The LC Open I - Round 4

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Extending the deadline until tomorrow evening since everyone who still has to play says they only need one more day to get their games done ...


two, but one.
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Clarifying: from today I am able to batalhar user: Lavos Spawn. You're being somewhat misleading in your post...

Only time i was gonna be inactive was the last weekend. I'm basically free all of today past 2pm if you wish.


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10:00 kokoloko !seen furai
10:00 Q furai was last seen here 17 hours, 9 minutes ago.
10:00 ChanStat Furai (furai@last.hope) was last seen quitting for "Quit: GOOD NIGHT AND FREE FURAI " on Sun October 14 20:50:45 2012 UTC (17 hours, 9 minutes, 12 seconds ago)

fuk. we might actually need that extension despite the postponed deadline.

i'll still try to get this done today but i have stuff i need to do in about an hour and wont be here tomorrow (during the time he's here anyway).

It should appear a list where we can see banned things, because PO and Smogon have different tiers in LC. And due to that I had to battle with improvised things because blarajan told me that I had a banned ability. ( Hustle Rufflet )



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PO is just fucked up in that regard; Hustle Rufflet isn't banned, it's unreleased. All the Wargle were Male only and the ability Hustle could not be passed down to Rufflet.

If it means anything, apparently LCers keep abusing that in POCL even when told it's not legal.

edit: If you're using Hustle Rufflet for this, change it.
As much as I hate to agree with blarajan he's correct here. Same [obviously] goes for all other male-only/genderless Pokemon (Magnemite, Nidoran-M, idk I can't think of other examples, etc)
Lavos Spawn vs Amarillo and Furai vs kokoloko are getting a short extension; if they don't manage to complete their games within the allocated time period, I'll just flip a coin.

Round 5 should be up momentarily.
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