Completed The Flash Match. Pwnemon MrL

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Challenging Pwnemon's Porygon2 to a Normal match!

1v1 Singles
Training items
1 Sub
You decide rest, i gotta go eat.

2 recover/5 chill
1 hour dq
all abilities
switch = ok

looks good to me
Accepting this to ref as well
Here we have, a quick match at the ASB arena. Getting some training done for these two top contenders. LETS GET THIS ISH STARTED.

Team Pwnemon

Porygon2 (N) MegaHurtz

Nature: Modest (+ SpA, - Atk)
Types: Normal
Normal: Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.

(Can be Activated) This Pokemon can copy an ability of the opponent and replace Trace for six (6) actions. Wonder Guard cannot be Traced.
Download: (Innate) At the beginning of the match, the Pokemon analyzes the opponent and downloads data that lets it deal more damage. This Pokemon receives a one (1) stage boost on the offense that strikes an opponent’s weaker defense stat. (e.g. does more damage with special attacks when facing Aggron, which has higher Defense, and attack when facing Hypno, which has higher Special Defense. For ties, Special Attack is raised.) This boost is maintained at the end of each round.
Analytic (DW): (Innate) If this Pokemon attacks after its target during an action, its attacks have two (2) more Base Attack Power.

HP: 100
Atk: 2 (-)
Def: 3
SpA: 5 (+)
SpD: 3
Spe: 60
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 18

EC: 4/9
MC: 0
DC: 2/5

Defense Curl
Magnet Rise
Magic Coat
Tri Attack
Zap Cannon

Ice Beam

Thunder Bolt
Hyper Beam

Team MrL

Smeargle [Picasso] (Male)
Nature: Hasty (+15% Spe, +9% Acc boost, -1 Def)
Type: Normal
Normal: Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.

Own Tempo: (Innate) This Pokemon moves at its own pace and when confused, it will never harm itself in confusion. If the Pokemon also has Tangled Feet, it will raise Accuracy by one (1) Stage.
Technician: (Innate) This Pokemon is more skilled at performing weaker moves, causing any of their attacks that normally have 6 or less Base Attack Power to have their Base Attack Power multiplied by 1.5. (e.g. Aerial Ace goes from 6 to 9, Mach Punch goes from 4 to 6, etc.) The Energy Cost for a one-hit or two-hit attack is increased by one (1). Each hit in a multi-hit move is boosted by one (1) Base Attack Power, and the Energy Cost for multi-hit attacks is increased by two (2). Because Technician is a multiplier on single hit moves, its effect is applied to Base Attack Power before any additive effects.
Moody (DW): (Innate) This Pokemon's traits are always fluctuating from one strength to another. At the end of each round, one of the Pokemon's stats (Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, Accuracy, Evasion) will be boosted by two (2) stages and another will be reduced by one (1) stage. This stat change lasts until the end of that round, where Moody is re-applied, overwriting the boosted and dropped stats. This stat boost/drop occurs outside the normal boosts/drops.


HP: 90
Atk: Rank 1
Def: Rank 1 (-)
SpA: Rank 1
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 87 (+)
Size Class: 2
Weight Class: 4
Base Rank Total: 11

MC: 0
DC: 5/5

-Fake Out
-Heal Bell
-Hi Jump Kick
-Light Screen
-Magic Coat
-Mirror Coat
-Power Split
-Sleep Powder
-Super Fang

Total Moves: 34

Pwnemon Orders First
MrL Orders
I Ref


"...and a good game to you? Picasso, take this Exp. Share! before any spectacle, we must first sketch..."

Light Screen -> Sketch -> Sketch

En: 100
Orders: Swift ~ Ice beam ~ Thunder bolt
Other: +1 Atk

En: 100
Orders: Light Screen ~ Sketch ~ Sketch
Other: N/a

Action 1
Smeargle Used Light Screen
-8 En

Pory2 Used Swift
To Crit: 48/10k = Crit
(6+3+3+4.5) = 17 Damage
-3 En

Action 2
Smeargle Used Sketch
-6 EN
Smeargle Learned Swift

Pory2 Used Ice beam
To Crit: 7183/10k = NO
To Freeze 8967/10k = No
(5+4.5)=10 damage
-7 En

Action 3
Smeargle Used Sketch
-10 En
Smeargle Learned Ice beam

Pory2 Used Thunderbolt
To Crit: 4832/10k = No
To Para: 8169/10k = No
(5+4.5) = 10 Damage
-7 En

Boost: Attack
Drop: Defense

En: 83
Other: +1 Attack

En: 76
Other: Light Screen, +2 Attack -1 Def


"Very well, he held up to his side of the bargain. Now, let's keep ours...a good match!"

Sketch -> Super Fang -> Fake Out
IF Agility A1, then let's have a little fun and replace A1 with Extremespeed+Hi Jump Kick


Banned deucer.
i'll hold my end of the bargain and let you sketch

oh shit, i forgot to trace technician, ah well

Tri Attack ~ Hyper Beam ~ flinch

En: 83
Other: +1atk
Orders: Tri Attack ~ Hyper Beam ~ Flinch

En: 76
Other: Light Screen +2 Atk -1 Def
Orders: Sketch ~ Super Fang ~ Fake out.

Action 1
Smeargle Used Sketch
Success! -14En
Smeagle Learned Thunderbolt

Pory2 Used Tri attack!
To Crit: 3462/10k = No
Effect: 7580/10k = No
(4+3+4.5) =11.5 Damge
-5 Energy

Action 2
Smeargle Used SuperFang
To hit: 8209/10k = Okay
20 Damage!
-12 En

Pory 2 Used Hyper Beam!
To hit: 4552/10k = good
To Crit: 6655/10k = Good'
(7.5+3+4.5) = 15 Damage
-10 En

Action 3
Smeargle uses Fake Out
To Crit: 2769/10k = no
6 = 6 Damage
-3 energy

Pory2 Flinches

Boosts Acc 6/7
Drops SpD 4/7

Hp: 74
En: 68
Other: +1atk

En: 47
Other: +2 acc -1 SpD


Hp: 74
En: 68
Other: +1atk

En: 47
Other: +2 acc -1 SpD

Action 1
Smeargle Used Endure
-15 Energy

Pory2 used Tri attack
To Crit: 7622/10k = No
Effect: 735/10k = yes
Burn, Freeze, Para: 1/3 = Burn
(8+3+6) = 17 damage

Smeargle Loses 2 hp

Action 2
Smeargle Used Bide
-6 En

pory2 used Hyperbeam
To hit: 107/10k = Hit
To Crit: 7892/10k = No
(15+3+6) = 24 Damage
-10 En

Smeargle hurt by burn KO

We all get rewards =D

2 CC
2 MC
1 EC
1 DC

2 CC
4 MC

Me 3 UC

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