Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

If Voldemort even makes it to the E4, that would be a huge achievement, considering that Purrloin and Liepard are very very frail. :O Protect will be a freaking godsend, as will Sturdy on Fighter. If Voldemort dies, I've got a pretty climactic death scene for him. Gonna have him as a male. :3 Plus, if you've noticed, this is now a Scramblocke, where I get peoples to pick my Pokémon, but with the stipulation that if they faint, they will die. Hopefully I can keep Voldemort alive long enough to battle Grimsley, because he is who I want Voldemort to fall to. He's probably going to die to freaking Cilan though. :c Since this isn't a regular Scramble, I am going to be using Reshiram and Pansear, with the stipulation that after the battle(s) I need them for, they both die from severe battle wounds (Cilan for the Pansear, and N & Ghetsis for the Reshiram).
I'd like a fun (Medium difficulty?) challenge on Black version.

I cannot trade.
I'd like to have Smivy as my starter and Haxorus along with Conkeldurr in my final party, you can make we work for them.
The other 3 pokemon should not be totally useless.
Okay, now for something completely different. I'm going to be doing something I never did before. Actually, many things I never did before! I'm going to do a Platinum scramble focussed around Cuteness(yep, I never do that, I always focus my team on absolute beastly bruteness). The challenge will have several specific rules. They are as following:
-A medium challenge --> I will refuse anything I judge to be too hard.
-I will be using the following 4 pokemon, and no more then that!
Seel, Oddish, Magby, [undecided]
-I want nicknames, restrictions and a little bit of storyline for the 3 decided pokemons, and also for the undecided one, with the benefit of being able to decide which poke you give me.
-The whole team is focussed around cuteness
-I will not evolve my pokemons, keep that in mind when determining the difficulty of the challenge
-The undecided pokemon can not be grass/fire/water
-I will allow 3 people to make an undecided pokemon and pick the one I love most, consider this a challenge to make the awesomest cute poke for me and beat the rest of the scramblers :D! (but don't forget about Seel, Magby and Oddish!)
-All pokemons will be traded over from SoulSilver and Pearl, with migrations from Ruby and Leafgreen(hidden somewhere in my room, hopefully) before the first gym.

I hope I didn't limit your creativity too much, but I decided upun these 3 pokemons before I got back to this thread and realised how much I enjoyed my SS challenge(thanks guys<3).
Just copying to yet another new page.
Also a reminder that King_Serperior reserved Oddish and Arceusstar reserved Magby, give me some stuff guys D: !

Edit: Reserving Pharaoh the Yamask for -Rockstar-
Pharaoh, like most Egyptian pharaohs, died about 5000 years ago. He got the rare opportunity to be a pokemon though and since his death he has been one! He has a whole lot of life experience and is considered to be a wise pokemon. It also has experience with death though, having died once before. Pharaoh didn't like dieing, so he prefers not to battle with less then 50% of his health. Once he does battle, he is very calm and defensive. He never uses 2 attacking moves in a row, and must always carry 2 non-attacking moves. This calmness allows him to participate in many battles in a row, and whenever killing (at least) one pokemon in a trainer battle, it must solo 3 random encounters right after (gym battles don't count, there's no random battles around) to show this off.

Pharaoh the Yamask:
-Male (like all pharaohs, except maybe cleopatra, dunno)
-May not start or enter any battle when HP below 50%, if you are already in a battle when the HP drops below it, finish it.
-Must carry 2 non-attacking moves (he has a great movepool btw)
-Never use 2 attacking moves in a row
-No evolution restrictions.
-Whenever killing at least 1 pokemon in a trainer battle, it must kill 3 random encounters afterwards.

I hope this is considered Medium and I'm sure Pharaoh will be an awesome addition to the team! Confagrigus is awesome <3
Rockstar, take Vengeance the Yamask. In her human life, she was a very cruel Admin of Team Rocket that was murdered by Executive Ariana for her repeated disobedience and extreme viciousness. The first act she did in her afterlife as a Yamask was to haunt Ariana for a good two years, until she died of shock. (Yes, I know that Ariana isn't dead, work with me.) Anyways, after indirectly causing Ariana's death, Yamask was caught by a Trainer wandering around Goldenrod City, who traveled to the far-away land of Unova. When at the Relic Castle, this unfortunate Trainer was killed by Team Plasma, and Vengeance was released by Ghetsis. A short time later, you have caught the Yamask, and you notice that she is extremely hostile towards your other Pokemon, due to her not losing her cruel nature as a Team Rocket Admin when she was a human. Due to this, she can never participate in a double or triple battle, and if she does, she will attack her partners until she is the only one left. She also has extreme animosity towards women and female Pokémon, due to the memory of being killed by Ariana. So, she must always be thrown out during a battle to burn female Pokemon. But, she also shows a burning hatred towards Clay, her father. For this reason, she must solo Clay and smite his Pokemon before burning Clay with Will-O'Wisp, since her last act before leaving Unova was to set her old house on fire, which crippled Clay's wife. She must always keep Will-O'Wisp, due to her pyromania, and she must also keep Hex, due to the sadistic side of her loving to see people suffer. In each battle after she receives the two torturous moves, she must always use them side-by-side. After she defeats her father, she evolves into a Cofagrigus, and her hatred multiplies. Remembering how the Team Plasma grunts and Ghetsis killed her old trainer, she must solo all the Plasma Grunts in the Chargestone Cave, as well as N. And finally, at the Pokemon League, solo Shauntal, since she uses a Cofagrigus, and also solo Ghetsis' Cofagrigus, since it is this cruel Admin's older brother. Finally, she must defeat all Yamask and Cofagrigus, due to her not knowing why she is one, and to also make them suffer.

-Catch a female Yamask and call her Vengeance
-Must never participate in a double or triple battle
-Must at least attempt to Will-O'Wisp all female Pokémon after receiving said move
-Solo Clay to evolve into Cofagrigus
-Keep Will-O'Wisp and Hex, and use them side-by-side
-Solo all Plasma Grunts and N in Chargestone Cave
-Solo Shauntal
-Kill Ghetsis' Cofagrigus
-Defeat all Yamask and Cofagrigus

I can tone this down if you want me to.

EDIT: NOOOOOOOO, was ninja'd for the Yamask challange! D: Let's see what Jinzha gives him, and he can choose then.

I hope you realize that Conkeldurr can only be received by trading a Gurdurr, right? So if you can't trade, then you technically cannot receive a Conkeldurr. Also, choose between the two Yamasks, and pick which one you like. In addition, there shouldn't be a nature restriction, since it's a 1/25 chance to actually get a Calm nature, Jinzha.
@Jinzha: sorry; had RL stuff to do yesterday. I am now working on it and will edit this post. Sorry :(.

Take, Sunny the Oddish.

You said that this is a no evolution challenge, right? Well, I am basing this challenge off of that assumption.

The Story:
Sunny is a very niave Oddish and does not understand that everything is a good day.

I'll let you in on Sunny's final moveset and why she has to know them:

1). Sunny Day: Not only is it her namesake, but she feels like everyday should be a happy day!! Max out Sunny Day's PP ASAP. Use Sunny Day first in all battles she participates in unless out of PP.
2). Sleep Powder: She feels that a sleeping person is the most beautiful thing in the world. She cannot attack a foe that is not sleeping. If this is impossible (Insomnia), run or switch. If you cannot, ignore for now.
3). Petal Dance: I said that she likes pretty things, right? Well, is not Petal Dance pretty? Learn ASAP.
4). Sludge Bomb: Although she hates this technique, she will use it in dire times. Learn ASAP. She cannot use this move while in the green HP range. If this move is used, Petal Dance must be used immidetially afterwards.

You must have her solo a gym leader that is "not pretty" and is not Crasher Wake. I'll leave the deciding of if a Gym Leader is pretty or not up to you.

Also, she May not battle Poison Types, as they are ugly and smelly.

If you need any increasing or decreasing of difficulty, just say something and I will edit :)

Good Luck!!
Thanks for the notice, Stall. I changed it and added a new thingy instead. And I was about to ask about the Conkeldurr too.. But maybe he just doesn't want to trade pokes over, just use it for evolving, like I do with most of my playthroughs, except my upcoming Platinum scramble.

Edit: Sorry from me too King, I had the complete contrary of you; A day filled with free time, allowing me to be on the interwebs and the DS non-stop, making me extremely impatient ;x .
Yep Serperior, it's no evolution. I'm breeding all pokemons, since I want them to be as low as possible when I trade them to Platinum. I do hope it's allowed to breed him Petal Dance immediately? Or am I taking "ASAP" too litterally :P .

Great challenge btw! Loved the last part "Also, she May not battle Poison Types, as they are ugly and smelly.", typical female xD .

Edit: I just realised I have to use Sunny Day AND Sleep Powder at the start of every single battle o.O . Could we make it so I use one of the two at the start of a battle?
Hey, ya win some, ya lose some. Besides, I can give you another Pokémon easily, so I have no intentions of getting butthurt over it. :) Reserving your Timburr, Rockstar. Will edit on this post.
@stallmandibuzz-reserving Oshawott as your starter since I haven't been on in god knows how long. I will update before i must leave free wifi access

Take Samurai the Oshawott. This Oshawott is a great fighter, but does not like fighting nor killing. So, it must not deal the finishing blow to a pokemon that was weakened below half health or has a status effect it did not inflict. In addition, it must learn at least 2 moves involving slicing (razor shell and swords dance are ok).

The most important part, however, revolves around his honor. He believes in defense more than offense, so much that whenever a teammate is about to take a lethal blow, he must switch in and take the hit for them, whether or not it would kill him. You may want to overlevel him or invest in bulk so he doesn't die early.
@Skarm: I already got Bon Jovi the Oshawott. You can give me something, and I can decide whether I want Mario the Sandile, or whatever you give me. I'm actually doing the Scramblocke because of your posts, and it would be very interesting to try it. ^^ This is promising to be even darker then my HG, especially since the Pokémon will die instead of fainting. Also, I hope no one gets upset or butthurt, but I am using the Pansear and Reshiram 'gifts', and they will die after their battles.
reserving pokémon for rockstar

Edit: Take Emolga. She hates Elesa as she makes Emolgas look like evils with Volt Switch. She never can learn Volt Switch or U-turn and She must solo Elesa. She also refuses to have more than 2 STABs. Both STABS can't be in same category. when She learns Encore you must keep it and you it when she gets hit by not very effective attack. Can be male, but it thinks that it is female... So if emolga ölearns attract it must use only against males. Emolga must be caught in route 5 you must use the first Emolga you encounter there. If you get very lucky and get shiny no other restrictions than soloing Elesa

Don't cheat to get shiny Emolga :D
@Skarm: I already got Bon Jovi the Oshawott. You can give me something, and I can decide whether I want Mario the Sandile, or whatever you give me. I'm actually doing the Scramblocke because of your posts, and it would be very interesting to try it. ^^ This is promising to be even darker then my HG, especially since the Pokémon will die instead of fainting. Also, I hope no one gets upset or butthurt, but I am using the Pansear and Reshiram 'gifts', and they will die after their battles.

jk. Take this challange that I got for my Ruby, but on a Lilligant.
I forget where, but there's an in-game trade where you can get a Petilil for a Cottonee. Nickname will be wrong and it'll level up faster, but other than that it'll presumably be the same thing.