The return of XS 200 (Sign-Up)

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A long time ago, in a forum not so far away (IGN), I held a classic 200 tournament. The reason for it was nothing more than "anyone feels like doing a classic 200 tourney?". I got about 30 people and we went for it. First round Round Robin of 4 groups with each 5-6 people, then Semi's and Finals.

I ended up with tenchi, AK and someone else. I lost to tenchi, then tenchi beat AK in the finals. Great games I had.

It's back! After one more succesfull XS tournament and 2 dying, I am bringing this tournament to Smogon. A place full of competitive battlers, who can't wait to improve their skills! Are you one of them? Read the rules, then sign up!

General Rules

1. I will go for at least 32 people. I don't think I will reach 64 and I'm reluctant on going with 48 or something whacky like that.

2. This will probably just be a simple Single Elimination Tournament. You lose, you're out.

3. Every round will have a strict deadline, somewhere around 2 or maybe 3 weeks. It sounds flexible, but if you don't make the deadline, I will pick a winner based on activity. You have lots of time to arrange something. If you can't ever make it due to time zones, you're kinda out of luck, I guess, but if you contact me in time I could switch two battles or something. It's very important to show your activity.

4. Team scouting is forbidden. A horrible issue.

5. Report the battle, preferably with score (but everyone does that anyway) in the appropiate thread.

Battling Rules

1. Sleep Clause
2. Uber Clause (Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Latios, Latias, Wobbuffet, all Deoxys forms) are banned
3. Species Clause
4. No OHKOs
5. No Evasion

6. The battle mode is 200, which also means Ru/Sa only. You can only use stuff available on Ruby and Sapphire carts, and nothing else. Set your Version to Ru/Sa only. This means (among others):
- No Pain Splitters (is in the database for some reason, but it's forbidden though not a huge issue)
- No Pokemon from Emerald, Colosseum, FRLG, XD and other games. Jirachi is not allowed either.
- No Moves from other games, like XD or Box moves, Emerald/FRLG Tutors and FRLG natural moves
- No pinch berries other than Liechi (which means no Salac, among others)
- No other illegal movesets

Let the sign-ups begin!

List of people:

1. Mekkah
2. Groudon69
3. peter_pan
4. gotei(13) hyorinmaru
5. Aeolus
6. zfs
7. Aeroblacktyl
8. Lesm46
9. Hipno
10. jpchato
11. Jackal
12. shini latios
13. Atlas
14. Loki
15. Syberia
16. DarkBolt
17. Anyone
18. Delta
19. JMC
20. cookkirby
21. zeroality
22. gdpt
23. FM
24. Raikou21
25. Soujiru San
26. Hairy Pimp
27. Roy
28. Theduzzmaster
29. spies
30. Basics
31. 180.Roger
32. Floppy Disk
33. O_o
34. Eagle
35. kholdstaire
36. Warthog
37. VIL
38. Cless
39. Giga Punch"
40. skarm
41. ShinySandslash
42. DevilKid
43. Fatum
44. [Frieza]
45. Gon
46. SkarmBlissCounter
47. Cerberus
48. StS


EDIT: srry Cerberus, I skipped you over. Replaced Gouz since he signed up last.
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