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The Ghosting Tournament - Semifinals

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by Fatecrashers, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Fatecrashers

    Fatecrashers acta est fabula
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis an Artist Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 24, 2007
    The Ghosting Tournament
    Or: The Trading Faces Tournament


    Approved by Earthworm :O

    Original idea by Hipmonlee

    Smogon Tournament Rules
    Sign Ups
    Round One
    Round Two
    Round Three

    Ghosting - (v) The act of gaining knowledge of another person's Pokemon battle, whether through spectating or the viewing of pasted logs, and helping that person make his move selections during the Pokemon battle.

    This is a tournament where ghosting is permitted and highly encouraged. Players will be competing as part of a team but each round only one player from each team will be battling. Ghosting and scouting has long been problems in other tournaments but this tournament laughs at these concepts and makes them its bitches.

    Standard Rules

    • Single elimination format
    • Matches are to be played on the Smogon University server on Pokemon Online
    • 5th Generation OU tournament
    • OHKO Clause
    • Evasion Clause
    • Species Clause
    • Sleep Clause
    • Wifi Clause

    IMPORTANT!Tournament-specific Rules IMPORTANT!

    • No Disallow Specs - for easy ghosting and scouting
    • No Battle Timeout - this allows you time to discuss strategy during the battle, but if you timestall your opponent on purpose, with no evidence to the contrary, I reserve the right to disqualify your team
    • 3 members per team
    • Each team shall nominate a captain either through PM or their team sign up post, he will be in charge of organizing team members, providing the opposing captain with available times, and making sure the team gets the battle done in a timely manner
    • Because of the ghosting element, who is actually battling for the team each round makes little difference, just make sure the battle gets done
    • There's nothing to stop you taking the advice of people not on your team, but remember that they may not always have your best interest at heart, and spies and backstabbers are everywhere...
    • All battle logs must be saved and PMed to me, I will post the battle logs in the thread at the end of each round. This should help you formulate a strategy for next round
    • If you have any Skype recordings, IRC logs, or PO logs of the ghosting discussions that go on, it would be nice if you PM those to me too, but this is not mandatory. These may be posted publicly to provide insight / entertainment.
    • You shall make your team name known to me either through PM or the sign up post, otherwise I will pick one for you and it will not be pretty.

    List of teams (open)

    Team McLovin - Alice, McMeghan, Stone_Cold
    PANELAND - Hantsuki, pi face, Rurushu
    the nuggets - Earthworm, Heist, Hipmonlee
    Team SCHLÜSSELBEINBRUCH - Django Reinhart, CrashinBoomBang, Ginku

    This is it, the semifinals, who will move onto the ultimate ghosting showdown?

    The European fury that is Team SCHLUSSELBEINBRUCH?
    The trans-Atlantic might of Team McLovin?
    The Oceanic force known as the nuggets?
    The Brazilian power by the name of PANELAND?

    We shall see...

    Match Ups

    Team SCHLUSSELBEINBRUCH vs the nuggets

    Team McLovin vs PANELAND

    You have 7 days as of this post to complete your battle.

    Remember to PM all battle logs to me. If you didn't save the log for whatever reason, the winners should PM their winning team to me.
  2. Fatecrashers

    Fatecrashers acta est fabula
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis an Artist Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 24, 2007
  3. coR.

    coR. gruencore
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributoris a Tiering Contributor

    Sep 19, 2010
    Team SCHLUSSELBEINBRUCH vs the nuggets

    Team McLovin vs PANELAND
  4. Coren37


    Apr 5, 2012
    Team SCHLUSSELBEINBRUCH vs the nuggets

    Team McLovin vs PANELAND
  5. LuckOverSkill


    Nov 28, 2010
  6. Django

    Django Started from the bottom...
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Oct 23, 2009
    European fury lets get it
  7. AkHolic


    Mar 15, 2012
    Team SCHLUSSELBEINBRUCH vs the nuggets

    Team McLovin vs PANELAND
  8. Robert.

    Robert. Gone.
    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 4, 2011
    Team SCHLUSSELBEINBRUCH vs the nuggets

    Team McLovin vs PANELAND
  9. danilo

    is a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion

    Apr 30, 2011
    lol noobs dont know about PANELAND
  10. Django

    Django Started from the bottom...
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Oct 23, 2009
    SCHLUSSELBEINBRUCH has defeated the nuggets in a great game. I haven't enjoyed a match as much as that in a while, gg all.
  11. babidi1998

    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL and WCoP Champion

    Mar 27, 2009
    yea i made an assumption based on false calculations early-game that probably cost us the match. sorry team & gl in the finals schlusselbeinbruch
  12. CrashinBoomBang

    CrashinBoomBang Sag der Bitch Sayonara kiff Marihuana und fick das Sozialamt
    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 14, 2010
    yeah it was fun, gg
  13. Alexander.

    is a Tiering Contributorwon the 2nd Official Ladder Tournament

    Jan 24, 2012
    Team McLovin vs PANELAND

    HANTSUKI Rivers in a dry land
    is a Pre-Contributoris a Past WCoP Champion

    Apr 24, 2010
  15. Alice

    Alice The worst taste in music

    Jun 23, 2007

    Poor kid, got HAXED ;_;
  16. McMeghan

    McMeghan Dreamcatcher
    is a Tournament Director Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past SPL Championis the Smogon Tour Season 14 Champion

    Aug 25, 2010
    It was a great and intense game, gg Paneland, you played better at the start, then we played pretty well and those 2 full para closed the game.

    Our ghosting :

    Show Hide
    01[01:38] <02McMeghan> Oh
    01[01:38] <02McMeghan> he challenged
    [01:38] <Alice_> i'm falling asleep already
    01[01:38] <02McMeghan> LOL
    01[01:38] <02McMeghan> he took
    01[01:38] <02McMeghan> Iconic team
    [01:38] <cbb> GL
    01[01:39] <02McMeghan> Your team: Deoxys-D / Rotom-W / Scizor / Alakazam / Sableye / Dragonite
    01[01:39] <02McMeghan> Opponent's team: Politoed / Starmie / Ferrothorn / Jirachi / Latios / Landorus
    [01:39] <Alice_> ?
    [01:39] <Alice_> beware of latios
    01[01:39] <02McMeghan> maybe it's a trick
    01[01:39] <02McMeghan> so we think it's iconic team
    01[01:39] <02McMeghan> but it isn't
    [01:39] <Alice_> still
    01[01:39] <02McMeghan> and it has shit like scarf rachi
    [01:39] <Alice_> starmie under rain could be troublesome
    [01:39] <Alice_> i'd be more worried for starmie and latios
    01[01:40] <02McMeghan> http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3468823
    01[01:40] <02McMeghan> dont forget we have scarf zor
    01[01:40] <02McMeghan> for those two
    [01:40] <Alice_> ok so
    [01:41] <Alice_> rotom lead?
    01[01:41] <02McMeghan> wait
    01[01:41] <02McMeghan> so
    01[01:41] <02McMeghan> looking at our team
    01[01:41] <02McMeghan> they are thinking
    01[01:41] <02McMeghan> we're gonna lead with Rotom or DeoxysD
    [01:41] <Alice_> I believe they'd like to setup rain asap
    [01:42] <Alice_> since we lack weather
    01[01:42] <02McMeghan> yeh imo
    01[01:42] <02McMeghan> they gonna lead either with toed
    [01:42] <Alice_> or they could go for the uturn with lando/jira as well
    01[01:42] <02McMeghan> either with lando
    01[01:42] <02McMeghan> jirachi is troublesome
    01[01:43] <02McMeghan> so
    01[01:43] <02McMeghan> what do you think ?
    [01:43] <Alice_> I believe rotom would be solid lead
    [01:43] <Alice_> unless they decide to lead with latios
    [01:43] <Alice_> or
    [01:44] <Alice_> we can lead with scizor
    01[01:44] <02McMeghan> yeh but
    01[01:44] <02McMeghan> i don't want to reveal scarf too soon
    [01:44] <Alice_> but if it's specs toed it will hurt...
    [01:44] <Alice_> ok then
    01[01:44] <02McMeghan> rotom-w ?
    [01:44] <Alice_> yeh
    01[01:44] <02McMeghan> i'm afraid they lead with ferro
    [01:44] <Alice_> ugh
    [01:44] <Alice_> i'm afraid they're leading with starmie XD
    [01:44] <Alice_> or latios
    01[01:45] <02McMeghan> i doubt they'll lead with starmie tbh
    [01:45] <Alice_> ok then
    [01:45] <Alice_> deo lead
    01[01:45] <02McMeghan> k
    01[01:45] <02McMeghan> a Politoed.
    01[01:45] <02McMeghan> SR ?
    [01:45] <Alice_> it was the most reliable thing
    01[01:46] <02McMeghan> he's gonna blast some surf
    01[01:46] <02McMeghan> we can get SR + Spikes
    [01:46] <Alice_> does surf ko?
    01[01:46] <02McMeghan> no
    [01:46] <Alice_> ok
    [01:46] <Alice_> then sr spikes
    01[01:46] <02McMeghan> spikes ?
    [01:46] <Alice_> hmmm
    [01:46] <Alice_> what are our chances here
    01[01:46] <02McMeghan> thye might switch to starmie
    [01:46] <Alice_> ok
    [01:46] <Alice_> spikes
    01[01:47] <02McMeghan> ok
    01[01:47] <02McMeghan> so
    01[01:47] <02McMeghan> maybe we should just recover ?
    01[01:47] <02McMeghan> if they rapid spin
    01[01:47] <02McMeghan> we tank the hit
    [01:47] <Alice_> ok
    01[01:47] <02McMeghan> if they hpump
    01[01:47] <02McMeghan> we have our layers
    [01:48] <Alice_> yeh
    [01:48] <Alice_> trololololololol
    01[01:48] <02McMeghan> ok so
    01[01:48] <02McMeghan> we switch to sableye ?
    01[01:48] <02McMeghan> or
    01[01:49] <02McMeghan> the question here is
    01[01:49] <02McMeghan> are they gonna spin or surf
    [01:49] <Alice_> hmmm
    [01:49] <Alice_> tough one
    01[01:50] <02McMeghan> give me your opinion
    [01:50] <Alice_> i'd say
    01[01:50] <02McMeghan> it sounds like a 50.50....
    [01:50] <Alice_> ok
    [01:50] <Alice_> they probably spin
    [01:50] <Alice_> because
    [01:50] <Alice_> even ifwe switch to sableye
    [01:50] <Alice_> they can then hpump him into oblivion
    01[01:50] <02McMeghan> so
    01[01:50] <02McMeghan> should i switch to sableye ?
    [01:51] <Alice_> I'm not still sure but
    05[01:51] * Ginku (~Ginku@etc.etc) Quit (Quit: ~)
    [01:51] <Alice_> because
    [01:51] <Alice_> as true as that statement is
    [01:51] <Alice_> it's also the obvious one
    [01:51] <Alice_> still I believe the safest option is to spin
    01[01:51] <02McMeghan> yeh so
    01[01:51] <02McMeghan> going for sableye ok ?
    [01:51] <Alice_> hmmm
    [01:52] <Alice_> ok
    [01:52] <Alice_> shit
    01[01:52] <02McMeghan> they prolly gonna hpump again right?
    [01:52] <Alice_> they're gonna t-bolt if any
    [01:52] <Alice_> or spin
    [01:53] <Alice_> what's sableye's?
    [01:53] <Alice_> moveset I mean
    01[01:53] <02McMeghan> wow taunt reco night shade
    [01:53] <Alice_> oh right
    [01:53] <Alice_> they're gonna hpump again
    01[01:54] <02McMeghan> so
    [01:54] <Alice_> fearing the priority recover
    01[01:54] <02McMeghan> i sack deod ?
    [01:54] <Alice_> no
    [01:54] <Alice_> hmmm
    01[01:54] <02McMeghan> my idea here is
    01[01:54] <02McMeghan> to trap starmie with scizor scarf
    01[01:54] <02McMeghan> once it's done, we have our layer
    [01:54] <Alice_> is sableye important besides spinblock?
    [01:54] <Alice_> yeah
    01[01:54] <02McMeghan> sableye might become important vs Jirachi
    [01:55] <Alice_> oh
    [01:55] <Alice_> I don't think deo is a good choice
    [01:55] <Alice_> since
    [01:55] <Alice_> they can spin, then pump and so on
    01[01:55] <02McMeghan> so
    [01:55] <Alice_> and we just lose hazards
    01[01:55] <02McMeghan> i recover
    [01:55] <Alice_> I think
    01[01:55] <02McMeghan> ?
    [01:55] <Alice_> the options are
    [01:55] <Alice_> sacrifice sableye or
    [01:55] <Alice_> go to nite/rotom
    01[01:56] <02McMeghan> we have to keep rotom healthy imo
    01[01:56] <02McMeghan> otherwise jirachi might be a bitch
    01[01:56] <02McMeghan> what about, we recover
    01[01:56] <02McMeghan> if they witch
    01[01:56] <02McMeghan> we are back 70%
    01[01:56] <02McMeghan> if they kill, we send scizor
    [01:57] <Alice_> I was thinking on
    [01:57] <Alice_> night shade
    [01:57] <Alice_> but recover if you feel like it
    [01:57] <Alice_> yeah
    [01:57] <Alice_> recover is good
    01[01:57] <02McMeghan> going for recover
    [01:57] <Alice_> forgot night shade doesn't get priority
    [01:57] <Alice_> lol
    01[01:57] <02McMeghan> keeping the same plan
    01[01:57] <02McMeghan> recovering
    [01:58] <Alice_> ok
    01[01:58] <02McMeghan> until they switch/kill
    01[01:58] <02McMeghan> just waiting so
    01[01:58] <02McMeghan> they think we're gonna go DeoD
    01[01:58] <02McMeghan> ok
    01[01:59] <02McMeghan> this is
    01[01:59] <02McMeghan> the most important turn of the game
    01[01:59] <02McMeghan> either pursuit for the trapp kill
    [01:59] <Alice_> yeh
    01[01:59] <02McMeghan> so we have our layer safe
    01[01:59] <02McMeghan> either uturn if they stay
    [01:59] <Alice_> does pursuit kill?
    [01:59] <Alice_> if they stay?
    01[02:00] <02McMeghan> no
    [02:00] <Alice_> I believe uturn
    [02:00] <Alice_> even if they switch they take damage
    [02:00] <Alice_> hazards damage
    01[02:00] <02McMeghan> and we still have the upper hand
    01[02:00] <02McMeghan> uturn, ok ?
    [02:01] <Alice_> exactly
    [02:01] <Alice_> yes
    [02:01] <Alice_> anyway they can't switch back starmie on rotom, alaka nor nite
    [02:01] <Alice_> so
    [02:01] <Alice_> uturn it is
    [02:01] <Alice_> awesome
    01[02:02] <02McMeghan> nice
    01[02:02] <02McMeghan> soooooo
    [02:02] <Alice_> deo d
    01[02:02] <02McMeghan> oh
    [02:02] <Alice_> sacrifice if offense
    [02:02] <Alice_> taunt if jira/ferro
    01[02:02] <02McMeghan> taunt if defense
    [02:02] <Alice_> right?
    01[02:02] <02McMeghan> k
    01[02:03] <02McMeghan> btw
    01[02:03] <02McMeghan> jirachi is the only issue
    [02:03] <Alice_> ?
    01[02:03] <02McMeghan> once it's dead
    01[02:03] <02McMeghan> dnite close the game
    [02:03] <Alice_> yeah nite can sweep
    01[02:03] <02McMeghan> taunt right
    [02:04] <Alice_> yeh
    [02:04] <Alice_> sweet
    01[02:04] <02McMeghan> k so
    01[02:04] <02McMeghan> they probably gonna either thunder
    01[02:04] <02McMeghan> either double switch
    01[02:04] <02McMeghan> we could go for rotom but
    [02:04] <Alice_> whmmm
    01[02:04] <02McMeghan> it's kinda unsafe
    [02:04] <Alice_> what are our options?
    [02:05] <Alice_> yeh it is unsafe
    01[02:05] <02McMeghan> thus
    [02:05] <Alice_> we can keep taunting
    01[02:05] <02McMeghan> yes, that too
    01[02:05] <02McMeghan> i keep taunting ?
    [02:05] <Alice_> I'd say so
    [02:05] <Alice_> to avoid para
    01[02:05] <02McMeghan> k
    [02:05] <Alice_> they may probably go to ferrothorn
    [02:05] <Alice_> as well
    [02:05] <Alice_> for free rocks
    [02:05] <Alice_> on rotom
    01[02:05] <02McMeghan> arg
    01[02:06] <02McMeghan> if they para
    01[02:06] <02McMeghan> they gonna get a free cm
    [02:06] <Alice_> what's rotom set?
    01[02:06] <02McMeghan> vswitch hpump wow pain split
    01[02:07] <02McMeghan> should we hope for
    [02:07] <Alice_> ok rotom now
    [02:07] <Alice_> bleh
    [02:07] <Alice_> I'd say wow
    01[02:08] <02McMeghan> yeh same
    01[02:08] <02McMeghan> that jirachi is def bulky tho
    01[02:08] <02McMeghan> it'll only take ~25% on scizor uturn
    01[02:08] <02McMeghan> but we can play around with deod taunt + wow + uturn
    [02:08] <Alice_> yeh
    01[02:10] <02McMeghan> ok so
    01[02:10] <02McMeghan> if we weaken jira enough
    01[02:11] <02McMeghan> dnite will win the game
    [02:11] <Alice_> yeh
    01[02:11] <02McMeghan> so either they switch
    01[02:11] <02McMeghan> and we cripple something get the momentum back
    01[02:11] <02McMeghan> either they stay
    01[02:11] <02McMeghan> and jirachi will slowly die
    [02:11] <Alice_> shit
    01[02:11] <02McMeghan> Meh.
    01[02:12] <02McMeghan> should we retry WoW ?
    01[02:12] <02McMeghan> rotom outspeed
    [02:12] <Alice_> I guess
    01[02:12] <02McMeghan> rogl
    [02:12] <Alice_> oh come on
    [02:12] <Alice_> -.-
    01[02:12] <02McMeghan> switching on deod
    01[02:12] <02McMeghan> k ?
    [02:13] <Alice_> ok
    [02:13] <Alice_> or
    [02:13] <Alice_> Why not
    [02:13] <Alice_> scizor?
    01[02:13] <02McMeghan> hmmm
    01[02:13] <02McMeghan> i can go scizor yes
    [02:13] <Alice_> the best he can do is leech seed
    [02:13] <Alice_> neither g-ball nor power whip hurt
    [02:13] <Alice_> and whatever they send, we have the upper hand
    [02:14] <Alice_> wtf
    [02:14] <Alice_> oh right rocky helm
    [02:14] <Alice_> -.-
    01[02:14] <02McMeghan> ok so
    01[02:14] <02McMeghan> do i send
    01[02:14] <02McMeghan> deod ?
    01[02:14] <02McMeghan> so i have one new spikes layer
    [02:14] <Alice_> yeah
    01[02:15] <02McMeghan> spiking
    [02:15] <Alice_> k
    01[02:15] <02McMeghan> those wow miss
    01[02:15] <02McMeghan> are so annoying
    01[02:15] <02McMeghan> ferro would have been piece of cake for dnite
    [02:15] <Alice_> they are
    [02:15] <Alice_> -.-
    01[02:17] <02McMeghan> alakazam doesnt kill
    01[02:17] <02McMeghan> alakazam doesn't kill
    [02:17] <Alice_> uh
    [02:17] <Alice_> well
    01[02:17] <02McMeghan> do i send Dnite ?
    [02:17] <Alice_> do they know that?
    01[02:18] <02McMeghan> they probably expect alakazam to be sash
    [02:18] <Alice_> can we beat jira with nite?
    01[02:18] <02McMeghan> i don't think so
    01[02:18] <02McMeghan> he has wish
    01[02:18] <02McMeghan> and a truckload of def evs
    01[02:19] <02McMeghan> dnite seems the best thing right now
    [02:19] <Alice_> ok then
    01[02:19] <02McMeghan> ok now
    01[02:19] <02McMeghan> sub or dd
    [02:19] <Alice_> sub
    01[02:20] <02McMeghan> nice
    01[02:20] <02McMeghan> roosting
    [02:20] <Alice_> roost
    01[02:20] <02McMeghan> they gonna send jira
    01[02:20] <02McMeghan> they gonna send jira now imo
    01[02:20] <02McMeghan> should we doubleswitch to rotom ?
    [02:20] <Alice_> k
    01[02:21] <02McMeghan> rotom ?
    [02:21] <Alice_> hmmm
    [02:21] <Alice_> yeah
    [02:21] <Alice_> ok
    01[02:21] <02McMeghan> ok so
    01[02:21] <02McMeghan> are they going to ferro
    01[02:21] <02McMeghan> or latios
    [02:21] <Alice_> if they switch, probably latios
    01[02:21] <02McMeghan> vswitch ?
    [02:22] <Alice_> ok
    01[02:22] <02McMeghan> hmmm
    01[02:22] <02McMeghan> if they leave jira on the fiel
    01[02:22] <02McMeghan> d
    01[02:22] <02McMeghan> that would really annoying tho
    [02:22] <Alice_> yeah but
    [02:22] <Alice_> then just come back with scizor I think
    01[02:22] <02McMeghan> k
    01[02:23] <02McMeghan> ok
    [02:23] <Alice_> I'd say alakazam...
    01[02:23] <02McMeghan> what if we go Alakazam
    01[02:24] <02McMeghan> jirachi will be 2KO by focus blast with all the hazards
    [02:24] <Alice_> yeh
    01[02:24] <02McMeghan> they gonna sac toed
    01[02:24] <02McMeghan> going for the shadow ball
    [02:24] <Alice_> who's that guy btw
    01[02:24] <02McMeghan> just in case
    [02:24] <Alice_> how does he know we have alakazam?
    01[02:25] <02McMeghan> i can altcheck it
    01[02:25] <02McMeghan> k so
    01[02:25] <02McMeghan> they prolly gonna uturn and sac something
    [02:25] <Alice_> yeh
    01[02:25] <02McMeghan> what should i do
    01[02:25] <02McMeghan> shadow ball of focus blast
    [02:25] <Alice_> hmmm
    [02:26] <Alice_> FB
    01[02:26] <02McMeghan> jira and ferro
    [02:26] <Alice_> alaka is still faster than latios in case
    01[02:26] <02McMeghan> will die to spikes + focus blast
    [02:26] <Alice_> they switch to him
    [02:26] <Alice_> yeh
    [02:26] <Alice_> FB
    [02:26] <Alice_> it's actually a no brainer
    01[02:26] <02McMeghan> yeh but
    01[02:26] <02McMeghan> fb might miss
    [02:26] <Alice_> let's just pray it doesn't miss
    [02:26] <Alice_> >_<
    01[02:26] <02McMeghan> what do we risk by using shadowball ?
    [02:27] <Alice_> ferro comming for free
    01[02:27] <02McMeghan> nah
    01[02:27] <02McMeghan> hmm
    01[02:27] <02McMeghan> yeh
    01[02:27] <02McMeghan> ok
    01[02:27] <02McMeghan> no miss please
    [02:27] <Alice_> do we ko with fb?
    01[02:27] <02McMeghan> yes
    01[02:27] <02McMeghan> problem is
    01[02:27] <02McMeghan> ok
    01[02:27] <02McMeghan> imma calc
    01[02:27] <02McMeghan> focus blast + SR + HP Ice on Latios
    [02:27] <Alice_> lol man
    03[02:28] * Blue_Blur (~blueblur2@synIRC-8156C0EC.lightspeed.dllstx.sbcglobal.net) invites you to join #swag
    [02:28] <Alice_> why hp ice when you can shadow ball?
    [02:28] <Alice_> XD
    01[02:28] <02McMeghan> because
    01[02:28] <02McMeghan> they might switch back to landorus
    [02:28] <Alice_> oh right
    01[02:28] <02McMeghan> but i doubt they would
    01[02:28] <02McMeghan> so
    01[02:28] <02McMeghan> focus blast
    01[02:28] <02McMeghan> no miss bro
    [02:29] <Alice_> cool
    [02:29] <Alice_> now
    05[02:29] * Ciele (ciele@top.pomeranian) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
    [02:29] <Alice_> does hp ice koes?
    [02:29] <Alice_> XD
    01[02:29] <02McMeghan> ye
    01[02:32] <02McMeghan> brb 2 minutes
    01[02:32] <02McMeghan> thiink about what to do in case of landorus
    [02:32] <Alice_> they're definitely uturning...
    [02:33] <Alice_> uh
    [02:33] <Alice_> we can put the pressure with scizor...
    01[02:34] <02McMeghan> do we sack Alakazaam ?
    01[02:35] <02McMeghan> they prolly gonna volturn to jirachi
    01[02:35] <02McMeghan> and then we'll send rotom
    01[02:35] <02McMeghan> and they'll doubleswitch to Latios
    01[02:35] <02McMeghan> imo
    01[02:35] <02McMeghan> let alakazam die
    01[02:35] <02McMeghan> so we have the upper hand
    01[02:36] <02McMeghan> what do you think of that ?
    [02:36] <Alice_> well
    [02:36] <Alice_> that's the obvious
    01[02:36] <02McMeghan> anyway
    01[02:36] <02McMeghan> they gotta uturn
    [02:36] <Alice_> but I was thinking in switching to scizor
    [02:36] <Alice_> to take the turn
    [02:36] <Alice_> then uturn on jira, to weaken it more
    [02:36] <Alice_> to rotom
    [02:36] <Alice_> they'll probably wish
    [02:37] <Alice_> so they risk the wow OR forgo the wish to latios
    01[02:37] <02McMeghan> ok but
    01[02:37] <02McMeghan> scizor is 134 HP
    01[02:37] <02McMeghan> he will take 12% from SR
    01[02:37] <02McMeghan> + uturn + further SR
    01[02:37] <02McMeghan> calcing
    01[02:37] <02McMeghan> max uturn + double SR
    01[02:38] <02McMeghan> ok
    01[02:38] <02McMeghan> we'll always takei t
    01[02:38] <02McMeghan> i switch to scizor ok ?
    01[02:39] <02McMeghan> Alice ?
    [02:39] <Alice_> k
    01[02:39] <02McMeghan> Eh.
    [02:39] <Alice_> lol
    01[02:39] <02McMeghan> obvious rotom-w here
    [02:39] <Alice_> yeh
    01[02:40] <02McMeghan> voltswitch of hpump
    [02:40] <Alice_> voltswitch I believe
    01[02:42] <02McMeghan> ok so
    01[02:42] <02McMeghan> basically
    01[02:42] <02McMeghan> sball doesnt kill
    01[02:42] <02McMeghan> imo we have to send dnite
    [02:42] <Alice_> ?
    [02:42] <Alice_> no
    01[02:42] <02McMeghan> shadow ball doesnt kill :/
    [02:42] <Alice_> if shadow ball doesn't kill, even better
    [02:42] <Alice_> because
    01[02:42] <02McMeghan> oh i c
    [02:42] <Alice_> if they use dm, they get the spdef drop
    [02:42] <Alice_> if they use surf, we setup nite
    01[02:43] <02McMeghan> they have LO
    01[02:43] <02McMeghan> so they prolly gonna die from LO damage
    [02:43] <Alice_> oh
    01[02:43] <02McMeghan> but in that case
    01[02:43] <02McMeghan> we have free rotom-w ?
    [02:43] <Alice_> yeah
    01[02:44] <02McMeghan> shadowballing
    [02:44] <Alice_> k
    01[02:44] <02McMeghan> ehh
    01[02:44] <02McMeghan> ok so
    01[02:44] <02McMeghan> last chance is
    01[02:44] <02McMeghan> setupping Dnite
    01[02:44] <02McMeghan> either they kill
    01[02:44] <02McMeghan> either we're setupped
    [02:45] <Alice_> I guess
    01[02:45] <02McMeghan> and then
    01[02:45] <02McMeghan> we hope rotom finish the job by not missing hpump lol
    [02:45] <Alice_> yeh
    01[02:46] <02McMeghan> hmmm
    01[02:46] <02McMeghan> they might CM
    01[02:46] <02McMeghan> so we have to take
    01[02:46] <02McMeghan> THunder +1 + Stone Edge
    01[02:46] <02McMeghan> and no miss from hpump
    [02:47] <Alice_> ok let's pray to arceus
    [02:47] <Alice_> >_<
    01[02:47] <02McMeghan> inb4 it'll come down to miss
    01[02:47] <02McMeghan> the lose.
    01[02:47] <02McMeghan> crit
    [02:48] <cbb> I'm sorry team McLovin :(
    [02:48] <cbb> we'll revenge you
    01[02:48] <02McMeghan> bleh
  17. Rurushu

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    Jan 30, 2009
    I'd post our ghosting but lol portuguese. Anyway, gg, we really got outplayed midgame.
  18. Fatecrashers

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    time for finals lgi
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