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RODAN there is a shitton of nuance in my post that i provide from my own past experience and others’. universalizing ur own experiences is also v disingenuous and disregards the metadata and also marginalization ppl face. regardless of your health, ppl shouldn’t be moralized by their bodies and should be allowed to do as they please. i hope u find a path to health and happiness ♥️

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i used to be overweight, and i just stopped binge eating as much. i am now not overweight.

yeah you can do what you please with your body, but if you advocate for fatness, then you are causing harm in the same way a climate change denier would be. it is objectively unhealthy. some people will be more likely to be fat due to poverty and the types of foods poor people have access to in america. that's an excuse for being overweight... not morbidly obese. still, i can understand that struggle. what i cannot understand and what i choose to dislike is when people claim fatness is ok.
-Animal Abusers
-People who push their beliefs onto others
-Getting out of bed
-SpaceBass :)
Let me add something else to mine:
-people who don't like themselves when they should, since no one else is going to do that job for them and its a lot of hard work if one tries and they keep hearing them say shit like, "thanks for the positive feedback of who i am as a person, but, i reject it."

-The term "normie"
-The term "trap"
-Sonic CD
-"Dark comedy" about the Holocaust, 9/11, (insert recent tragedy here), etc.
-Other atheists who treat religious people terribly just for being religious
-Victim blamers
-People who are opposed to net neutrality
-Strawmen (and most logical fallacies like it in general, and ones coming from both the left and right as well)
-Transphobes and homophobes
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-Elitism that causes people to make fun of newbies for not knowing things that comes with time.
-Obedience to rules without even thinking about why the rules are there to begin with.

-Cinnamon, I've never understood why this is used on anything, it overwhelms and ruins the taste of anything it's in.
-Rasins, Not fond of the way these taste, and it's almost impossible to ignore them, since they're so squishy and the taste of them stick out like a sore thumb.
-Overuse of Ketchup, I like a single line of ketchup on my hot dog, 2 lines is OK if they're thin but any more than that and all I taste is Ketchup. This is probably a Norwegian thing, since we more often than not put Hot Dogs in a potato-based wrap (like This),which doesn't absorb the Ketchup well, so a lot of it just turns to loose ketchup. Putting Ketchup where it doesn't belong is an even bigger sin, like on eggs and pizza.

-Massive budget games that only use that to get more realistic looking textures and models, games are being more expensive to make, but the problem is they don't need to be. It's impossible for a gane to re-create the same "wow!" they got from SM64 and other early 3D games. So it's better to try to "wow!" us with better gameplay and interesting art styles than trying to cling to the idea that we want to be able to see each and every arm hair on the models of football players in Fifa and such.
-Escort missions, not fond of babysitting a shit AI that'll run straight into enemies all the time. If the AI is a partner character that can hold their own against a big group of enemies though, then I don't mind if I get a mission failure when they die.
-Time limits, I like to keep things going at my own pace, so time limits just feel like they force me out of my comfort zone in a bad way.


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Cheese - I genuinely don’t understand why people like it. The only time it’s ever remotely nice is when it’s a mild or moderate non-salty cheese is melted in with other flavors, such as on a pizza or in a toastie/hot wrap/toasted panini
Being sick af because a friend coughed on me -_-
People who hate others for their beliefs (barring things like "murder is acceptable" :p)
People who blindly follow anything, whether it be politics, religion, whatever- Any and all scepticism is healthy, except when it becomes paranoia.
People who abuse others, or even more so, animals or kids.
People so narcissistic that they can't see their own role in causing issues, they only ever blame others.
People who don't take care of their kids or animals.


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Sondero regarding big budget games - this has been going on for much longer than you might realize. I was 9 when the PSX hit, 10 when N64 dropped, and the rise of that attitude started immediately. People thought that all platformers for these consoles were objectively better than masterpieces like Super Metroid and Super Mario World because they were newer and the hardware was better.

That wasn't he worst thing though. Of more concern was the elitist attitude that started around that time, plaguing chat rooms, early gaming forums, and middle school playgrounds: the idea that "kiddie" games were inferior to FPSes. Anyone with a child's level of critical thinking skills could tell that the claim was garbage because games like Banjo-Kazooie, Zelda OoT & MM, Super Mario 64, Starfox 64, Crash Bandicoot series, Megaman, THPS, and the like were widely loved. Honestly, anyone who thinks that serious games are always better than kiddie games has a serious misunderstanding of video games and why people play them. Fun games are always better than bland, uninspired, boring games regardless of genre or target age. I'll take Link's Awakening more than some boring rehashed shooter any day.

I hate people who think "kiddie games" are always worse than "grown-up games."

-People who give up on themselves
-People who feel as if the world can never change, and they could never become that change
-People who force their work and their issues onto other people
-General prejudices; against anyone. Everyone has a story and a life, just as complex as your own or anyone else’s. It can be very easy to forget that.
-Those unwilling to hear out an opposition, especially in a debate or argument
-People who believe that they can speak for everyone in a certain group or of a certain leaning.
-Popsicles. They annihilate my teeth, with their icy texture and the cold, and stain them, leaving my teeth colored and in pain all day afterwards, and it sucks.