Stratagem Playtesting

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Click the picture for more info on Stratagem.


This thread marks the beginning of the fifth period of playtesting for the first six CAPs (Syclant, Revenankh, Pyroak, Fidgit, Stratagem, Arghonaut).

The Stratagem Playtesting ladder will replace the Fidgit Playtest ladder for the next 10 days, allowing us to test Stratagem in isolation against the Platinum OU environment. Ladder ratings will NOT be reset. Here are the current standings (from the very start of the Stratagem test):

Playtest Leaderboard
1. SNUBBULLSHIT (1,788.60)
2. SNUBBULL (1,650.20) SO CUTE
3. MOBIUS. (1,628.18)
4. FUZZNIP (1620.21)
5. HAX IS BAD (1,550.19)
6. BEEJ (1,538.77)
7. BOBTHEBALL4 (1,533.34)
8. ELEVATOR MUSIC (1,530.15)
9. ESTRANGED (1,518.82)
10. REYSCARFACE (1,513.58)
11. REYSCARFACE. (1,503.51)
12. LOCOPOKE (1,491.44)
13. DRAGONITES (1,483.84)
14. PLUS (1,482.19)
15. CLOUDY DAY BLUES (1,474.52)

Don't be intimidated by these numbers, though. If you know OU, and you are willing to experiment with Stratagem -- then you should do just fine.

This thread will serve as home base for sharing playtesting information about Stratagem. Post comments, advice, movesets, strategies, etc. If you post long battle logs and or teams, please enclose them in CODE tags as not to scroll the page. We encourage people to post their teams here, for those that don't want to make full RMTs. Just a couple of sentences per Pokemon will do fine, explaining what it does for the team and why you chose it. Nothing fancy is required.

At the end of the playtesting period (August 29th), the most proficient battlers on the Playtesting ladder will be awarded with Custom Titles to represent their achievements. Remember to stay active throughout the majority of the playtesting period, not just at the end. The method of selecting those who qualify for the CT has not been decided yet; however, EXP with the CAPs could be a major factor.

At the end of each CAP's playtesting period, a thread will be posted where an analysis will be drafted based off experiences with the CAP.

CAP9 will be started as soon as possible, please don't ask about it.


Syclant: Friday, June 26th - Sunday, July 5th
Ladder Change: Monday, July 6th
Revenankh: Tuesday, July 7th - Thursday, July 16th
Ladder Change: Friday, July 17th
Pyroak: Saturday, July 18th - Monday, July 27th
Ladder Change: Tuesday, July 28th
Fidgit: Wednesday, July 29th - Friday, August 7th
Ladder Change: Saturday, August 8th

Stratagem: Sunday, August 9th - Tuesday, August 18th <- You are here.
Ladder Change: Wednesday, August 19th
Arghonaut: Thursday, August 20th - Saturday, August 29th

The ladder is now open. Enjoy!
Yes, I've been excited for Stratagem. Scizor is an obvious revenge killer, so probably a bigger rise (if possible) in Scizor, as well as Metagross leads.

Also, it says Click here for more information on Fidgit

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Teehee I'm dumb nice catch.

Anyways I'm having serious teambuilding issues with Stratagem, mainly because I'm not quite certain what threats I should and shouldn't be prepared for. It's also very hard to construct a good team around Stratagem without quickly overlapping on some common weaknesses and I absolutely hate that.

But yeah obvious Scizor usage, and Mach Punch stuff.... (I'm considering using Breloom ahaha).
Magnezone is an excellent partner for Stratagem, specially scarf, since it can lure in Infernapes, which get knocked out as well. I just built a team with Gem, and i just saw how much speed on the team is required for it to function, i mean im using 2 Scarfers, something i rarely do.
I predict that Metagross leads (with Bullet Punch) will be quite common since Stratagem is an awesome lead. Scizor will obviously be big because of its Bullet Punch.

I'm also starting to think Machamp will become a bit more common. Stratagem can't hurt it with its STAB attacks, and Earth Power and Fire Blast don't provide a 2HKO (assuming it has no SpA boosts), meaning Machamp can easily destroy it with DynamicPunch.

Besides that, I think the Stratagem playtesting is going to be a lot more offensive then say.. the Fidgit playtesting or Pyroak playtesting.
I have to double post. Stratagem playtesting seems to be more dead then Fidgit playtesting, mainly because of all of the things going on like the Cross-Server tournament. Not only that, but the ladder is deserted, barely anyone is on it. Anyways, with the few battles I've done, I can post a couple of observations.

Snorlax seems to be an awesome Pokemon in todays metagame. With Pokemon like Rotom, Starmie, and Stratagem, Snorlax can easily destroy these threats. I've recently started a Gyarados / Snorlax combo and it's been working exceptionally well. Snorlax Pursuit's Rotom and Starmie and can Body Slam Stratagem for a 3HKO, leaving Gyarados open for a potential sweep.

Besides using Snorlax, I've also been running a Choice Specs Stratagem. I honestly love Choice Specs Stratagem with the amount of power it holds, and with its awesome Speed stat, it can be quite deadly. I also love the fact that it has a chance at a OHKO on CB Scizor with Paleo Wave if it even thinks about switching in on it. The set I've been running is Paleo Wave / Flamethrower / Thunderbolt / Earth Power, I have to say that it's pretty awesome.

Come on everyone, start getting on the ladder and post some more observations. We can't let this playtest period die as well!