Stop The Rocks - Round 3

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Welcome to the Stop the Rocks Tournament, hosted by Brawley and Fabbles!

In this tournament, the move Stealth Rock is not allowed on any Pokemon of your team. This new environment will test how well you can build a team with many more Pokemon becoming more “usable.” The tournament will be aimed to see what kind of metagame emerges without Stealth Rock. (Toxic Spikes and Regular Spikes are allowed)

* Sleep Clause
* Freeze Clause
* Evasion Clause
* OHKO Clause
* Species Clause
* Self-KO Clause
* No Scouting. If a player asks you to leave their match, you must do so. If you do not, you risk disqualification from this tournament!
* Battle Timeout ON
* Battles must be played on Shoddybattle.
* Garchomp IS allowed
* You MUST send your log to Fabbles


Blame Game
vs Gaborik (forfeit)
Kankuro vs JabbaTheGriffin
Bass vs Hipmonlee
Max vs Earthworm
moi vs Sapienta
August vs imperfectluck (forfeit)
Blue Kirby vs Gouki
Maniaclyrasist vs Sikh Assassin

I expect by now that most players here should be able to get their matches done on time. If you or your opponent is inactive, please PM me to sort the issue.

Thunderhorse vs Blue Kirby has until Saturday, September 13th, 11 PM EST or it will be decided by a coin flip.
Deadline on Saturday, September 20th, 11 PM EST

Remember to send Logs! The purpose of the Tournament is to get as many logs as possible!
Blame Game vs Gaborik I dunno blame game, but gaborik is good
Kankuro vs JabbaTheGriffin jabba wins, but kankuro will say that jabba used rocks
Bass vs Hipmonlee never batteld one of them, but hip has the better reputation
moi vs Sapienta gl&hf
August vs imperfectluck ipl sould be better
(Thunderhorse vs matty) vs Gouki gouki wins always!
Maniaclyrasist vs Sikh Assassin it's maniac
Blame Game vs Gaborik - Gaborik must stay in the tournament to eventually take out the otherwise invincible Gouki.
Kankuro vs JabbaTheGriffin - I do not know Kankuro and Jabba is great!
Bass vs Hipmonlee - This match might be good but Hipmonlee is definitely more consistent.
Max vs Earthworm - Good luck! :toast:
moi vs Sapientia - This might be a tough match, I hope Sapientia wins because moi is really bad at updating Team Trials.
August vs imperfectluck - imperfectluck is probably the most consistent battler in d/p.
(Thunderhorse vs matty) vs Gouki - See comment on Blame Game vs Gaborik.
Maniaclyrasist vs Sikh Assassin - Pouwer Boys are invincible.
Blue Kirby will be subbing in for matty, so BK vs Thunderhorse has until this Saturday to get it done.

Chomp is still allowed!


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Oh, great. i can battle whenever, most preferably this weekend, so if ipl is availible we should be able to battle
Due to the fact that I wasn't on when I said I was going to be on, I forfeit to matty (not that I would've gotten past Gouki anyway). I no longer seem to have much of a passion for the game anymore. I apologize to both matty and Fabbles.

(not to mention I know I won't get this done today).
I just don't have enough time to complete this tournament, my junior year of college is proving to take up more time than I anticipated. I am sorry I signed up for it and can't follow through with it. Just give Blame Game the win for this round, again I'm sorry for having to drop out like this
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