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Soul Silver Battle Tower

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by omalginu, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. omalginu


    Jan 18, 2013
    Gengar @Focus Sash
    Nature & EVs: Timid - 252 sp. attack, 252 speed, 6 sp. defence
    Trait: levitate

    -Shadow Ball
    -Destiny Bond

    If played right, Gengar can take out 2 pokemons. He's very basic and it doesn't really needs an explanation. TB and SB for type coverage, Counter for physical attacks, DB the next pokemon.

    Lucario @Lum Berry
    Nature & Evs: Jolly - 252 att. 252 speed. 6 hp
    Trait: Steadfast

    -Sword dance
    -Close combat
    -Ice Punch

    Lucario uses a sword dance and starts sweeping an entire team, and even if it doesn't gets a chance to SD, he can do tremendous damage with Close Combat. Close Combat and EQ are the moves I will be using the most. Ice punch take care of Dragon, Flying and some Ground type pokemons. The lum berry is for status ailments that could lower Lucario's sweeping ability.

    Articuno @Charti Berry
    Nature & EVs: 252 Speed, (needing help for the rest 258 Evs...)
    Trait: Pressure

    -Ice Beam
    -Sheer Cold
    -Mind Reader

    Articuno follows a very basic plan... He uses substitute, then mind reader and sheer cold. Ice beam is used as my only reliable attack and with STAB, it can make some damage before fainting. With Charti Berry, he can survive a 4x super-effective rock type hit.

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