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The Land Of Nowhere,in maintenance by mexican people,gen 3 & 4 shit here

Discussion in 'Wi-Fi' started by Im not lOlpO, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Im not lOlpO

    Im not lOlpO

    Sep 9, 2009
    i had so many broken links on my thread,lel glad im back in action,btw im mexican and yeah i don't eat tacos at taco bell,shit just got real
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  2. NvMe


    Nov 24, 2013
    Hi, I saw you had some Adamant shiny gallades and then one listed didn't have its nature. So I was wondering if you had a 31/31/31/x/31/31 Shiny Jolly Gallade (justified prefered but not necessary).

    I can offer:

    Can offer one of or multiple if cloned back.

    All perfect (Absol flawless) All Shiny (some I would want a cloned version back)

    Dragonite - Adamant - Multiscale
    Scizor - Adamant - Technician - Knock off/Bullet Punch/Superpower/U-turn - No pentagon
    Pinsir - Jolly - Mold Breaker
    Scrafty - Jolly - Moxie - Dragon Dance/HJK/Crunch/Ice punch - (knock off in ORAS)
    Absol - Naive - Pressure - Knock off/Superpower/ice beam/fire blast - No pentagon
    Venusaur - Calm - Chlorophyll - Sludge Bombe/Leech Seed/Giga Drain/Synthesis
    Talonflame - Adamant - Gale Wings - SD/BB/FB/Roost
    Haxorus - Adamant - DD/Outrage/EQ/PoisonJab - Bread by me - Hatched by Rinneth from SVExchange
    Greninja - Hasty - Protean - Bread by me - Hatched by Brazil from SVExchange
    Heliolisk - Timid - Dry Skin - Hatched by Dante
    Mamoswine - Jolly - Thick Fat - SR Icicle Crash
    Nidoking - Timid - Sheer Force
    Hawlucha - Jolly - Unburden - Baton Pass - Bread by me - Hatched by Rizzi - Luxury ball
    Shuckle - Bold - Sturdy - SR/encore/protect/SE - No pentagon
    Pinsir - Jolly - Mold Breaker
    Hydreigon - Modest - Draco/flash Cannon/Dark Pulse/ Fire blast - Bread by me - Hatched by RED
    Reuniclus - Quiet - Magic Guard
    Charizard Y - Timid - Blaze - Dragon pulse - Bread by me - Hatched by Onnal from SVExchange
    Gliscor - Impish - Poison Heal
    Slowbro - Bold - Regenerator
    Magnezone - Modest - Magnet Pull - HP Fire
    Sylveon - Bold - Pixilate - Hyper Voice- Heal Bell - Wish
    Kyurem Black - Mild - Teravolt - Ice Beam Earth Power Fusion Bolt Roost - No pentagon

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