The Ghosting Tournament - FINALS [Won by PANELAND]

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Lost in an extremely close game, gg guys

Thanks to fate for hosting this; it's a boring tournament for spectators but the ghosting chat is probably the most fun I've had palying pokemon in a while.


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Yeah we lost, gg.

The most fun you can have playing Pokemon.

Also here's the replay, but there is a lot of PP stalling:
Congrats PANELAND, you guys played extremely well lategame to pull that out.

I agree also that it was a lot of fun, though it would be nice if the timer could be modified to make it appropriate for this instead of just letting everyone take 5+ minutes per move. Good job Fatecrashers (and hip on the idea)!


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Oh and sorry for the somewhat mean things we said in our ghosting, we didn't really meant it.
Don't worry, the things we said in our ghosting weren't much better.

Anyway, Congratulations! Kinda disappointed we didn't win after our amazing planning but you guys deserve it.
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