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The Equestrian Wonder

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by IcyMan28, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. IcyMan28


    Sep 18, 2008
    Hey everyone, how are ya? It's me here with what is probably my best attempt at breaking into the world of Gen V OU. I experimented with various pokemon and teams but I genuinely think this is the most useful team up to this point, and it has been doing decently. It combines the old with the new and tosses in a few surprises here and there. Please have a look:

    At A Glance

    The Team-Building Process

    From the start, I knew that I wanted to base the team around a Kerudio sweep, gradually weakening down the opponent through whatever means necessary until the pony could pull off a sweep at +1. Its Water/Fighting combination works wonders for it, much more so than Poliwrath, and the stat placement was ideal. Honestly, Kerudio is what Infernape wishes it had been last gen, and serves as the special counterpart to Blaziken.

    Thinking through my Kerudio's set and typing, I began to see that psychics, ghosts, and even dragons could pose a threat to its sweep, all of them prominent threats currently what with fighting-types running rampant. I've always found Dragon-types to be extremely threatening, so I needed something to help take them on while still having decent synergy with Kerudio. Thus, to help with Kerudio's electric weakness, I solicited a dragon of my own - Garchomp. Its high speed, bulk, power, and typing made it ideal for the role I needed, and I quickly decided to use the Scarf set (which, IMO, is its best use).​


    The duo is solid as far as speed goes, but I still needed some additional resistances for Kerudio and I wanted a real wallbreaker. I considered Tyranitar, as it could easily pursue the likes of the Lati twins, Burungeru, and others, but I decided that it brought more weaknesses than I needed and cancelled Kerudio's Lefties with Sand. So I immediately turned to Sazandora. Her typing and bulk were highly attractive, and with plenty of coverage moves she could easily dispatch of problem pokemon. Like her draconic sibling, I gave her a choice item, Specs to be precise. Sazandora, too, sports considerable bulk for such an offensive powerhouse, which has proven useful on countless occassions.​


    I now had an answer to all of Kerudio's checks, and a pretty good list of resistances. Despite this, I still lacked a dragon and flying resistance, which is dangerous in a world dominated by stray Draco Meteors and Outrages. A steel-type's utility has always been invaluable, anyway. So I settled on our favorite little superstar, Jirachi. With Wish, I could ensure that both it and the team stayed healthy long enough to create an opening for Kerudio to sweep. ​


    It's all beginning to shape up now. Remember how I mentioned that I wanted a semi-stallish feel to the team? It was about time I began to search for a layer of entry hazards that suited the team. Nattorei immediately came to mind, reinforcing nearly every resistance I already had and providing various forms of passive damage for the team. A secondary steel type is always nice to have as well.​


    The last slot needed to be something that I could get plenty of mileage out of, with some bulk to it considering the amount of switching I would be doing. I realized that I lacked a solid fighting-type counter despite my double weakness to the type, and that Doryuuzu could easily have its way with my team should it get the chance to set up. I needed to look no further than Gliscor, who packs just enough punch to keep up the offensive momentum but has adequate physical bulk to stall at the same time. I haven't looked back.​

    Looks like I've got all the bases covered. Hazards, wallbreaker, mid-game attackers and stallers, the safety net, and the secret weapon. Let's go a bit more in depth, shall we?​


    Nattorei@Shed Shell
    Sassy; 252 HP / 60 Def / 196 SpD
    Iron Barbs
    IVs: 0 Spe​

    [​IMG]Gyro Ball
    [​IMG]Power Whip
    [​IMG]Stealth Rock​

    I find myself leading with Nattorei quite often, as its resistances allow it to set up on a plethora of pokemon. With Jirachi's Wish providing it the ability to heal, I decided that Spikes and Stealth Rock were the optimal choice. I like having both, as the team preview allows me to decide which is more important and prioritize. Gyro Ball is actually quite powerful coming off of a decent base 94 attack and 40 speed, and helps tons in this speed-infested metagame. Power Whip, on the other hand, allows me to have a consistently powerful Grass move to use against the Water- and Ground-types that Nattorei walls. I opted for Shed Shell to escape from the likes of Magnezone and Shandera, as the hazards and resistances are invaluable to the team. As far as walls go, Nattorei is probably among the best of them - it can take hits, dish them out, set up hazards, and inflict damage right down to the ability. Definitely worth the slot.​

    Gliscor@Toxic Orb
    Adamant; 244 HP / 188 Atk / 76 Speed
    Poison Heal​


    My god this thing is useful. Gliscor provides my team with a nice physical attacker that isn't locked in, and its high bulk, attack power, and decent speed make sure that it maintains the offensive presence my team seeks to impose. At the same time, the combination of Protect and Poison Heal help it stall out opponents to further weaken them, oftentimes scraping by threats that, last gen, would have managed to overpower it. It is a solid check to Doryuuzu, Lucario, Breloom, Rohbushin, Blaziken, and more, and Fling is a huge asset against the bulky waters and sturdier walls. While the EVs seem a bit strange, they do have a purpose. I wanted max HP so that Gliscor could take hits well despite the neutral defense nature, so I put enough to keep Poison Heal's recovery at a solid 44 HP. The 76 Spe EVs let it outpace max speed Jolly Tyranitar and slow variants of Jirachi and Tentacruel, which is always useful, and the rest is thrown into attack to keep the pressure high. ​


    Modest; 240 HP / 232 SpA / 36 Spe
    Serene Grace​

    [​IMG]Doom Desire​

    Anyone out there still using Scarf or CM Jirachi needs to seriously reconsider. The utility this provides is simply insane. As I'm sure you're all aware, Doom Desire is now a 140 BP, 100% accurate steel move, which lets Jirachi seriously wound everything that comes in. Usually, I find myself Doom Desiring as they switch and slowly U-Turning out to Sazzy, who punishes them later on. Wish keeps Jirachi healthy as well as the rest of the team thanks to Protect. Speaking of, Protect allows Jirachi to stall out certain opponents with DD + Wish + Protect, which is great. Finally, U-Turn is present to help me scout switch-ins and escape from Magnezone and Shandera. With reliable recovery, bulk, and its own exclusive form of passive damage, Jirachi often seriously puts the pressure on the opponents while simultaneously serving as an all-purpose check.​

    The EVs help Jirachi do the above. 323 SpA helps Doom Desire hit extremely hard, while max HP has Jirachi sitting pretty at 401 HP and passing 200 HP wishes. The speed is for Jolly Tar.​

    Sazandora@Choice Specs
    Modest; 64 HP / 252 SpA / 192 Spe
    IVs: 0 Atk​

    [​IMG]Fire Blast
    [​IMG]Dark Pulse
    [​IMG]Draco Meteor​

    Specs Sazandora is often eschewed in favor of LO or Scarf versions of the dragon. While both have their uses, they lack the raw power that this set features. I really don't understand why people are still bitching about Latios' Specs set when Sazandora, who has arguably better bulk and lacks a Pursuit weakness, does it better. I've taken advantage of that with this set: Surf serves as a great neutral coverage move, sporting power and accuracy. Because of that, I opted for Fire Blast over Flamethrower, as I often find myself tossing out a fire attack to scout a steel switch-in. While I originally had Dragon Pulse in the third slot, I found Dark Pulse to be much more useful, hitting the Psychics and Ghosts (here's looking at you Bloongell) that give Kerudio issues. Finally, there's the nuke - Draco Meteor. This attack literally obliterates anything foolish enough to switch in. I think I did 60% to a ScarfJirachi once? Speaking of, Sazandora pairs extremely well with my own Jirachi. Doom Desire, switch, then Draco Meteor. The result? 252/0 neutral Metagross is 2HKOd by Draco Meteor, and with a bit of prior damage, can be OHKOd by the combination of spikes, Draco Meteor, and Doom Desire hitting all in one turn. Apply that as you will to non-resists.​

    Anyway, the EVs also serve a specific purpose. Personally, I don't really see the use in Timid, at least for my particular team. The things Timid Sazzy outspeeds (Jolly Luke, Jolly Gliscor, Jolly Dory, Timid Roserade) are all either covered by the rest of my team or have no business attempting to harm Sazandora anyway. Thus, I went with a Modest nature, gave it enough speed to outpace Adamant Lucario, and threw the rest into HP to compliment its 6 resistances and 2 immunities. It helps ensure that Sazandora does not keel over immediately to priority, that it can take moderately powerful hits, and still has decent speed.​


    Garchomp@Choice Scarf
    Jolly; 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Rough Skin​

    [​IMG]Stone Edge
    [​IMG]Double Chop​

    Good old Garchomp is back to play, for good this time. While Sazandora uses its bulk and power to slam the opponent into oblivion, Garchomp uses its power and speed to keep enemies in line and remind them who's boss. Outrage is for power and late-game cleaning (which Garchomp gets to do often thanks to Spikes and its high power), Earthquake is for STAB and strength when I don't want to be locked in, and Stone Edge provides coverage and revenges particular threats. All standard moves, unlike Double Chop. I opted for Double Chop over Dragon Claw for several reasons. For one, it helps break Subs, which is useful with Doom Desire pending. I can't count the number of MH Erufuun and Sableye who Sub thinking they can stay out of KO range, only to have their Sub broken, take extra damage, and be finished at the end of the turn. It also helps in a few obscure situations (I 2HKOd Sash Alakazam a few times) where Dragon Claw might be a bit less efficient, and I don't mind the lowered accuracy. ​

    Rough Skin is another seemingly odd choice on offensive Garchomp, but it really does help and has proven invaluable. Scizor, for example, is taking 12% from stealth rock, 12% from spikes, and an additional 12% from Rough Skin just to revenge Garchomp, and the same is true of other priority users. Considering that priority is one of the go-to methods to stop Kerudio, I find it well worth it to weaken down these threats so that they don't get in my way. Plus, when pivot switching for recoi/toxic damage and the like, that extra 12% really expedites the process. I far prefer it to the 20% chance that I'll avoid an attack should my opponent be running Hippo or Tar (in which case that's the least of my worries).​


    Timid; 76 HP / 180 SpA / 252 Spe
    Justice Heart
    IVs: 1 Atk​

    [​IMG]Calm Mind
    [​IMG]Hydro Pump
    [​IMG]Mystery Sword
    [​IMG]Hidden Power Electric​

    Finally, we reach it. The horse I've been betting on all along - Kerudio. I was immediately drawn to its bulk and offensive presence, and that hasn't changed. Calm Mind allows Kerudio to increase both of those attributes, blasting through the opposition with STAB Hydro Pump. Should Nattorei or Blissey show up, checks to other water-types, Sword of Mystery swiftly silences them, allowing Kerudio to proceed unharmed. HP Electric is there if I need to pick off a weakened Bloongell or if Gyara is causing some issues.​

    The EVs, again, are tailored to my needs. Max speed is a given, as I would hate to lose the opportunity to tie with Terakion or Infernape (rare as the latter may be). I have enough SpA OHKO Max/Max Bold Blissey at +1 with Mystery Swords, assuring that I don't miss out on any KOs, and throwing the rest into HP yields 342 HP. Overall, 342 / 216 / 216 defenses isn't too far off from Manaphy's spread, only I have Rock and Bug resists to boot. Kerudio serves as both late-game sweeper and as a check to various pokemon, and I occassionally sacrifice it to break down that last wall impeding a ScarfChomp sweep. Its versatility is amazing.​

    And that's the team. I'll appreciate any constructive criticisms given, but do remember that the team is focused on Kerudio and so that is one slot that won't be changing. Credit for the images goes to wikipedia, arkeis, and serebii.​
  2. Jaroda


    Sep 25, 2010
    I like it. You and I seem to have similar team building mentality especially in regards to a few mon.

    Have you considered Thunder Wave on Nattorei over one of the attacks? Since a few of your mon are in the mid speed range they would greatly appreciate slowing the opposition so they can get the leg up. Especially pokemon like Sazandora and Gliscor who aren't as fast as they can be, and even if they were they have speed tiers so it would be very useful.

    I agree, Gliscorb is the SHIT. He's simply astounding in his effectiveness. I run a weird EV spread with no speed and a combination of HP, At, Df and SpD. Also Impish because you get the biggest stat boost.

    I'm glad somebody else sees the usefulness of Doom Desire Jirachi. It's insanely powerful and is really useful for keeping pressure. Especially when they send something in like a Blissey to sponge the attack but you send in something physical. Then they are downright screwed no matter what. DD, Wish and U-Turn were made for each other. I might go one step further than Protect and make Jirachi the ultimate team player with say Reflect/Light Screen, but I just love screens that much. Sure, Wish is better for keeping yourself healthy, it's just a matter of who you want to benefit more.

    Double Dragon! I see no changes that need to be made, although isn't Double Chop a fighting move?

    Good Kerudio. Again, Reflect from Jirachi would help him set up Calm Minds but that's just a suggestion.

    Overall your team seems quite good. You had a goal form the beginning and the team synergy shows. I can't really think of any glaring faults.

    Would you mind rating my team in return? I'd appreciate it.
  3. aditya8081


    Sep 27, 2010
    First off, Double chop is a dragon type.

    Second, I agree with the fact that you have really good team synergy.

    Third, You'll find that Kerudio is surprisingly bulky. I have survived Outrages before with little investment. I also agree that reflect would allow more set-up, so that is definitely a move to consider on Jirachi
  4. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    Your team has a massive Scarf Latios + Scarf Shandera weakness. Together, they can and will OHKO your entire team with Nattorei gone. Latios can come in on an Earthquake with no problems (seriously, which Garchomp isn't Scarfed these days?) and screw you over. Shandera can keep switching in and, since Nattorei can't do shit to it, basically destroy what comes in with the right prediction. Other than that, your team looks really good. Kerudio is definitely an underrated 'Mon - whilst yours is walled completely by the aforementioned Latios and especially Latias, as well as most Dragons, every team member complements it well. Good luck!
  5. Celestavian

    Celestavian Let the fire consume me, let the courage flow through me
    is a Community Contributoris a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Past SPL Champion

    May 23, 2010
    Speaking of Specs Latios, it looks pretty capable of coming in and revenge killing very well with a set of Draco Meteor, HP Fire, Surf, and Psychic. This just happens to be the exact same set I run. While I doubt that anyone besides me runs that set, without a Pursuiter, Latios still looks like a huge threat, with only a Garchomp to revenge it. Then all it takes is a switch to a bulky Steel and Chomp is set-up bait. A Pursuiter would help with Shandera too, if it ever gives you problems. CBTar eats Latios alive, so try that if Latios ever becomes too much of a problem. It's still pretty uncommon, and Jirachi can Wish away DM damage, so I'm not telling you to do this now, but as a user of Latios, all I can say is watch out.

    Other than that, I really like the team and it looks like it could go really far. Good luck to you on that!
  6. IcyMan28


    Sep 18, 2008
    Hawkster/Zangoose, I actually did run CBTar in a previous incarnation of the team to help with those particular threats. However, I find that I really don't need it. Nattorei has shed shell so Shandera ends up attempting to Fire Blast Sazandora, who is eventually healed by Wish. As far as Latios goes, Jirachi is almost always my initial switch, taking hp fire well, protecting, and then going to one of my resists. Nattorei can take everything else, and latios has issues with Scarfchomp bigtime. Additionally, it has difficulty switching in, as Gyro ball, doom desire, acrobat, etc all hit it pretty hard. The same goes for Shandera. Ill consider going back to tar if they become an issue but until then I guess ill stay here; Latios is really the only issue as far as my master plan goes, since kerudio annihilates shandera.

    Ill consider reflect on jirachi as well and see how that works, but the four moves provide the perfect blend of utility so it really depends on which has a lower opportunity cost.

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