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Team T.R1492 Trick Room [1492 peak #9]

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by gengod, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. gengod

    gengod formerly Maniaclyrasist
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    Apr 8, 2006
    I haven't made a RMT in about 2-3 years, since my Uber team that featured Garchomp when he first got banned in Gen 4. so I figured I might as well make one for Gen 5. and see how that goes. Initially I wanted to do use something different since everyone and their mom is running some kind of weather or the same old Pokemon on clear skies teams.

    I tried out Gravity but that kind of team has major flaws, I tried Baton Pass, but honestly that shit is too easy to win with. I did try out Hail as well since it is the least used weather but got bored with it pretty fast. In the end I finally settled on a Trick Room team as I hardly see any of them on the ladder. It's pretty sad since Trick Room is actually pretty good this gen. I literally ran into no Trick Room Teams during this ladder run... -_-

    Since I started building this team it has gone through numerous changes in team members, the only consistent ones being Porygon 2 and Reuinclus, who are pretty much Trick Room staples. I'm not going to list the team building process because that would honestly take forever.

    Anyway I did manage to get 1504 with this team with the name -ninjaswag-, still rank #9 at the time but I forgot to save the pic so I figured I would just post it where it currently sits at 1492.

    Here's the screenshot of the ladder score.

    And I present:

    [yes I know it's not a creative title, but I never really "name" teams :toast:]

    Team Export:

    Show Hide

    Guess you could say I'm retiring this team as it's proven to be successful and I'm more or less getting bored of it. But there is always room for improvement in any team so feel free to let me know what you guys think of the team.

  2. Charizard92


    Jan 6, 2011
    you should probably throw the pics in a spoiler, but other than that it's fantastic! grats on your team! I may try TR (I've been throwing it around in VGC '12 and it's worked nicely)
  3. mukery


    Sep 29, 2010
    Your team looks very solid, and your peak definitely proves that. You've got quite a neat layout too ;)
    I do however want to say that your team looks a bit sun weak, talking Chloro-Venusaur here. Under the sun he outspeeds and OHKO's 4 of your team members, although if Trick-Room is up Reuniclus will eat it alive. However if not, Venusaur can just stop it with Sleep Powder and just set up Growths on it, and continue sweepong. Porygon-2 is in the same boat as Reuniclus. Venusaur does'nt see too much use though, and I think you should be able to handle anything but that well enough.
    Very good job mate!
  4. HBK

    HBK Subtlety is my middle name

    May 25, 2009
    Pretty good team you have here.You should probably make Porygon2 a little more bulky as he's your only TR set up pokemon after Reuniclus who can die pretty fast despite the efforts you've made to make it as bulky as possible.Gratz on the peak!
  5. NatGeo

    NatGeo ¡Órale!
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 4, 2010
    Hey man, it actually is really nice to see a break from some generic teams every once in a while! Love the format by the way, but the team itself is solid, as shown by its track record which, again, is neato. Ferrothorn is pretty much the only thing preventing you from being smacked around by Drag + Mag teams, and actually its pretty easy for it to take you out since you can't harm it in any way whatsoever while it usually 2HKOes you with HP Fire. Porygon2 can't live an Outrage if it's taken some prior damage, and if they have something like Specs Latios in the wings you're in for some trouble, considering Scizor can't do a thing to prevent Latios from switching out since you're not running Pursuit. You ever thought abotu using Choice Scarf Terrakion? Still lives an Extremespeed from Lucario, and provided you have SR still up you should be fine (most teams I see don't have a spinner, but w/e, Excadrill is the biggest spinner nowadays and you don't see Draggy on sand teams much imo). You still are guaranteed to OHKO Haxorus with Close Combat with Stealth Rock and you have a damn good chance of doing so when it's at full health too. You also outspeed every common Scarfer, though not Scarf Latios, which is pretty rare. Just switch out SD and Subsitute for Earthquake and X-Scissor, respectively. I think you can keep an Adamant nature but if you need the Speed definitely run Jolly. Anything else I would suggest would pretty much be a nitpick - making Porygon2 a bit bulkier is actually a decent idea, probably just switch some HP EVs into Defense or Special Defense since it needs all the power it can get. Again, very solid team, nm else to say and congrats on the ladder peak!
  6. Stunt


    Dec 23, 2010
    I like this team's originality and functionality.

    lol@ js second alt trolling the chat as usual.

    Just a small nitpick:
    You could try Adamant Terrakion over Jolly.
    Since you are behind a substitute anyways, you could use the extra power for Quagsire. you still counter Lucario, Dragonite, and Heatran when you hit 307 speed, and there is still leftover EVs for HP.
  7. Smith

    Smith is a 90's bitch
    is a Team Rater Alumnus

    Nov 23, 2009
    Okay as much as that page-stretches format irks me this is a cool team! I'm glad that somebody can prove that a strategy we all know could be successful, could be successful. Anyways a lot of this may become irrelevant with the bans to come, but, for a weatherless team, you're a bit Excadrill and Thundurus weak. With that Porygon2 set, you aren't terribly bulky and if more offensive variants set up, you might not be able to stop them, especially with prior damage. I'd also worry a bit about stall, since your whole team is walled by SkarmBliss- Terrakion can perhaps bust through but you'll have to rely on the surprise factor of Sub + SD and hope its specially defensive, really. Skarmory can easily come in on something else later on and roost up, so unless you play like a champ you might have some problems with that. Of course if your opponent is running a Gliscor or Quagsire in tandem you REALLY aren't getting by.

    Fortunately these problems are by no means insurmountable! You might consider changing up Porygon2's set to make him a reasonable counter to the aforementioned threats. TR / Ice Beam / Thunderbolt / Recover will, granted, make him a less effective and surprising sweeper, but will make him a sturdier Trick Roomer (especially for a team with only two) and a more reasonable counter to things like Excadrill, Dragonite or Thundurus. I'm also no EV guru but it seems to me that you might achieve better bulk by investing in defenses over HP, since Eviolite is pushing those stats in particular through the roof, so you might try tinkering with that.

    The only other change I can think of would be that CB Terrakion. CB Terrakion was the cornerstone of my most successful BW team to date and is still a magnificent counter to Lucario and co. It's a really great Pokemon against balanced or stall teams since it can even 2HKO Gliscor with some prediction and can definitely muscle through Skarmory- CC + CC with a band is more powerful than SD + CC anyways. I also just personally think its a better set, but that's just me!

    In any case I really dig this squad, good luck, I hope this helps! TR RULE
  8. Penance


    Sep 16, 2011
    This team seems really solid. I have no fixes.
  9. Hasoonie17


    Sep 21, 2011
    SD ferrothorn, trolololol. good one!
  10. gengod

    gengod formerly Maniaclyrasist
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 8, 2006
    I haven't really had a problem with Venusaur, since they don't tend to run Growth and Sleep Powder on the same set, at least from what I've seen. However if they do I can see it being a problem, but with LO recoil, smart switching and Scizor's Bullet Punch I can get around pretty much any Offensive Venusaur, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle

    I can't detract any EVs from SpAtk since Porygon2 needs as much as he can get to attempt sweeps with Download and since he has to take hits from both sides of the spectrum I don't see allocating EVs to anything but HP as being more productive. Unlike most TR teams, this team functions pretty well without TR, so I think I'm fine without another TR user or trying to make Pory more defensive towards a specific attacking type. I've won quite a few games without ever having to use TR, and thx :toast:

    Drag Mag teams aren't very good defensively and if I even set up TR once it's usually good bye to 2 or 3 of their team members right there. P2 2HKOs Magnezone with HP Fire and Ice Beam decimates the Dragon members of the team. Both P2 and Reuniclus can generally tank 1 hit from Drag+Mag teams and set up TR unless they start throwing around CB Outrages which Ferrothorn and Scizor can take. They're not really a huge threat at least from what I've seen.

    Terrakion is also generally faster than any Pokemon, albeit Scarf Latios / Haxorus on that team and can set up on Magnezone locked into HP Fire, or even Tbolt as they tend to switch out from Terrakion. I don't think Scarf would be needed here.

    I found it funny he was actually talking about P2 in the chat too...lol

    As for Terrakion being Adamant I wouldn't risk it. I'd at least prefer to Speed tie with other Terrakion and Virizion and It needs to outspeed Jolly Mence and Haxorus so it's pretty much needed for it to be Jolly. I do like the power increase from Adamant though. I might just go CB on Jolly and see how that works out.

    SkarmBliss can be annoying to this team but Skarm has issues dealing with this Scizor and can't take repeated hits from Terrakion. I think I'll just make it CB since it helps with stall a lot more in that case, but I can see how it can be an issue with the right team members. As for P2 it really needs HP Fire as it lures out and OHKOs Scizor who can be problematic for Reuniclus and this team in general.

    I also find I don't need Recover as P2 it's meant to up TR and sweep and if it can't it's switch out to something else that can. I've tested Recover and it's always been lacklustre. I don't really need Tbolt either as that would only really help with Waters as HP Fire handles Skarm and Ferrothorn and Rotom-W already handle them pretty well.

    Thx :toast:

    Lol yeh, it trolls the shit out of Drizzle teams especially.
  11. wacky tabaky

    wacky tabaky

    Mar 1, 2011
    One or both your TR setters need recover they will be swapping in and out taking hazard damage(except reuniculus) get rid of psychic on reun for recover or tri-attack for recover on P2. As many have said you need more bulk on P2. I understand you reasoning for the spA investment but make him Bold. 252Hp 72def 84spD 100spA. This gives you more bulk while retaing some of your spA.
    Overall a very stron team that doesn't have any major threats except maybe well made stall teams which are usually slow. Hope you reach higher on the ladder.
  12. Hoywolf


    May 4, 2011
    so who do you normally lead with?
  13. SoT

    SoT I leave and they change my avatar to this?
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    Aug 30, 2007
    Nice to see you posting here, just wanted to say that I completely stole this team and it's by far one of my favorite teams to play with. They style is really unique, it has a bit of a learning curve but it's not all too difficult to pick up. It has trouble with some random things, like Exca if it just decides to flinch everything, but if you play well and get TR up a decent amount this team just wrecks. Very well built and nice presentation.
  14. gengod

    gengod formerly Maniaclyrasist
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 8, 2006
    Most of the time it's Rotom or P2

    Lol thanks man. And yeah it's a bit different than most teams in terms of playstyles but like you said you can get it down pretty quickly. I'm glad you had some success with it too.
  15. RhyssaFireheart


    Sep 11, 2011
    I laddered with a team quite similar to this one and there isn't really much changes
    to this one. Brilliant team I like Trick room teams and they have brilliant defenses aswell.
    I was using this team a bit on Wifi and it is really successful on their to, Good luck.

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