Something just occured to me.

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If we have pokemon like Syclant and Revenankh in breeding groups, then they get egg moves. but in theory, don't they effect the breeding group as well.

For example, lets say that we make a Flying Phys balanced pokemon, then give it Hypnosis and Brave Bird. well also placing it in the "Flying" breeding group. Not only have we created a OU Flying type, but we also have enabled Crobat to learn both Brave Bird and Hypnosis at the same time.

In theory, this could disrupt the Metagame more than adding characters does.
Good point. Where's that list of illegal breeding choices? We should include that in a sticky somewhere so we can check beforehand to remove this potential problem.
but it doesn't matter whether or not we can breed them ingame, any pokemon on the server has access to all of their moves in the game, in legal combinations. having something add to the "ingame" breeding groups causes a shift in the gameplay, however small.
Egg moves are how we prevent Revenankh from getting shadow sneak and mach punch on the same set. Thus we do have to pay attention to how the egg moves affect the metagame unless we arbitrarily say that CAP projects can receive egg moves but can not pass them on.


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This is really just a theoretical issue, I don't think anyone is going to kid themselves into thinking they'd be able to use a Hypnosis/Brave Bird Crobat as long as they played on the CAP server.
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