power: N/A
Acc.: 60%
Changes Bug Typing to resist the type of last attack

Always believed Bug's should have these abilities

Other move, which I've been given some thought, Which is like Marmite (either love it or hate it)

Name: Unsure
Type: Bug
Power: N/A
Acc.: N/A
Effect: Splits the pokemon into 2 seperate entities at half stats. Only works in Double Battle

Bugs have always been an adaptive organism to any situation, I believe these moves show this.
I like Mario's, but voted for Hyra's, as I like it better. Mario's is more distributed on HP and defenses, etc, but when you think about it, even with those defenses and HP, it still can't take a hit. Horrible typing adds to that. Hyra's however, is faster, and outspeeds a lot of stuff. It also has a significantly better attack stat.
Definitely MwL, the logic '47 base hp reduces the effectiveness of Steal Rock' is absolute failure, in order for that to be a factor at all it would need base defences that matter. As it all it means is 'I die to random priority attacks if I switch in with SR. If blissy got quick attack it could splatter my inards all over the place.'

Base 70 HP at least gives it a chance to survive random priority moves, and get at least one hit in.
Well, I was going to vote for MwL. Then I realized the disservice it would do Arcanine. Some Pokemon should remain special, Arcanine is one of them. Also, I got to stick up for myself.

I have a feeling I will lose by alot this time. Almost everyone who voted for the 1st 3 spreads, especially Deck Knight's, will vote against me.
Oh, we are supposed to make NEW moves? My bad >_>

How about this:

Icy Charge
Type: Ice
BP: 120
Acc: 90
PP: 15

Effect: User Decreases Body Temperature dramatically, then charges towrad opponent for substantial damage. Heavy Recoil.

An Ice Type Double Edge/ Flare Blitz essentially.

Type Bug
BP: -
AC: 90
PP: 10
Effect: User forces opponent to switch to another pokemon, and back to the original in one turn. Pokemon can still attack, but takes damage from external things such as spikes. Negative Priority however.

BP: -
AC: 85
PP: 15
Effect: Freezes the opponents item, rendering it useless, but is still held by the opponent.

BP: -
AC: -
PP: 20
Effect: Speed is raised, while defense is lowered

Yeah, crappy names, I know >_>
Frost Bite
Type: Ice move

BP: --
Accuracy: 90

Effect: Freezes your opponents Pokemon.

This move could be the ice version of Thunder Wave / Will-O-Wisp / Toxic?
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