Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Oh okay then.

Also, I finally managed to push out another update for Platinum! In this one, Mars explains how much of a boss she is.

I'm going to commit to once a week updates for Platinum, since I've been going far too slow on it for far too long.

EDIT: Wow, they want to arrest you Hwang o_O

I hope you have the running shoes, because it sounds like you'll be using them a lot =D

And don't sweat it for using Blaise, since you had to.
The challange and previous chapters.

The story:

Strange sounds surrounded me. From a young age children are told not to venture into the wilderness at night, but I had to. Thankfully, my new friend Blaise comforted me as we walked on Route 1. Out of nowhere, a small creature hopped out of the grass and tackled Blaise. Blaise retaliated using his own Tackle attack. After a few more encounters with wild Pokémon I was starting to become worried about Blaise, he had taken a few hard hits. I really hope that the next city is nearby.

A few minutes pass by and I saw the glow of something about a mile away. This must be Accumula Town. I picked up the pace so I could reach the town and call it a night. However, Blaise was attacked again, after being hit, it was clear that Blaise was angry. But instead of Tackling his opponent, Blaise opened his mouth and a fireball came out. The fireball lit up the night and devastated the aggressor Pokémon.

“Wow, that must Blaise’s Ember attack. It sure is powerful.” I said. The event was so shocking that I began talking to myself.

After walking for a few more minutes , we finally reached Accumula Town. I sat down on a bench and began to drift off. I put my backpack down and used it as a pillow. Blaise hopped up and began resting on my stomach.

I awoke to the sound of a Pokémon battle. Two trainers sent out two different Pokémon, both of which I had recognized from the night before.

“Go Lillipup, give it all you got!” One trainer shouted. So I guess the Pokémon that Blaise use his Ember on was a Lillipup.

“Patrat, show them what you can do!” The other said. Patrat was the Pokémon that constantly attacked Blaise last night.

I continued to watch the battle, seeing as the trainers were more experienced than I, I hoped to learn something. From the beginning it seemed like the fight was one sided. Lillipup was Tackling and Biting Patrat. Patrat wasn’t even doing anything in return. It was just curled up into a ball.

“Now Patrat!” The trainer called.

All of a sudden, Patrat launched into the air and struck Lillipup down with its tail. Lillipup was knocked unconscious and Patrat was clearly the winner. To learn more, I walked over to the victor.

“That was an excellent battle, what was that move that Patrat used?” I asked.

“The move is called Bind. The user of the move takes damage, and then hits back, hard.” He said.

“Interesting, my name is Stephen. I can use all of the information I can get. I’m trying to gain enough badges so I can defeat Champion of the Unova League.” I said. Blaise was just waking up, he missed the entire battle.

“Aren’t we all.” And just like that, the trainer was gone.

I headed over to a building with a red dome on the top. I knew that the building was a Pokémon Center, a place where you can have your Pokémon healed and you can buy supplies. I walked over to the counter and asked the woman to heal Blaise. She picked him up and brought him into some sort of room which I couldn’t enter.

While I was waiting for Blaise, I was contemplating what the man had said. How many people actually take the Unova League challenge? Probably a lot. How many actually gain 8 different badges? Probably very little. And how many actually defeat the Champion? Well, I can’t even remember the last time the Champion was defeated. While I was thinking about how difficult of a challenge this actually was, the woman came out of the room with Blaise.

“Your Tepig is just fine. He had some minor bruises, but we treated those with ease. Also, there is a machine called the Pokémon Storage System in every Pokémon Center. If you deposit a Pokémon into the machine, the Pokémon will be transferred to whoever gave you your first Pokémon, or you can transfer it to your own house. ” She said.

“Thanks and goodbye.” I replied.

Now it was time to continue on my journey. Blaise and I walked out of the Pokémon Center and saw a crowd of people near the bench where I had previously slept. I went over to see what the commotion was. It was bunch of men who looked like they were wearing the symbol that the President of Unova said to stay away from. This cannot be good. Suddenly, a green-haired man dressed in a purple robe with strange markings had teleported in. It looked like his left eye was a bionic eye.

“Greetings citizens of Accumula Town. I am Gehtsis, the leader of Team Plasma. I am here to tell you why you should liberate your Pokémon!” He exclaimed. The crown began to stir.

“You see, Pokémon should not be used as slaves, and must be freed! They are not meant to be used as servants to their owners. So, take out your Pokémon and release them!” Ghetsis was then surrounded by his Team Plasma Grunts and walked off.

Most of the crowd saw threw the nonsense that Ghetsis was saying and left. However, one hat-wearing, green-haired boy approached me.

“My name is N. Your Pokémon is talking to me. It says to release it. It hates being used against its will.” He said. I was insulted.

“Don’t lie, Blaise loves me. He wants to battle with me! I’ll show you. Blaise get ready for battle.”

“Alright, come out Purrloin.” A thin, dark creature came out of the Pokeball.

Blaise used Ember and the fireball struck Purrloin, which then attempted to Scratch Blaise. Blaise jumped to the side and then blindsided the Purrloin with Tackle. The battle was over. N put the Purrloin back into its Pokeball and he ran off.

After the battle, I pushed onto Route 2. I was immediately challenged by multiple trainers. Blaise defeated all of their Pokémon with Ember. When I finally reached the end of Route 2, I decided to take a break. I sat down and took out a sandwich that I had made before leaving home. I split it in half and gave half to Blaise and I ate the other. As we were eating, Bianca appeared.

“Oh hi, Stephen! I have improved so much since last time. I have caught different Pokémon and I have trained them to be really strong. Let me prove it to you. Let’s have a battle.” She said in 5 seconds flat. Damn, she likes to talk. I swallowed the last bit of my sandwich.

“Alright, ready Blaise?” Blaise nodded his head.

“Is that all you have? You can’t beat me with just 1 Pokémon.” Now she was asking to be crushed.

She sent out a Lillipup, and Blaise stepped forward. Lillipup rushed forward and Tackled Blaise, who then use Ember and knocked the Lillipup unconscious with one shot.

“What! That’s a strong attack!” She hollered.

She then sent out her Snivy. Its vines came out and started hitting Blaise.

“That’s Vine Whip. Pretty cool, huh?” She was unaware that Vine Whip was not very effective on a Fire-Type like Blaise.

Blaise then used Ember, which singed the poor Snivy. Bianca sighed.

“I give up. I guess I have to do more training to defeat you.” And then she walked off.

Me and Blaise walked into Striaton City, admiring the quaint houses and buildings. We headed for the Pokémon Center. I entered the building and as I approached the desk, the nurse greeted me.

“Hello nurse, can you heal my Tepig? He isn’t hurt too bad.” I said.

“Sure-“She began.

All of a sudden, the doors flung open and a boy with an Oshawatt cradled in his arms came running in.

“Nurse please help him!”

“Okay. Sorry Tepig-owner, but this is much more serious.”

As the nurse brought the Oshawatt to emergency care, I approached the boy.

“What happened to your Oshawatt?” I asked.

“The Gym-Leader happened. The Gym-Leader uses a type that is Super-Effective against your Pokémon. Oshawatt really got hurt out there. If you are thinking about challenging the Striaton Gym, I recommend you train your Pokémon a lot.” He explained.
“I see. I hope your Oshawatt gets better soon.”

I waited for at least an hour for the nurse to get back. When she got back I gave her Blaise and then waited some more. I overheard 2 other trainers talking about the trainer school that was in town. I figured that I should check that out.

When Blaise was healed, we started off Eastward, to a place known as the Dreamyard. Two trainers were there. Blaise unleashed his powerful attacks on their Purrloins, Patrats, and Lillipups. He emerged victorious over both of the trainers.

After seeing that the rest of the Dreamyard was blocked off by a tree, I decided to go towards the trainer school. I felt something clinging to my belt and I turned around. A Pokémon, which I recognized to be Pansage, was on my belt. It tapped the button one of my Pokeballs, and it captured itself. What a genius. Whether he was intelligent or not, I knew that Professor Juniper really wanted to study the PanSimi-species of Pokémon. Seeing as I had one, which I named Thyme, I would send it to her for research.

I went back into Striaton City and headed over to the Pokémon Center. I deposited Thyme into the Pokémon Storage System. Now it’s time go to the to the trainer school. As I open the door, I see a dark-haired figure at the blackboard. It was Cheren.

“Hey Cheren, let’s have a battle.” I called, I was eager to kick his ass.

“Haha, sure. This should be an easy win, I’ve been studying Pokémon facts and strategies all day.” He said confidently.

Blaise steps forward and Cheren releases his Oshawatt. I saw hatred in Blaise’s eyes. He really did not like that Oshawatt, nor did he like Cheren. Blaise scrapped his hoof against the ground, ready to charge. He then went forward, but something odd happened. As he was charging forward, like he normally does when he uses Tackle, he became encased in flames. He hit Oshawatt hard, despite it being a Water-Type.

“Oh no, that’s Flame Charge! Not only does it do massive damage, but it raises the user’s speed. Oshawatt, eat your berry and then use Water Gun.”

Oshawatt took out a small blue berry and gobbled it. It seemed to have gained some energy back. It then let out a powerful stream of water, aimed at Blaise. Blaise took the hit pretty well. Blaise then used Flame Charge again, knocking Oshawatt back. Oshawatt slammed against the wall and was knocked unconscious.

“Your turn, Purrloin!”

Blaise had gained so much speed from Flame Charge that as soon as Purrloin came out of the Pokeball, it was hit and knocked out by another Flame Charge delivered by Blaise. I had defeated Cheren. Maybe that will put him into his place.

Suddenly, Blaise was enveloped into a bright white light. I turned away because it was too bright. When it was done, I turned back. I saw Blaise standing on two feet now, he was also bulkier and tougher looking. Instead of being a cute little Tepig, he had evolved into a Pignite.

“You know Stephen, you should give your Pokémon commands more often, instead of letting them attack by themselves.” He said.

“What are you talking about? I just beat you, my strategy of letting Blaise decide what to do seems to be working just fine.” I said. Who gave him the right to criticize my battling style?

“It won’t work much longer. Here take these berries for winning. Give them to your Pokémon to hold. When it is low on health, it will eat the berry and regain health.” He said. He gave me the berries and walked off.

After tending to Blaise’s wounds from the Water Gun, I head over to Striaton Gym. Striaton Gym looks like it is a café. There were two trainers inside. Blaise defeated their Lillipups, Purrloins, and Patrats by pummeling them with his new arms, which used to be his front two legs. They told me the move was called Arm Thrust.

I reached the stage at the end of the café and their stood 3 trainers. One who was wearing green and had green hair, one was red, and one was blue.

“Hello, I am Cilan.” Said the green one.

“I am Chili, and we are the 3 Gym-Leaders” Said the red one.

“I am Cress, and since you have a Pignite, which is a Fire-Type, I will be battling you.” Said the blue one.

Cress sent out a Lillipup and Blaise stepped forward. I remembered what happened to that boys Oshawatt. I knew that Blaise would need the speed boost from Flame Charge to beat whatever the next Pokémon was.

“Blaise use Flame Charge!”

Blaise charged forward and knocked Lillipup back into Cress. They both fell back As Cress got up, he recalled Lillipup and sent out a Panpour. Blaise, with newfound speed, used Arm Thrust and hit the Panpour from the right, then from the left , but it ducked under the third shot and used Water Gun. While Blaise was regaining his stance, the Panpour ate its berry. Blaise then used Arm Thrust again. He hit twice again, and Panpour ducked under the third shot again. It used Water Gun again, but this time Blaise was pretty much unfazed by the stream of Water. He then used Arm Thrust again, one shot over Panpour’s head was all it took to knock it out.

“Magnificent battle. I guess I have to give you the Trio Badge. Also, take this TM, it’s the move Work Up. If you want to teach it to a Pokémon, bring it to the Pokémon center and they’ll show you how.”

I took the TM and the Trio Badge. I was ecstatic. As I headed outside, I saw a wanted poster on a telephone post. I wondered who it was. Probably Ghetsis, or maybe even N. I went over to take a closer look. Upon inspection of the poster, I dropped to my knees. It was me.

The team:

Listed from MVP to LVP.

Blaise the Pignite: Level 17.
-Flame Charge
-Arm Thrust
Blaise is really reliable. Even from powerful Water attacks he barely takes any damage. He can also dish out heavy damage.


Sorry that I used Blaise against Cress. He isn't supposed to battle against Gym-Leaders with type-advantages, but I had no other Scramblemons.
@SkyShayde: Then have it solo the first Gym leader that is not already being solo'd to evolve.

@Hwang: Nice update!! I sense that Ninja will make an appearence in the next chapter :P

@Tetrinity: Glad you liked it. When you said backstory, I did a backstory :D

I just hope that I gave you enough information for the Scramble :)

I can make it more or less difficult if you wish ~_^
Error404 the Patrat

Hey! Dont open my hide tag! I'll put some backstory later if you get out of MY hide tag.

Moves you can use:

Sand Attack

He must not evolve.
He must not hold an item.
Solo all major battles not soloed by anyone else.
Only heal him at Pokemon centres but you must WALK to the last used Pokemon centre everytime he faints.
Catch him at route 1
Must have run away but can never use it
Must never battle in water or grass. For every time you do, solo 50 wild Pokemon times the number of battles eg 1st time = 50, 2nd time = 100 etc
Must solo every Pokemon in Twist mountain and Victory road
Must solo every trainer in the battle company and 5 gyms of your choice
Must solo Cobbalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Thundurus, Zekrom and Kyurem

Try THAT tetrinity


Keep moving forward
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Oh God, that Patrat...

Also, Arceustar, the Lillipup you've given me is a bit... odd. She seems like a ghost.
Lilly the female lillipup

Lily tries to help... but isn't very good at it. If she is killed, she stays alive using unknown resources... but they stop after skyla. She must evolve... 7 levels late. She can use a lifeline to stop someone dying... but if she does that, she loses the lower right moveslot then lower left etc. She can get rid of one restriction from any scramblemon... but if you use it, that Pokemon loses a moveslot. She must solo Victory Road... but dies during it.
I assume that "lifeline" means use a Revive?

In your signature, it says about your name but someone told me that the more you comment about, the more people will deliberately spell it wrong

In case you were wondering, it was Threadshot A1

In your signature, it says about your name but someone told me that the more you comment about, the more people will deliberately spell it wrong

In case you were wondering, it was Threadshot A1
@the KWOTS: yeah, this thread is known for people trolling. Frankly my name doesn't have a h in it. But I don't talk about it or else Random will probably stick a Cheri Berry on it. ;)

On that note, the next person to spell my name wrong and ask for a scramble on will get Vanguard. Or Barrier, the even more evil version of Vanguard.
@Treadsot A1 (I'm not allowed to put a h in it)

Also, I think I prefer Error404 to Vanguard. I banned death restrictions for a good reason; I just know I'd end up having to solo the whole game with a single Pokémon >___>

Plus it helps my story if I can control when deaths occur. On that note, I have a prologue / first chapter in progress. I may just make a backstory for Error404 myself (since he'll be introduced very early on), if my mind is even capable of creating something quite so warped and horrific.