Stuck with message Joining Showdown Server...

Showdown has been working perfectly for the past few days! However, it is now not working for me and I cannot get on it! I was on showdown, and I wanted to backup my team, so I clicked on Backup/Restore. However, it was not doing anything when I clicked on Backup/Restore. I thought oh well its probably just a glitch so I will leave it for now. I then tried to delete a team that I didnt use anymore, but as soon as I did that, it deleted ALL of my teams instead of just the one I tried to delete. Then whenever I clicked on anything, nothing would happen! I clicked back on Lobby to go out of Teambuilder so I could then go back in and see if it worked then, but when I clicked on lobby nothing happened and I couldnt do anything. I went back to Google and searched for Pokemon Showdown again and I clicked the Play Online button to see if it would work now. When I clicked Play Online, it came up with the usual Initializing and Loading Libraries stuff. This is what it said:

Initializing... DONE
Loading libraries... DONE
Loading client... DONE
Connecting to login server... DONE
Connecting to Showdown server... DONE
Joining Showdown server...

It stopped at Joining Showdown server... and did not do anything else at that point. I tried it again, and the same thing happened! Now every time I try to go on Showdown, the same thing happens! It shows my name in the top right corner of the screen but I cant actually get on to the server! I tried multiple times but it never worked!

I am using Google Chrome and my name on Pokemon Showdown is RetroGameGuy. This started happening earlier today but I am not sure of the exact time.

Please can someone help me resolve this issue! Thanks!