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Team for sanction event help

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by AdrianD, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. AdrianD


    Mar 30, 2013
    I plan on using this team for the Regional tournament coming up on the 14th. I have problems with Water, Ice, and TR (biggest). Would like any suggestions for different coverage. I have 7 pokemon I use but I will mention the 6 I use regularly and separate the 7th. Only bans if people are not aware of are most legends Chatot, and soul dew.

    Garchomp (f) Choice Scarf
    Sand Veil
    Ev SpD 4; Spd 252; Atk 252
    Stone Edge, Outrage, Earthquake, Dual Chop

    Purpose of this Garchomp is to outspeed everyone while hitting extremely hard. My "go to" moves are Stone Edge and Outrage. I use dual chop against other dragon types. I have a Jolly one that faster but I wont list it at this time. Just for the fact that this one has been more successful for me.

    Terrakion - Life Orb
    Ev: 4 Hp; 252 Spd; 252 atk
    Close Combat
    Quick Guard
    Rock Slide

    Terrakion is my enforcer. He was quite surprising how useful he is. However I would like to give him a Third attack. To replace either QG or Protect. Unsure which move but I am very pleased with him. He tends to take care of Rock types quickly but cant get the jump on ice types even with tailwind.

    Arcanine (m) Muscle Band
    EV 252 atk 252 spd hp 4

    Wild Charge
    Close Combat
    Flare Blitz

    He is my Sweeper in general. His wild charge does extreme well just in general but my main moves are still Blitz and Combat. Even tho I give up some strength in exchange for speed. He still does really well with anyone in my team.

    Tornadus Flying Gem
    EV 252 Sp Atk;252 Spd; 4 Hp

    Air Slash

    He is my TR disrupter and a Disrupter in general. If the TR poke doesnt come up I do one of two things tailwind then substitute or just Subsitute to let my partner in double battles make some hard hits. Usually when Garchomp comes in. Most of the time I use tailwind to maintain speed Adv. Unless TR comes into play.

    Starmie Expert belt
    Natural Cure
    Ev 252 SpA 252 Spd 4 Spd

    Ice Beam

    This is just the classic BoltBeam set up. Starmie is there to cover Arcanine. I could set up a Rain Dance attach to Tornadus but that would screw up Arcanine even with its Wild Charge to boost up. While I am not thrilled with is lack their of defense it has helped a lot in tight spots. I would like some Ideas on how to cover it better.

    N's Zoroark (m) Focus Sash/Wise glasses
    252 SpA; 252 Spd

    Dark Pulse
    Focus blast

    Z's Purpose is really to be the true special sweeper especialy against Psychics. When I play him I make sure either Arcanine or Garchomp are in the back so he doesnt get it with a fighting or bug move right away. This works really well for me and He disrupts foes even when they know hes on the field.

    My alt to Zoroark

    Alakazam (m) Focus Sash
    252 SpA; 252 Spd; 4 hp
    Magic Guard

    Shadow ball
    Energy Ball

    He has the same purpose as Z would if I feel that Z May not work at a particular point. I try to have Alakazam cover against Water/ground types even with its high SpA it doesnt seem to do the job. That why I mainly go with Z. He seems to hit harder then Alakazam.

    So mainly I would like to know who would fit best for a world competition. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks for any input people have to offer.
  2. everybody


    Mar 23, 2013

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