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the sand you never want to fight

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by pokelegend, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. pokelegend


    Feb 2, 2013
    Hey smogon! Its me, pokelegend, again with a new sand team that i spend a lot of time to build it, so lets start :)
    The lead:
    Hippowdon (m) @ leftovers , nature impish, evs 252 hp/252 def/4 atk , trait sand stream
    moves : stealth rock, earthquake,roar,slack off

    normally i use tyra like lead in the sand, but after i see hippo bulkyness i fell in love with him, this evs make him one of the best phisical wall in the game, he never will be OHKO/2HKOd by any phisical move no puped, SR is here for obvius reasons, eliminate sturdy, sashes,multiscale and damage opponent, roar for phaze who try to boost in my face and with SR is a good Conbo, EQ with just 4 evs in atk do much damages and is the main Stab, slack off is for recover some hp and for rexist better to phisical moves. He never will come in a special move.

    Phisical sweeper
    Stoutland (m) @ choice band, nature adamant, trait sand Rush. Evs 252 atk/252 speed/4 hp
    Moves: return, superpower , ice fang, fire fang

    Ok he is the main sweeper and choice band let him kill everything that no rexist. Return Stab main move, superpower for some tyra and heatrans, ice fang for dragons in General and fire fang mainly for scizor. He is a really powerful poke and i use him in my every sand team. His main problem is jelly and ghost in General, jirachi give some problems too...

    revenge killer
    Jirachi (n) choice scarf, nature timid, trait serene grace, evs 252 speed/252 atk/4 hp.
    Moves : iron head, fire punch, ice punch, body slam.

    Jirachi with this evs outspeed scarfmodest latios, and it is what i want. Iron head main stab move , fire punch for scizor and co, ice punch for landos, dragons and i am not sure about body slam, i use it for try paraflinch Combo but the scarf not help in this case, because after i should switch. Jirachi is really good. The main problems are gastro and jelly cuz they rexist all of his moves... jirachis job is block the dragons locked into outrage .

    second phisical sweeper
    Mamoswine (m) @ life orb, trait thik fat, nature jolly, evs 252 atk/252 speed/4 hp.
    Moves : ice shard , icicle crash, earthquake, superpower

    mamoswine too is an exellent phisical sweeper, i use jolly nature for outspeed some pokes, ice shard is a Stab priority for Ddance dragons, earthquake main powerful stab, icicle crash a powerful second stab that destroy much things and Last superpower for more coverage. Like before the main problem is gastrodom and jelly, but they get hurt much by stab EQ and he can won if he no get burned... i am still trying him, if you know better moveset just tell me :)

    Special sweeper
    Heatran (m) air baloon, trait flash fire , nature timid, 252 spatk/252 speed/4 hp
    Moves: lava plume, earth power, dragon pulse, hidden power (grass)

    Heatran is a good special sweeper but he is the only onle in my team... Lava plume main Stab with 30% burn rate and it is good, earth power for more coverage and other heatrans, dragon pulse for dragons. Sadly hp grass is here just for gastro and he is the only one that can hit him with a supereffective move... What a shame... i was thinking to put celebi over him...
    i am using heat cuz 2 of my team are weak to fire type moves and he help jirachi to stop dragons, nothing else.

    Jellicent (m) leftovers, trait water absorb , nature calm , 192 hp/252 spdef/64 speed
    Moves : taunt , recover, scald, toxic

    jelli is my special wall and anti spinner, speed evs help me with CB scizor by hoping for a burn and by taunting gastro. Recover help leftovers job and with hippo they are a beautiful couple, scald the Stab with 30% burn rate , and toxic for hit who i cannot burn. I have not much to say about him sorry , :/

    This is the team, i hope you can help me, good day and see ya :)
  2. Jukain

    Jukain !_!
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Feb 25, 2011
    hm I actually think I've faced this team on the ladder, and it was pretty annoying. Other than Thundurus-T, which you can revenge kill with Mamoswine, I don't see any glaring issues. You will be worn down quickly by Dragon-type attacks, however, so running a bulkier Heatran is a worthwhile investment. I'm thinking a 248 HP / 252 SAtk / 8 Spd spread will work for you, with the item changed to Leftovers. You should change Lava Plume to Flamethrower so your STAB move actually packs a punch, Dragon Pulse to Hidden Power Ice to ensure Heatran can do more damage to Dragonite, and Hidden Power Grass to Toxic so Heatran can hit bulky Water-types on the switch-in. Hidden Power Grass provides you with minimal extra coverage, hitting only Pokemon Heatran shouldn't be staying in against. These moves optimize your Heatran for a tanking role, which you desperately need for the Lati twins.

    Moving on, some of your choices for your Pokemon are a little wonky though, so you ought to fix them. First off, your Scarf Jirachi is a bit suboptimal. It shouldn't be running Fire Punch or Body Slam on a set meant to revenge kill, as neither will do much to anything; Fire Punch can't even 2HKO Ferrothorn, while Body Slam leaves Jirachi as setup fodder (even with the paralysis chance). I recommend replacing them with U-turn and Healing Wish. U-turn allows Jirachi to scout and keep momentum, which is important, and Healing Wish lets you give one of your Pokemon, such as Tyranitar when it's in KO range of hazards or Stoutland when it's in that same range. Finally, change Toxic to Will-O-Wisp on Jellicent. Jellicent usually only has one or two chances to get off a burn against a certain Pokemon, and Scald just isn't reliable enough. Toxic isn't really all that helpful for you, as the only walls you really need dead are physically bulky Steel-types (i.e. Skarmory), which you have Heatran to remove. Besides, Heatran now has Toxic if you take my recommendation.

    Overall this is a pretty solid team, props and good luck!
  3. pokelegend


    Feb 2, 2013
    I was sure that someone was going to change something of heatran, and ok i will try this mods, with jellicent in some cases toxic > WOW but i will try it, oh yes, with rachi i'll put u-turn over body slam, and i see if change fire punch...

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