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The Inner Core [Uber RMT]

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by Flamethrowa., May 9, 2010.

  1. Flamethrowa.


    Dec 19, 2009
    Hey, I'm Flamethrowa and this is the first Uber RMT I've done with my most successful Uber team to date, an Uber Heatran team I have named
    "The Inner Core".
    I started doing some Uber laddering/testing on my alt. name, "So Gay" just playing around, and made myself a Torment Tran team which I actually happened to like a lot. I eventually found myself struggling too much with a lot of basic threats such as Kyogre, especially Restalk Calm Minders and it set me back from achieving laddering success.
    So I went to edit the team in team builder, changed a couple things sets and members, including the Heatran, and found success and suddenly found myself on the Uber ladder, where I peaked at Number 4 with a CRE of 1751, Number 1 if you exclude glitched accounts with a 1900+ CRE, lol.​

    Enough story telling, onto the actual team.

    At a glance~
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The lead:
    [​IMG] @ [​IMG]
    (Deoxys @ Choice Scarf)
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 248 HP/8 Sp.Def/252 Speed
    [​IMG]~Super Power

    2 games before stopping the usage of my Torment Tran team I had a game which made me want to use Choice Scarf Deoxys-S. I was against Theorymon and he used trickscarf Deoxys to completely ruin my Cloyster lead strategy, so I figured Hey, I can wreck leads like Forretress while also always getting 1 guaranteed layer of spikes up against everything else. Taunt is there to prevent set uppers like usual and prevent spikers, including other Deoxys-s when they come back in on me to get some spikes up. I started this set using shadow ball, but soon found it to be useless and made it super power for 2 reasons. A. I'm not set up bait for Darkrai, and can do a massive amount to it before dying. B. Super power can break a Palkia and Kyogre's sub should it ever have to.

    The Support:
    [​IMG] @ [​IMG]
    (Groudon @ Leftovers)
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs:252 HP/128 Attack/32 Defense/36 Speed/60 Sp.Def
    [​IMG]~Stealth Rock
    [​IMG]~Stone Edge

    Well, he was on the original team, something you have a lot of the time when your lead isn't a rocker in Ubers. And something you almost always have when you are supporting a Heatran. The glue of this team for sure, usually a reliable stealth rocker. Not sure what the def EVs do, I kept the attack high with Adamant so I could 2HKO BU Dialga after 1 bulk up, and gave it 32 speed so it would outspeed most support or bulk up Dialgas. Toxic for Lugia and other Groudons sometimes, dragon claw mainly for Rayquaza and good neutral coverage.
    Changed:Dragon claw has been replaced for Stone edge, and 32 speed is now 36, thanks to Shrang's suggestion.
    Groudon: lol i got no transparent background :(

    The Spinblock:
    [​IMG] @ [​IMG]
    (Giratina-O @ Griseous Orb)
    EVs:244 Attack/64 Sp.Attack/200 Speed
    [​IMG]~Draco Meteor
    [​IMG]~Shadow Sneak
    [​IMG]~Hidden Power[Fire]

    Well here, once you saw the first 2 members, you knew you had to see this (Not to mention that I showed the team at a glance ;D)
    But yeah, standard EV spread except with 4 from attack and into speed should the game ever depend on me outspeeding a fellow Giratina-O, I have a better chance at doing it. The set is self explanatory, Draco meteor for Groudon and any dragon I need to hit. Shadow sneak for Deoxys and the Latis. It is also just useful in general to have double priority. Hidden power Fire obviously for Scizor, Jirachi and Forretress. And the last slot has been devoted to Outrage, even though I had a lot of switching and trouble deciding. I couldn't choose whether I wanted EQ for Heatran, Stone edge for Ho oh, or Outrage for CM Ogre and neutral on Ho oh. I went with outrage just because since the EV spread is leaning towards physical, I might as well have a hard hit in before dying.

    The BOSS:
    [​IMG] @ [​IMG]
    (Heatran @ Leftovers)
    Nature: Calm
    EVs: 244 HP/32 Sp.Attack/12 Sp.Def/220 Speed
    [​IMG]~Lava Plume
    [​IMG]~Dragon Pulse

    "The BOSS" just because..I don't know I couldn't think of a good term for the Pokemon that the team is based around and fucks shit up in general.
    I used the spread from the Torment Tran analysis and used a great Tran set from it's Uber analysis. This thing does it all for me. It'll switch into Dialga/Giratina-O who are lacking a ground move without any fear and do whatever it wants. (On Giratina-O I usually switch back out into Groudon to test it and see if it carrys earthquake, if it doesn't use it then I usually keep switching Heatran into it). When sun is up I am also more than glad switching this guy into Latias and Latios and even Palkia since I can afford to mispredict and take a surf. This Heatran is just a plain stallwrecker and won't be letting you do anything with your Bulk up Dialga all game along with some other stuff like Lugia lacking Earth power and SD Scizor.

    Sprite Credit goes to user: noobiess

    A Specific Counter:
    [​IMG] @ [​IMG]
    (Latias @ Soul Dew)
    Nature: Timid
    EVs: 128 HP/ 180 Sp.Attack/ 200 Speed
    [​IMG]~Dragon Pulse
    [​IMG]~Calm Mind

    Well, in the original copy of this team I had a Rayquaza here, and I just found myself getting completely destroyed by Kyogre, especially Specs. A team who is that weak to a pokemon who you will be seeing almost half of the time is a bad team. So I had to replace Rayquaza even though I liked him with this, Latias. And she fits in well :]
    Not only switching into choiced Kyogres reasonably well, she also combats Restalk CM without a problem, easily beating it 1 on 1.
    The spread is just standard with a couple more in speed for the same reason as Gira-O's case. The set is also standard, thunder on a sun based team because when I switch into Kyogre, the next thing I usually see is Scizor, and I enjoy the luxury of 2HKOing it with a set of spikes and stealth rock on the field. Roost over Recover 'cos can. 8)

    Just what I was looking for:
    [​IMG] @ [​IMG]
    (Scizor @ Choice Band)
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 160 HP/ 172 Attack/ 168 Sp.Def/ 8 Speed
    [​IMG]~ Bullet Punch
    [​IMG]~ U Turn
    [​IMG]~ Super Power
    [​IMG]~ Pursuit

    I call this thing "Just what I was looking for" because before the team was completely finished, I had a Lucario here, and I was so weak to Darkrai it wasn't even funny. However there was a problem, I wanted another steel, 2 dragons with 1 resist doesn't go over well with me. It also couldn't be a ScarfOgre for obvious reasons, or ScarfPalkia since I didn't want a third dragon. So this is what I came up with, very original I know. It changed the way Darkrai handles me so much. Even though it can OHKO with a +2 LO Focus blast, take one layers of spikes + SR, a bullet punch then a LO and you're gone. That is assuming the Darkrai is LO too, and hits the focus blast. This Scizor also helps a lot with Rayquaza who isn't particularly easy to beat, the double priority of Scizor and Giratina handles him. The spread is my friend's old bulky OU Scizor spread, I liked it and have been using it as my ubers one since I saw it. The ubers CB spread does not pack the strong hit I was looking for, and I can't just do 248 HP/252 attack because it has to be able to take SOME special hits. Nothing to say about the set, just standard.

    That's the team, made in about a week of molding from the Torment Tran core.

    Conclusion: This team has been the most successful Uber team I have created, despite how standard it may be. I won't lie, I have had my defeats, some embarassing misplays and misjudgements on my part and some hax. Reaching 1751 in around 5 days of on and off laddering, I am proud of it and am just glad I do not see any gigantic weaknesses.
  2. Flamethrowa.


    Dec 19, 2009
    Yellow: Mild threat
    Red: Very dangerous threat.


    [​IMG]Kyogre: Well, my first switch is usually Latias, who only hates fighting thunder wave versions if they get too much parahax, then I can hit it with Giratina-O's draco meteors or outrages.
    [​IMG]Dialga: Dialga is usually fine with Heatran, but a maxed speed mixed attacker fucks up the entire team except for Heatran.
    [​IMG]Groudon: My own Groudon can toxic it, Giratina-O can draco meteor it, Latias hits it hard, not a problem.
    [​IMG]Rayquaza: Groudon for physical versions, even though it can be KO'd by a +2 waterfall. Scizor picks off lower health ones. Mixed is an issue, usually required some switching around for LO damage and getting Latias in.
    [​IMG]Palkia: If sun is up it is a lot easier to deal with, if it's choiced and not locked into fire blast, I can go to Scizor, if it's not choice scarfed, I can kill it with Latias.
    [​IMG]Giratina-O: Heatran all the way, except Earthquake versions. Latias can kill it, if my own Giratina-O if I happen to be faster I can take it out too.
    [​IMG]Darkrai: Yeah, a major issue even with Scizor. Unfortunately my whole team except for Deoxys is slower than it. And almost all of it is OHKO'd by a +2 LO attack. Scizor's bullet punch keeps it at low though, for life orb to KO it.
    [​IMG]Mewtwo: Mewtwo CAN be an issue, it usually isn't though. I usually mess around switching with the LO versions, and end up KOing it, or leaving it nearly dead with a shadow sneak.
    [​IMG]Wobbuffet: I never really consider Wobbuffet a threat, but it will have it's guaranteed kill if it gets in on Scizor's bullet punch, the rest of the team can use attacks that it can't shoot back at it.
    [​IMG]Deoxys-E: I usually trick them in the beginning, they aren't an offensive threat, they can just get stealth rock up.
    [​IMG] Deoxys-F: As a lead I usually just spike, then go to Giratina. Both my priority users OHKO it easily, Latias can live a special super effective attack if it must.
    [​IMG]Deoxys-L: I usually spike against it, then predict the extreme speed and go to Giratina, or Scizor if I know it doesn't have fire punch.
    [​IMG]Deoxys-D: Toxic from Groudon, U turns from Scizor, set up on by Latias, Taunt by Heatran if faster.
    [​IMG]Shaymin-S: SubSeed can annoy me, but Heatran resists that set's main attacks and can roar it away. LO users are more destructive, I can hit it with Giratina-O without fearing a 2HKO from air slash.
    [​IMG]Mew: I usually just spike against leads, and finish it with Scizor or Giratina later. Baton passers are annoying, especially behind screens, I go for the U turn with Scizor and try to KO with shadow sneak, or if I can't KO with shadow sneak, I'll DM.
    [​IMG]Manaphy: Latias easily.
    [​IMG]Lugia: Latias again, except toxic too, and Scizor can hurt it alittle.
    [​IMG]Latios: If it doesn't have HP fire and sun is up, Scizor. Shadow sneak from Giratina can pick off lower health ones, same with bullet punch.
    [​IMG] Latias: Same as Latios, except I may be able to outspeed with my own Latias.
    [​IMG]Ho-oh: With stone edge on Groudon I feel safer, it's still so dangerous. If it doesn't have earthquake I'll roar it with Tran and save it for later.
    [​IMG]Garchomp: Groudon takes hits easily, but can get wrecked by a +2 outrage. Then it can be picked off by Scizor or Latias.
    [​IMG] Giratina: No problem, just Heatran and even Latias if it's low enough.


    [​IMG]Scizor: Not a problem, Giratina can take U turns, or whatever it uses and OHKO it (in sun) with HP fire. Heatran can kill SD versions and anything that isn't scarf.
    [​IMG]Blissey: Even the special attackers, except for Latias deal with her easily. Scizor, Giratina's outrage and Groudon take her down.
    [​IMG]Lucario: Major problem. Adamant can be KO'd by an HP fire in sun, but jolly outspeeds and nearly OHKOs without rocks up. Groudon can live a jolly SD'd close combat, but throw in some spikes and it's gone. Scizor can weaken it.
    [​IMG]Forretress: If it's a lead it gets tricked, Heatran and Giratina take it out with fire attacks.
    [​IMG]Ludicolo: Scizor can break sub with U turn, and it is a lot less annoying when sun is up and not rain, Latias can also deal with it.
    [​IMG]Tyranitar: Not a problem, Groudon and Scizor's stab moves.
    [​IMG]Metagross: Groudon can take it on besides explosion, Giratina can smack it around with HP fire, Heatran KOs in sun.
    [​IMG]Ninjask: hahaha. Heatran's roar and priority.
    [​IMG] Kingdra: It's kind of annoying in rain, but I just go to Groudon and then it is completely handled by Scizor and Latias. (Unless it DD'd and is at +1 speed for Latias)
    [​IMG] Shedinja: Heatran, toxic Groudon, Scizor's pursuit.
  3. shrang

    shrang Draw me... like one of your human girls
    is a Community Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Battle Server Moderatoris a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2009
    Good team. Like a lot of teams with the same core as yours, it has problems with Ho-oh and Rayquaza, although Ray isn't too bad for your team. Ho-oh can pretty much come in on any of your Pokemon except Giratina-O and either Sub up or just fire off Brave Birds. Heatran can Roar it out, I know, but once your opponent realises this, Ho-oh can just start Brave Birding (Or EQ if they have it) your Heatran and even when resisted, does 34.46% - 40.67%, while Heatran can't do anything in return but to Roar it out. I suggest putting 4 more Speed EVs onto Groudon and giving it Stone Edge so you outspeed the common 32 Spe variants of Ho-oh. Therefore, the new EV spread would be 252 HP/32 Def/48 SpD/36 Spe with the same Nature.

    Hope I helped. Good luck!
  4. Hugendugen

    Hugendugen Noam Chompsky.
    is a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 20, 2009
    As you know, I really like this team :)

    I agree with Shrang in relation to Ho-oh, but I do have one other minor nitpick: the fact that Heatran's evs add up to 516.

    I disagree with your comment about glitches at the top of the Uber ladder (I can't speak for the other two, but based on my own hard work I certainly feel qualified to speak on my own behalf), however that is not relevant for discussion here and by no means deducts from the quality of your work.

    Congratulations on a great team =)
  5. Flamethrowa.


    Dec 19, 2009
    @ Shrang Yeah, you're right. Usually with Rayquaza I rely on double priority, Groudon and not letting it set up. Ho oh is a nightmare though, it's why I have Outrage on Gira-O. I will take your advice on the thread and change Dragon claw to Stone edge, for I usually only use it on Rayquaza.

    @ hugendugen thanks for reminding me, 252 HP on Heatran was really 244, typo heh.I won't comment on whole 1900+ CRE thing here, so thanks for the compliments on my team :]
  6. Yoz


    May 10, 2010
    Flamethrowa, if I were you I'd put the HP EV spread on Deoxys to 248 because if you use it later in game, it won't take as much residual damage because it's hp won't be divisible by 8
  7. ultimifier


    May 13, 2006
    looks like a pretty solid team. The only suggestion I could even think of is to replace superpower with brick break on scizor. Superpower shouldnt be used very often as it allows a ton of free switch ins and allows a lot of pokemon to set up if it KOs a pokemon. While brick break does have all these negatives, it stops BP mew, which is very, very, very good as mew is almost impossible to stop against a good* player using a BP mew.

    *dont use BP mew people, its gay
  8. Flamethrowa.


    Dec 19, 2009
    @ Yoz Alright, I'm not good with HP stats which go with SR.

    @ Ultimifier Thanks. About brick break, that is a nice suggestion for LO or lefties, but super power really is just a one shot deal, power shot on Blissey/Dialga. If they bring in a Rayquaza after I use super power, I'm switching out, just like I would with brick break. But yeah, brick break would help a ton with BP Mew. I might consider it, but thanks for the rates :]
  9. Yoz


    May 10, 2010
    BTW forgot to tell you to change the SpD EVs coz you ain't gona be surviving any hits anyway with Deoxys usually, instead move them to Attack, to do more hurt on darkrai.

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