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The team I'm about to go on a journey with

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by helldog, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. helldog


    Mar 21, 2012
    This team is very entertaining if you think of traveling with these pokes in real life(or in the anime like Ash travels with his pokes) but of course they have to be useful competitively. Also this team is not really standard as I hate being predicted easily and losing the fun of playing. This team is also like an all out offensive-ish team but theres 2 bulky pokes too so that shouldn't be a problem. Anything else other than offensive just doesn't fit my style such as supporting teammates and stuff. Also a big thing that I lack is stealth rock. None of my pokes can learn rocks so oh well, guess I have to cope with that.

    ゲンガー(Gengar)-Expert belt
    -Shadow ball
    -Focus blast
    -Icy wind

    Most of the time I lead with this Gengar because he simply is just amazing facing opposing leads. I don't care if they set up rocks or anything, I just want to get them out of the way. So first off Gengar is a good lead because he's immune to fake out and explosion and other leads waste their time using taunt on Gengar. Shadow ball for good stab, focus blast for perfect coverage when it pairs up with shadow ball, icy wind is for slowing down pokes and that shouldn't be a problem because Gengar has the perfect immunities and resistances and his Hp evs should let him take a hit. And once he slows them down, he can finish them off with one of his remaining moves. And since Gengar forces alot of switches, I can icy wind on the switching poke so speed really shouldn't be a problem here. Now thunder. You may be wondering why the hell I'm using such an inaccurate move when there is thunderbolt. Well with thunderbolt, it doesn't even have the power to 2KO bulky waters. He needs more power. And besides it has focus blast anyway so why not use thunder too? And thunder doesn't really miss too much if you think of it. And lastly Gengar can come back mid or late game and special sweep.

    Journey use: Gengar will scare the shit out of anyone who tries to disturb me and along with Magnezone and Flygon he can search for lost ones by flying like how Ash uses his Swellow to look for lost pokes or people.

    キノガッサ(Breloom)-Toxic orb
    Ability:Poison heal
    -Focus punch

    Breloom can possibly be my other lead at times. If I somehow know the other lead is slower than Breloom I can send him out so he can spore them. But otherwise he acts as my physical sweeper. Focus punch and facade for raw power and thunderpunch for Gyarados's because Breloom resists all of Gyarados's common moves everyone uses like stone edge, waterfall, and earthquake. And if Gyarados uses bounce, I can always switch to my Magnezone.

    Journey use: Breloom will spore all of us if we have trouble falling asleep or if we want to sleep right away.

    ジバコイル(Magnezone)-Choice specs
    Ability:Magnet pull
    -Flash cannon
    -Signal beam
    -Hyper beam

    Magnezone hits hard. Even with bold nature and only 20SpAtk evs, with a choice specs he hits very hard. Thunderbolt anf Flash cannon for stab and signal beam for additional coverage on pokes such as Celebi. Hyper beam is just a filler as he can learn nothing else better. No hidden power because my game tends to freeze whenever I use the IV modifier. He's also very bulky enough to survive one non-stab earthquake. He also traps steels like Skarmory, Forretress, CB Scizor and other steels and kills them.

    Journey use: Magnezone pulls things with his magnets if I feel to lazy to do it myself. I can also bring my labtop and use him as a charger and he can run up electricity whenever I need it. Woohoo free electricity! lol

    -Dragon dance

    Gyarados is my specially defensive tank. Other than electric moves, he takes special hits like a monster(Not as much as blissey so dont compare) Waterfall and bounce have good coverage only resisted by Lanturn and empoleon in the whole game. Dragon dance of course to boost his attack and speed when he barely has any attack investements and no speed investments. Taunt if for pokes like Skarmory who wont get KOed by waterfall even after a couple DD's and can whilrwind me away. So that means no status moves to cripple him and he can proceed to destroy the whole opposing team.

    Journey use: I ride on Gyarados across the ocean or the lake as a transportation vehicle. He is also very intimidating so no one in the ocean will go near him so I can comfortably ride on him without any worries of danger.

    フライゴン(Flygon)-Choice scarf
    -Fire punch
    -Stone edge

    Flygon is my revenge killer and physical sweeper. Of course earthquake and outrage for its massive power stab, fire punch for additional coverage and Stone edge for Zapdos or ice pokes who would other wise devastate my team. No u-turn because I find that move to be absolutely useless especially when he's choiced. Okay let me explain. So if I use earthquake to take out a pokemon and another poke comes in thats an ice type like Weavile with ice punch, I cant even use u-turn since I'm locked into only one move so that forces me to switch which is a fail at scouting, and why the hell would I send Flygon out just to u-turn and come back when I could be sending out a counter at the first place? And Flygon could be sweeping with his other moves he has.

    Journey use: He's my flight vehicle. I ride on his back and he flies.

    ヘルガー(Houndoom)-Wise glasses
    Ability:Flash fire
    -Fire blast
    -Dark pulse
    -Role play
    -Super fang

    Houndoom is my end game cleaner and major Blissey counter. Let me explain how he's a Blissey counter. Well first, most people will think Houndoom will get completely walled by Blissey because he's a special attacker so Blissey will probably stay in. So I use superfang to cut her hp in half which ignores all stats like her hp and Houndoom's attack which is quite impressive. And blissey will probably toxic or thunderwave Houndoom. But Houndoom uses role play to copy her natural cure. And if he switches out, he's cured. Or I can keep superfanging her and finishing her off with one of his special moves. Dark pulse for flinch chance and fireblast for powerful stab. 40hp evs to take 3 seismic tosses from Blissey.

    Journey use: I ride on his back and he can run for me. Kinda like a horse cause he's big enough lol. And he sets up fire for me when I need campfire.

    Breloom-Status moves,leech seed

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