The Tri-Server Tournament

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I'm assuming Smogon project = Smogon tier list, because thats how we play on the server. Also, there may be a fourth coming during the course of the tournament, but I doubt it will be finished by then. If for some reason thee fourth one is finished, I would suggest banning it from the tournament. But I'm not in it anymore, so ask Eric or Mag.

eric the espeon

maybe I just misunderstood
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The team leader (Mag) gets to pick all rules and ban lists. Mag can you clear up you choices for rules?

Also I have a revised plan for the structure of the rounds of the tournament, it will be posted before the start of the tournament.
Due to 8558584's unannouced abscence, (which I obviously DON'T APPRECIATE) I might be missing a team member by the 12th. However, I've come across new members who might be able to convince to join considering
1. some have both teams for Doug's and Captain's.
2. I can always send an AAMS team.

So basically asking for a little leniency here because things are so up in the air. I'll try to get a sub as well considering how sonaxy might not come back in time though he basically said he'd be gone only for a week sometime last week.

Sonaxy said:
dear captain,
pleased accept my apologize but ill not be in the epic tourney; my grandma is sick and i will visit her (which means no computer) im very sorry i really wanted to take the challenge with your team, please dont hate me for this im terribly sorry.
p´.s.: i sound like a noob >_>
(just noticed that in my youtube PMs)
um yeah, this is very inconvienant, I'm short two people.
...And this^

And what tennis said too. Woot woot we're quitters.

But really, I don't have the time between soccer and trips with no internet and cleaning for company. Sorry guys.

eric the espeon

maybe I just misunderstood
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If any team can not fill the full 8 players, they will be replaced by a bye. Try to replace members if you can, but if you know someone will not be able to battle on all servers don't add them.

Can team captains (Magmortified, Captain, Amazing Ampharos, Martin) please PM me their final team.
We still need the CAP ruleset... Also, we could use the Pokemonexperte rules as well.

My team (which I already PM'd but should be public knowledge) is:

1. Amazing Ampharos
2. Sandslash
3. PT8Sceptile
4. Phiddlesticks
5. Tails Chao
6. Sir Spanky
7. BBM
8. Crunk Juice


9. uberhaxxor

If anyone has any questions about AAMS with respect to the tournament, feel free to ask me, and I'll do my best to give a good answer.


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Totally forgot about this. :P


-OHKO Clause
-Sleep Clause
-Freeze Clause
-Timed Match
-Species Clause
-Evasion Clause
-Deoxys-E is allowed.
-Wobbuffet ain't.
-Syclant, Revenankh, and Pyroak are allowed.
-(I cringe as I type this) CAP 4 will not be allowed.

I simply don't think it's fair to change the circumstances of things in the middle of the tourney.

Anyhow, we've got at least one sub (Jonathan) ready to replace Sunday, but I've not seen Hero around anywhere, so I'd like to ask for just a little bit of time to find another backup, if possible. If not, we'll take it.

Current CAP Team:
-Open Spot
-Lil Ant (aka Cuteslims)
-Yoni (aka Gouki)
It's been suggested that I should post the AAMS rules here in simple, condensed form.

Ubers: Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-oh, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Arceus

Clauses: Sleep Clause, Strict Damage Clause, Species Clause, Timed Match

If there are any bugs that influence a match, tough. Bugs stand. They should be rare in any case. The obvious exception is the "starting with a dead team" bug that happens extraordinarily rarely on any shoddy battle server; that bug is just a match restart.

Three known issues that players will want to remember are as such:

Leading with Ditto will cause his copied moveset to not be visible until the completion of the first turn. You can still select the moves; you just won't know what they are. An easy way to avoid this is to not lead with Ditto (he's still good though... feel free to use him in slots 2-6!).

Embargo still works as it does in standard, not as the documentation suggests it does.

The team builder lies to you about Blissey's defense. The stat itself (not the base stat) will actually be Shedinja styled 1 in battle. Yes, that means that Starmie's Rapid Spin is a reliable OHKO on Blissey. Don't be surprised when this happens.

Those are the only three serious concerns that spring to mind.

There are five new Pokemon that are allowed (the first five listed after Arceus in the dex). If more are added during the course of the tournament (which very well may not happen), they aren't allowed. I agree about not changing rules midway.
I probably shouldn't of done this before but:

here is the clause set our server will use is pretty much the same one for my MTs:

Captain's Modded Server MT guide said:
Clause set:
120 turn clause: On, if this is an available feature. 180 turn clause is an alternative that the TO can pick.
Double Team Clause: OFF
Extended Game: ON
Freeze Clause: OFF
Item Clause: OFF
Level Balance: OFF
OHKO Clause: OFF
Random Battle: OFF
Percent Battle Clause: Up to TO.
Sleep Clause: ON
Species Clause: OFF
Strict Damage Clause: OFF
Timed Battle: ON, to ensure all battles are completed in a reasonable amount of time.
No Ubers (assuming tourney is OU) Refer to our teirlist found in the modification discussion section.
To be clear in this particular competition, there will be no scouting.
Of course, we will be playing OU based on my teirlist. This topic should have the ban list: If a pre-evo is uber it does not make its evolution uber.

An illegal team doens't automatically DQ you as long as you quickly fix it (like in 10 minutes, before you face the opponent). Seriously though, make sure your team is legal BEFORE you met up with your opponent for your match. All the information regarding legalality of teams is public on my website. Do not expect your standard teams to work.

For additional questions about the rules please consult Plus or I. You can talk to Bass if it makes you feel more comfortable but he is NOT as knowledgable as me or Plus.

eric the espeon

maybe I just misunderstood
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Sorry about the delay I was/am quite ill, but the tourney will go ahead. I will write up and PM the needed info to the team captains as soon as I can, hopefully today. The structure of each round will be different and with luck interesting.

Edit: Probably tomorrow, sorry people.
I'd rather have it public so everyone can see it especially certain people like Plus, who act as the main or at least major authority when I am not active. Of course, if there's a good reason it's private go ahead.

You might want to consider letting Bass take care of the tourney, he's obviously not totally neutral but he's done a great job with the MT board.

eric the espeon

maybe I just misunderstood
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What I will PM to the team leaders is just the opening writing for the thread that they will post in their own forum, a quick explanation of how the players should find their opponents across the forums and what the team leaders should do with the results that their players will send them.

I can post a copy of it here too I suppose.

And Bass will (probably, I still need to talk to him about this) take over for the 9 days I will be away (~21st-30th), but I will be able to run most of it.

eric the espeon

maybe I just misunderstood
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Round one is ready

Posting this here as well as sending it to the team Captain's on Captain's suggestion.

If there are any errors please post so they can be fixed asap

The first Battle of the Servers Tournament, Round One!

This is the first cross-server, cross-metagame tournament of its kind ever on the shoddy battle program, it is intended to promote the lesser used servers and get players to increase their ability to play on very different metagames. It will also be a nice test of who's server has the best and most adaptable players.

Rules and Modifications:

CaP rules:

-OHKO Clause
-Sleep Clause
-Freeze Clause
-Timed Match
-Species Clause
-Evasion Clause
-Deoxys-E is allowed
-Wobbuffet is banned
-Syclant, Revenankh, and Pyroak are allowed.
-CAP 4 will not be allowed.

CaP Modifications:

These 3 Pokemon have been added.

Amazing Ampharos's rules/Modifications:

This contains most of them. And This has the rest.

Captains rules:


Captains Modifications:

Can be found Here.

Pokemonexperte's rules:

Normal OU rules/clauses and the same tier list as Smogon.

Pokemonexperte's Modifications:


You must also follow this rule across all servers:

Always respect the rules and stuff of other servers.
If you get banned for an opponents server its your own fault, however if someone is banned so that they can't do their battle without breaking a rule the server that banned them may be DQ'd for cheating.
Think carefully and save logs if you plan to ban a member of an opposing team. The same goes for doing dumb stuff on other teams servers, always remember to read their rules.
Also don't be overly rude to them on their or your forums, I would hope that the mods would deal with this anyway.

The Teams:

Captain's Team

Captain (Team Captain)
Dixie Normas

Pokemonexperte's team

Ash: Smogon name AshPe
Flygon: Smogon name Flygon
Gnomeygehran: Smogon name Backfish
Martin (Team Captain): Smogon name Pokemonexperte-Martin
Sapientia: Smogon name Sapientia
Schlappi: Smogon name Chain Chomp
TheNick: Smogon name Lavina
xanatoss: Smogon name Xanatoss

Amazing Ampharos's team

Amazing Ampharos (Team Captain)
Tails Chao
Sir Spanky
Crunk Juice

Create a Pokemon Team:

Lil Ant (Smogon name Cuteslims)
Yoni (Smogon name Gouki)
<Open Spot>

The pairings:

The server that the match is to be played on is in brackets.
The top 2 players from each group will go through to the next round.

Group 1

(AAs) BBM, (CaP) Jonathan, (CMS)Krew, (CMS) Bobtheball4.

(AA's) BBM vs Jonathan
(CaP) Krew vs Bobtheball4
(CMS) BBM vs Bobtheball4
(PkEx) Krew vs Jonathan
(AA's) BBM vs Krew
(CaP) Jonathan vs Bobtheball4

Group 2

(PkEx) Gnomeygehran, (CaP) Hybrid, (PkEx) Flygon, (AAs) Sir Spanky.

(CMS) Gnomeygehran vs Hybrid
(PkEx) Flygon vs Sir Spanky
(AA's) Gnomeygehran vs Flygon
(CaP) Gnomeygehran vs Sir Spanky
(CMS) Hybrid vs Sir Spanky
(PkEx) Hybrid vs Flygon

Group 3
(CMS) Bass, (CaP) Magmortified, (CMS) Flounder, (PkEx) Schlappi.

(AA's) Bass vs Magmortified
(CaP) Flounder vs Schlappi
(CMS) Bass vs Schlappi
(PkEx) Flounder vs Magmortified
(AA's) Schlappi vs Magmortified
(CaP) Flounder vs Bass

Group 4
(PkEx) Martin, (CMS) Sonaxy, (PkEx) xanatoss, (PkEx) TheNick.

(CMS) Martin vs Sonaxy
(PkEx) xanatoss vs TheNick
(AA's) Martin vs TheNick
(CaP) xanatoss vs Sonaxy
(CMS) Martin vs xanatoss
(PkEx) Sonaxy vs TheNick

Group 5
(CaP) Cooper, (CMS) Dixie Normas, (CaP) Yoni, (AAs) Tails Chao.

(AA's) Cooper vs Dixie Normas
(CaP) Yoni vs Tails Chao
(CMS) Cooper vs Tails Chao
(PkEx) Yoni vs Dixie Normas
(AA's) Cooper vs Yoni
(CaP) Dixie Normas vs Tails Chao

Group 6
(AAs) Crunk Juice, (AAs) PT8Sceptile, (PkEx) Ash, (CaP) Poopazing.

(CMS) Crunk Juice vs PT8Sceptile
(PkEx) Ash vs Poopazing
(AA's) Crunk Juice vs Poopazing
(CaP) Ash vs PT8Sceptile
(CMS) Crunk Juice vs Ash
(PkEx) PT8Sceptile vs Poopazing

Group 7
(CMS) Captain, (PkEx) Sapientia, (CMS) Plus, (AAs) Sandslash.

(AA's) Captain vs Sapientia
(CaP) Plus vs Sandslash
(CMS) Captain vs Sandslash
(PkEx) Plus vs Sapientia
(AA's) Captain vs Plus
(CaP) Sapientia vs Sandslash

Group 8
(CaP could only find 7 players so this group has only 3 players)
(AAs) Phiddlesticks, (CaP) Lil Ant, (AAs) Amazing Ampharos.

(CMS) Phiddlesticks vs Lil Ant
(PkEx) Amazing Ampharos vs Lil Ant
(AA's) Phiddlesticks vs Amazing Ampharos

I know it is ambitious to do such a large amount of battles in the first round, but I think we can do it. Each player has 3 battles, you must contact all of your opponents via PM and arrange a time to battle.
I will DQ any non active participant for the sake of the tournament, if you do not think you will be able to get all your battles done contact your team leader immediately they may be able to bring in a sub to replace you.

Team leaders; if possible could you inform me if one of your members is not being active, this will help my job greatly.

For convenience: All results should be posted in the thread on Smogon, other Team Leaders should update their threads from the Smogon thread.


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Crazy pairings! Why am I paired against Flounder in one of my matches if he is on the same team as me? Oh well, go CMS!
I've PMed all of my opponents: Ash and Poopazing through Smogon and Crunk Juice through the AAMS forum. If any of you three I'm facing in the first round are currently reading this, please answer my PM.

Good luck for everyone! And go AAMS!
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