Team Snubbullshit [Fidgit Playtesting RMT]

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I haven't posted a team here in a while, but here's my team I used for Fidgit Playtesting. The general concept behind the team is utilizing Spikes and Stealth Rock in tandem with tactics that force a lot of switches to wear down the opponent and open the way for my sweepers to blast their way through.

The team started out with this idea, so I instantly gravitated towards Fidgit, a pokemon who is excellent at setting up entry hazards and Scizor, a pokemon who is excellent at forcing switches. Next, I wanted a pokemon to cover my weakness to Gyarados, a pokemon that was theorymon'd to be a good partner to Fidgit and therefore would be quite common. I decided to add in Rotom-a, who counters Gyarados while making sure Spikes and SR would stay on the field as they are crucial to my strategy. These three then became my core.

This is a fairly difficult core to support, being neither very offensive nor very defensive. There were a lot of pokemon that could more or less run over it, like Infernape, Salamence, and Jolteon (etc). Cresselia helps with many of these pokemon, so I threw her in. I then decided on Metagross as a lead to help comat Tyranitar. For the last pokemon, I wanted something that could help to wear down Skarmory while still fitting with the resistances of my team. I considered Choice Specs Jolteon with Baton Pass, but then decided against it because it added a bigger Ground weakness to my team and was another pokemon that Tyranitar could screw around with. Stellar suggested Choice Specs Vaporeon, and having seen it been used successfully in the past I reluctantly added it to my team. Vaporeon fit very well as it provided extra insurance against pokemon like Gyarados and Infernape, hit Tyranitar hard, and gave my team a much appreciated Water immunity.
Team Snubbullshit:

Metagross @ Occa Berry
Clear Body : Adamant
252 HP / 228 Atk / 12 Def / 16 Spe
- Earthquake
- Bullet Punch
- Meteor Mash
- Stealth Rock

Lead Metagross that runs Meteor Mash and Earthquake instead of giving one up for Explosion. Having both allows me to be good against a wide variety of leads (the only really common leads I have problems with are Starmie and Swampert), and sometimes I am able to trick the opponent into thinking I'm not running one or the other until they switch their Jirachi in to be smaked by Earthquake or their Salamence into being hit with Meteor Mash. Stealth Rock is the first part of my abuse of entry hazards and is very helpful for wearing down pokemon such as Skarmory or Blissey in tandem with U-turn damage or Spikes or whatever.

Even after the first few turns Metagross is not useless, and that's part of the reason I chose it for my team. It is a nice check against Latias and is actually my first switchin despite having Scizor. It also is my best switchin to Tyranitar as I dislike switching Scizor or Vaporeon directly into Tyranitar. Having two priority users allows me to safely revenge kill more threats in a pinch, and it has saved my ass a few times. Metagross also occasionally sucks up Outrages from Salamence if I am wary to send Cresselia in.

The Evs are basically standard, but I switched a few of the Attack EVs into Speed to help me win Speed ties against opposing Metagross.

Fidgit @ Leftovers
Vital Spirit : Timid
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe
- Earth Power
- Encore
- Rapid Spin
- Spikes

Spikes is the second part of my entry hazard assault and really helps me wear down Blissey so Vaporeon can sweep. Encore adds nice suppot for the team that helps me combat stat-uppers like Suicune and Snorlax. It also helps me beat out last pokemon better by locking them into a move that is beneficial for one of my other pokemon. Rapid Spin keeps opposing entry hazards off of my field, which is incredibly important as this team relies on tactics like double switching an spamming U-turn/Baton Pass who dislike entry hazards being down.

Fidgit is sadly my best switchin to Rotom-a, which is unfortunate because Fidgit cannot do anything to Rotom-a bar Encore. However if I am lucky they will stay in to attack me after the Encore while I switch to Scizor to nail them with Pursuit the next turn. I have considered running Shadow Ball over Earth Power as my team doesn't really need the help dealing with Lucario.

Fidgit also helps my team to deal with a myriad of pokemon, including but not limited to non Scarf Jirachi, CM Suicune, Lucario, Zapdos, and all ResTalkers. It also allows me to suck up sleep, making Breloom not a problem at all ^_^.

The EV spread is basic but damn good on Fidgit. I may shift a bit of EVs to Special Attack if I decide to run Shadow Ball though.

Scizor @ Choice Band
Technician : Adamant
248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpDef
- Bullet Punch
- U-turn
- Pursuit
- Superpower

The ubiquitous Scizor. Everyone knows what Scizor is capable of, and on this team it is no different. Bullet Punch helps me revenge kill Latias and pretty much all the fast yet frail special attackers. U-turn is spammed early to mid game as I wear down anything that dares to stand in Scizor's path. Pursuit helps to destroy aforementioned special attackers like Gengar, Latias, and Starmie if I suspect they shall switch. I decided to go Superpower instead of Brick Break as the additional power is very welcomed once things have switched in under a layer or two of Spikes.

Wearing down Skarmory quickly is quite important to me, as my team does not appreciate the Spikes that it will throw down at all, especially with how hard it is to hurt Rotom-a. Between Vaporeon and Scizor, killing even potent defensive combinations like CeleTran or SkarmBliss is very possible.

The Evs are pretty standard, running 248 HP on the off chance that I switch into Spikes or Stealth Rock 8 times without taking any damage at all. Instead of putting the leftover EVs in Speed I threw them into Special Defense, while also decreasing my Speed IV a bit to get a slower U-turn against opposing Scizor. This is important because it leaves me advantageous at the end of the turn, more than likely forcing the opponent to switch again and rack up even more entry hazard damage.

Rotom-w @ Leftovers
Levitate : Bold
252 HP / 80 Def / 12 Spe / 164 SpDef
- Rest
- Will-o-wisp
- Thunderbolt
- Sleep Talk

Basically the standard anti-spin Rotom-w that I run. Rest and Sleep Talk give me a second way to absorb status (even though Fidgit is immune to everything bar Burn and Freeze...), as well as giving me a decent form of recovery. Will-o-wisp helps deter Tyranitar switchins as well as helping to neuter most physical threats like Machamp, Gyarados, and Metagross. Thunderbolt hits Gyarados and Starmie, so the former cannot sweep me while the latter cannot spin away my precious entry hazards.

Rotom-w is the best spinblocker around, and nothing can really hope to get Rapid Spin off against it. Admittedly I cannot do anything to Fidgit bar burning it, but this is ok as usually Fidgit has no attacks it can hit me with either.

The EVs make it so that Gyarados will not beat me bar crits or Waterfall flinch while simotaneously making it so Starmie will not 2HKO me with LO Hydro Pump.

Cresselia @ Leftovers
Levitate : Bold
144 HP / 252 Def / 68 SpAtk / 44 SpDef
- Ice Beam
- Psychic
- Reflect
- Moonlight

Cresselia hold many threats at bay for my team. Ice Beam prevents Salamence (and Flygon/Dragonite) from destroying me. Psychic gains STAB and hits Infernape. Reflect is incredibly useful, as it prevents Scizor from having a field day with me (U-turn does around 30% after Reflect, and Pursuit does around 18%). Moonlight is there for semi reliable recovery.

Cresselia is the most defensive pokemon on my team, and while it can be a deadweight on offensive teams it serves as a nice go-between on this one, drawing out pokemon for my more offensive pokemon to come out on. My team has no set up sweepers, so I'm usually not worried about keeping the momentum up since I can easily gain it in a single turn.

Vaporeon @ Choice Specs
Water Absorb : Modest
188 Def / 68 Spe / 252 SpAtk
- Surf
- Hidden Power [Electric]
- Ice Beam
- Baton Pass

Specs Vaporeon has been surprisingly potent and a huge factor to the success of my team. Surf is the main move of destruction, smashing down anything that does not resist it. Ice Beam hits the common switchins like Celebi and Latias. Hidden Power [Electric] is mainly for opposing water-types like Gyarados, Suciune, and other Vaporeon. Baton Pass allows me to scout switches to pokemon like Blissey, letting me put in a pokemon that can beat the opponent's switchin almost risk free. It's also very useful against Suicune, allowing me to check if they use Calm Mind while I get a slow BP to Fidgit to Encore them.

Specs Vaporeon is very destructive and only requires a little bit of support to smash through the opposing team. If Blissey has switched into Spikes and SR twice it is unable to counter me well, and by Baton Passing to Scizor it is quite easy to do that.

The EVs are as listed in the analysis. They give Vaporeon 401 HP, allowing it to take 4 Seismic Tosses should it have to (this could be useful in conjuction with Encore..). The Speed puts me safely above Skarmory and co.


Threats I have noticed:
- Rotom-a is a huge pain for me, especially versions with Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, and Will-o-wisp (or Overheat really). Fidgit is my best shot, using Encore on either Thunderbolt or Shadow Ball so that other pokemon have an easier time taking it out. Vaporeon can also take a hit from Thunderbolt and hurt Rotom-a back hard with Specs Surf.
- LO Jolteon hits me hard with the same Thunderbolt+Shadow Ball combo. Scizor and Fidgit are my main switchins here, hopefully coming in relatively safely and then attacking in response.

Nothing else has really been too much trouble to me.

Also sadly since its late Friday night I'm afraid this is more of a retire-my-team =(
I just battled this team and it's really, really good. Like really good.

One glaring hole I see is that it has no legitimate defense against Rotom-A, and by extension, Gengar and other specially powerful Ghosts. Everything except Fidgit is hit hard by a common move that Rotom-H carries, so something like Tyranitar would be nice to have over Cresselia maybe. TyraniBoah in particular might work nicely as it is a more defensive minded set with Sub, allowing you to scout some Pokemon. Not a major move tho, it's a solid team.
This team is really good like cyber said, but before I try to rate it:

It also allows me to suck up sleep, making Breloom not a problem at all ^_^.
I hate you so much for that. Breloom needs love.

OK now onto the team. You should definately add Shadow Ball on Fidget because using Earth Power leaves an open switch for flyers like Salamence and Zapdos. In my opinion, it should go over Rapid Spin. Your team doesn't care much about Stealth Rock, and due to the fact Fidget playtesting ended yesterday, Spikes (and by extension Toxic Spikes) will become more rare. I'm talking about when all of the playtesting blows over though. He should definitaley keep Cress, otherwise he has a nice MixMence weak (which I would abuse) if Scizor is out of play.

I'd recommend CBTar over CBScizor, but Sandstream goes against Lefties, so that's not an option. But, to combat your Ghost weak, switch your Rotom to the Scarf set, but with the EVs of 252 HP l 88 Def l 168 Spe.
You keep defensiveness (albiet not as much) but it allows you to revenge kill ghosts and Lucario. Rotom-W works with that set, but so does Rotom-H. The set should Thunderbolt/Shadow Ball/Hydro Pump or Overheat/Trick.

That's all I have to offer, so good luck!

P.S. It was fun facing your team.


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OK now onto the team. You should definately add Shadow Ball on Fidget because using Earth Power leaves an open switch for flyers like Salamence and Togekiss.
Shadow Ball does leave an open switch for Togekiss, you know =/

Anyways, I've had an even record or so with this team and it was constructed nicely. I really don't think you are weak to Gengar, especially you have Scizor, while if you ran MixTar then you would still get hit by Focus Blast.

Is there anything you plan to outspeed with that Fidgit? Perhaps you should simply aim for outspeeding an Adamant Lucario, then stay slower than a Gyarados in order to be able to Encore a DD. If you have problems switching into Rotom many times with Fidgit, perhaps you should run a set such as Calm 252 HP/156 Speed/100 Spdef. This effectively puts you at 285 speed, making you outrun Mamoswine and other base 80s, but putting you below 287, which is the usual speed most gyarados run. This also puts you ahead of Heatran should you want to keep Earth Power. Of course, it puts you above 280, which is also important.

Something else to consider, perhaps, is running Wish on Specs Vap, although it does sound quite odd. This trades your U-turnish esque move (Baton Pass) for some long lasting presence with Fidgit. Your Vaporeon could potentially lure in stuff like Zapdos and Rotom which make great Encore bait, as well as letting Fidgit heal. This way, even if you don't feel like running Shadow Ball on Fidgit ( I can understand the 4 move slot syndrome here) you can still succeed in Rapid Spinning, as your Fidgit will be able to threaten Rotom with an Encore by a switch, making you free to rapid spin at will.

Other than that, nice team. Specs Vap really does do well here, and I like how you're putting it to use.
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