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Team 13: A VGC2013 RMT

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by Jackson7 D, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Jackson7 D

    Jackson7 D

    Dec 28, 2012
    Hi everyone. I am fairly new to this. I started competitive battling about six months ago, and it's safe to say I've become somewhat obsessed. I am still very new to the game, but I finally feel that I have created a team that is possibly good enough to be posted here. The metagame that I have found the most interesting in my small time battling is definitely the VGC. I have been working on a team for the upcoming regional for some time now, and I can finally say it's very close to being finished. This team has brought me the most success out of all the teams in any metagame by far. I peaked at #8 on the doubles Pokemon Showdown server, which may not seem like a big accomplishment, although it means a lot to me. When I started team-building I only knew two Pokemon I was for sure going to use: Tyranitar and Garchomp. I feel that sand if perfect for the doubles meta, and can be even more effective than rain. These two remain part of the four Pokemon I consider my core, along with Gastrodon and Rotom-C.

    So without further adieu, here is the team. I call it Team 13, partially because it was made for VGC13, and partially because it has a nice ring to it. :)

    Team 13


    Rotom-C@Occa Berry
    (This guy, along with Cresselia, has a very generic spread. I am working on calculations and such, ideas are appreciated)

    Leaf Storm

    You are probably wondering why a radioactive-looking lawnmower would ever be a good idea for a team. I too shared your skepticism, until I tried him out. You see, three of the top five pokes that I was most scared of seeing in team preview were Gastrodon, Terrakion, and of course, Politoed. I also felt that my team was much to physical based. I tried Rotom W, who counters two of the three, but in the end Gastrodon was just to big of an issue, even with Hp grass. (which did near to nothing when the slug had a rindo berry.) I searched far and wide for a grass type special attacker that fit in with my team, until I found this one. I rely heavily on Garchomp, and I needed more than one immune to ground poke. I had two ground types, and someone to spam discharge was obvious. Above all of that, the main draw to him is leaf storm. The amount of damage it has is incredible, and has won me quite a few games. I have gotten OHKOS on every Pokemon I have mentioned above, even rindo berry Gastrodon. Will-o-wisp adds status to my team, which was also desperately needed.

    CAVALIER (Scizor)

    Scizor @ Flying Gem

    Bug Bite
    Bullet punch
    (Possibly feint)?

    Fun fact: IRL, I'm horrified of bugs. That is one of the main reasons I chose to use who in my opinion is one of the best physical attackers in the VGC meta. The given EVs allow it to survive Fighting gem CC from Hitmontop and Timid Dragon Gem Latios, KOing many variants of the latter with bug bite. 28 speed lets me under-speed base 70s under trick room and out-speed neutral base 80 and lower if it has been hit by an icy wind, and positive base 108s if it has been hit by two. The moves are very standard, except for maybe acrobatics. That move provides great coverage on fighting types, which was much needed. I also liked that move as it got a technician boost if I was tricked a scarf or something like that, so it was not completely useless. Bullet punch is all around a great move in this meta, being the only priority on my team, Scizor was brought out often against faster teams with pokes such as Terrakion and Weavile. Bug bite is my most powerful move, and almost always 2HKOS Cresselia, which was arguably Scizor's biggest reason to be used. Scizor was my best counter to Terracott, being able to take care of both of them fairly easily. I'm considering adding feint, which would break protect if ever needed it to, but I have not seen an opportunity in game where I really needed it.

    JOE (Garchomp)
    Garchomp@Yache Berry
    (Garchomp's spread is also simple, but this on purpose.)

    Dragon Claw
    Swords Dance

    Let me start off by saying that 60% of the time my original goal in battles is to have a Garchomp sweep. This thing is just so powerful. His Ev spread is very simple, as I need him to simply hit as hard and fast as possible. I gave him a jolly nature because of how many other Garchomp there are. In my opinion he has better synergy with Tyranitar than Excadrill, which is why I originally chose to use him. I am not going to lie and say that Sand Veil hasn't won me any games. It is a great and useful ability, even if it relies on hax. Now I know what you all are thinking. Why is there Swords Dance in doubles? It has proven itself worthy for a moveslot, for these two reasons. It catches many opponents off guard, and if I do get it up sucessfully, it is normally smooth sailing from there. Also, I saw an abundance of Cresselias Skill Swapping with Hitmontops, crippling physical attackers. I often bring out this guy and my own Cresselia, where HT will fake out Cresselia or die, and Garchomp Swords Dances. Garchomp is now healthy as every and HT must either switch out or is already dead.

    EAST SIDE(Gastrodon)
    Gastrodon@Rindo Berry
    0Spd IVs

    [​IMG] Muddy Water
    Earth Power
    Ice Beam/Mirror Coat

    This poke's value to my team is unmeasurable. It does fantastic against two of the things I hate the most: Metagross and Rain. A huge number of Metagrosses are OHKOed by earth power, and I am yet to see a Metagross that can do anything back. The bulk alows me to not take half from most not gem-boosted grass attacks, and survive the gem boosted ones. I have not ONCE seen this guy be OHKOed, as it can live a timid Latios Dragon gem Draco Meteor. The move set is a little odd. Muddy Water at first seems completely outclassed by surf, but some of the Pokemon Gastrodon is often paired up with do not want to take repeated surfs. I then decided Muddy Water was worth the accuracy drop, and put it on. Ice beam is fairly standard, but I am strongly considering mirror coat. My plan is to protect whenever I suspect a poke is hiding HP grass, and when it is revealed, I mirror coat and KO them next turn. This is really unexpected, which is what I like about it. This thing is also a beast at countering rain, and between it, Scizor, and Rotom, I always have an decent option.

    moon thing(Cresselia)

    Cresselia@Lum Berry
    Icy wind
    Hidden Power Fire


    When in doubt, add Cresselia. Possibly the first thing you notice is that this is a very offensive Cress. I chose to rely on her natural bulk, and surprise opponents with her firepower.(No pun intended). Hp fire KOS no-occa-berry Scizor, which is awesome, and psyshock KOs many Tops, Conkelldurs, and even some Amoonguseseses. Icy wind is all around one of the best moves against all play styles but trick room, slowing down threats and breaking yache berries. I chose lum berry because of all the status Cresselia attracts, and I found having a switch in against Spore Breloom is a necessity. This poke probably is the best at working with Garchomp on my team, being immune to earthquake and slowing down dragons.

    ROCK HALL(Tyranitar)

    Tyranitar@Chople Berry

    Rock Slide
    Low Kick.

    Finally, the last poke I'm writing about is the poke I have the least to say about. All the moves are standard, and have come in handy. I gave it enough bulk to live a not gem boosted Top CC, Conkeldurr mach punch, Timid Latios Dragon Gem Draco Meteor, and Rotom W Hydro Pump at full health. The rest was dumped into attack, and a Brave nature to maximize the power to go along with the bulk and allow me to outslow a couple of pokes in trick room, such as Cresselia. Sand is not crucial to my team, but damn does it help.

    Thank you if read through all of this, this is both my first post and my first RMT. I look foward to becoming a good member of the forums and learning about competitive pokemon on the way. Please be critical, and I am anxious to hear what you have to say :).
  2. M. Rock

    M. Rock

    May 21, 2010
    This is actually a very solid sand/goodstuffs team that has good offensive and defensive synergy. A few nitpicks, though:

    - You do not need Feint on Scizor. Also, I question the SpD EVs. You said it's for surviving Dragon Gem Latios, but he already does. You could relocate those EVs into HP or Atk, unless you want him to switch into the attack and survive with more HP than he normally would.

    - Ice Beam or Mirror Coat could both work good on Gastrodon, so that's down to a matter of personal preference. Just keep in mind that you lose some coverage should you forgo Ice Beam.

    - Offensive Cresselia is certainly a surprise, but I question the set you are using. Cresselia could use a bit more distribution of it's bulky EVs. I have a few suggestions:
    132 HP/248 SpA/128 Spe @ Psychic Gem
    This will outspeed the genies after one Icy Wind, keeps a good SpA, and still good HP for bulk. IIRC Cress needs a 30 SpA IV to have HP Fire.....so 248 EVs in that stat would have the same effect as 252. In other words, 252 investment in that stat means you are wasting 4 EVs, so they are relocated. I've seen Cresselia with your set before and this spread + item would be the optimal choice.

    - Also, if you wanted to on Cresselia, you could replace Protect with a support move. Helping Hand, Skill Swap, Light Screen/Reflect, Safeguard, whatever. I would recommend TR to shut down Trick Room but with Scizor, Gastrodon, and Protect Stalling, you should be able to handle TR teams fine. Just know that having TR yourself can shut TR teams down instantly, and you can even abuse it to your own benefit.

    - This last one is really a nitpick, but on Ttar, if you feel like his Atk isn't strong enough sometimes, you could give him a Focus Sash and do 252 Atk/252 HP/4 SpD. However, if the current set is working for you just fine, there would be no need to change it.

    Hope I helped!
  3. Jackson7 D

    Jackson7 D

    Dec 28, 2012
    Thanks for the help. :) Thanks especially for the set for Cresselia, as that was the one I spent the least time on, and the one I was the least sure about. I will for sure try that set out. As for Scizor, I forgot to mention that the SpD EVs are for always survivng HP fire from Cresselia, which has never really been an issue, so I'll probably move some EVs in Hp and or Atk. I actually have not had a problem with Ttar's power, so I think I'll keep the set and chople berry. Thanks
  4. tlyee61


    Sep 25, 2010
    Looks like a solid team.
    Rotom-C: I would replace Discharge with Thunderbolt because Garchomp is you only resist. If you want some moveset suggestions, here is a great thread on NB. http://nuggetbridge.com/forums/topic/702-move-set-for-rotom-c/ you could also go with 252 speed > 252 HP to outspeed Kingdra in sand and nail it with a leaf storm. Also gonna recommend grass gem for extra power

    Scizor: it looks like you don't have any Def. EVs, so I wouldn't even mention surviving FGem CC from Top because it already does. You're also wasting EVs. 164 HP EVs gives the same stat, while allowing you to invest 4 more in Def of something. Also, it can survive cress' HP Fire with 252 HP and 4 SDef, which gives you more HP (and overall defense) but less SDef

    Chomp looks fine but i'll suggest haban berry because chomp usually only lives ice attacks with like 5% so he can be picked off easily. haban lets you OHKO fastere dragons after surviving their draco meteor

    Gastrodon: you're also wasting EVs here. 116 SpAtk EVs gives the same stat as mentioned above. Most metagross are not infact OHKOed by EP because almost all of them run 252 HP. ( 120+ SpA Gastrodon Earth Power vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Metagross: 132-156 (70.58 - 83.42%) -- guaranteed 2HKO ) here's a good article on spreadds: http://nuggetbridge.com/articles/gastrodon-for-dummies/

    Cress: since you're using offensive cress, I might try specs or expert belt on it. with specs, replace protect with trick. also, it looks like some of your team is slow. consider TR over protect if you're using expert belt

    TTar: since almost all top run fight gem, I don't think it's worth calcing for that. however, if you increase the Def EVs to 36, ttar can survive a meteor mash from metagross. also, it lives rotom-w hydropump and latios dgem dmeteor without any investment in sand. I would move the 108 SpDef EVs to atk for more power.

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