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Time Trap

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by VainValentine, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. VainValentine


    Jun 1, 2012
    Hello guys this my second RMT. I wanted to share this team since it is probably my favorite team so far(but I guess "favorite" teams comprise the bulk of RMTs) but also because even though I am quite confident in my ability to create good synergy and effective strategies, sometimes I overlook threats(mostly because I choose to ignore them) and I am not very good with EV spreads. Now lets see the team in a nutshell:

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Team Building
    This is going to sound very mundane but I came up with the idea for this team at work. I was just spacing out(I am good at my job so I can do this things XD) thinking I wanted to build a team that was annoying but functional. Now when one thinks "annoying" first thing that pops to mind is our first and foremost paraflincher: Jirachi. As I was thinking of more unorthodox annoying Pokemon to pair up with Jirachi I came to a Pokemon with perfect synergy with Jirachi. And the beauty of it is that it is not just the fact that each other resist the other weakness, but this gem can spread paralysis in the most annoying way: parashuffling. And so we have Dragonite . This was the core strategy that I built upon. Now next thing I decided upon was the fact that in order to abuse their synergy I needed to be able to constantly switch between the two, but then Dragonite's Multiscale would be broken and losing 25% of my HP on switching is of course a huge problem. So a spinner was needed and I considered Forretress. His main pull was the fact that he could take physical hits better than the other two, spin hazards and sets spikes or rocks. So I had him be my spinner originally. But then came the second breakthrough. A lot of people have made annoying paraflinch teams. Millions of them. They are fun to use as they create rage, but they're only mildly successful at best since they rely on subpar Pokemon to "annoy" rather than a concrete strategy. And then I decided to abuse paralysis in another way, turning to a beast known only as Haxorus. Haxorus is a total beast but it is held back a little by mediocre speed, however on a team specializing on spreading paralysis this is not a factor. If the strategy works then you should always have the edge on speed. Now I had a new goal and so Forretress became less appealing. I let him go to introduce a much more reliable hazard setter, Ferrothorn, since hazards of my own became more important to aid Haxorus on a sweep. Plus he has access to Thunder Wave, further strengthening my foundation. I still needed a spinner though,and I opted for Starmie. I will elaborate why on the in-depth individual description since it is a bit less obvious why. At this point I was looking around guides and searching for holes in my team frantically. I had not even tested the team but I wanted to thoroughly test it out in my mind(such was my boredom). I had various ways to deal with situations, some less obvious than others. All in all, I wanted good special attack, I also wanted a spinblocker. I thought of Gengar logically. However Gengar did not bring enough juice. And plus, he is quite fast already. So I summoned from the Lost Dimension of UU a power forgotten since the early days of BW... Chandelure.

    Lets take a look at the roles of the players

    Fate Sealer(Jirachi)@ Leftovers
    Serene Grace
    Careful Nature
    EVs: HP/252 SpDef/220 Spd/36
    Stealth Rock
    Iron Head
    Body Slam

    Alright then here it is opening the show! The star that inspired the whole thing, the single most annoying(and cute, yes FORGET YOU KELDEO) Pokemon in OU. He is a pretty solid Pokemon that we have all faced at least once. If by any chance you have not let me tell you, this guy is a terror to face. After you are paralyzed he will ram his head on you so hard you will not move ever again! Or at least for that turn. Most turns. He is the undeniable King of Hax and his name Fate Sealer goes great with him for this. However he is NOT a sweeper, this team relies on his Wish support, resistances and of course Stealth Rock. Body Slam was chosen over Thunder Wave for one simple reason, Ground Types. His bulk is nothing to scoff at as he even resists Earthquakes from some prominent Phys attackers(e.g. Terrakion, Garchomp), as long as they do not have a boosting nature(though why the hell are you letting him take them in the first place sheesh) He is a great check for Keldeo, Latios and most Special attackers that don't carry fire. Now, he is a supporter first but he hits decently enough to let him take care of paralyzed opponents that can't OHKO him.

    Sacred Guard(Dragonite)@ Leftovers
    Careful Nature
    EVs: HP/252 Atk/4 SpDef/252
    Thunder Wave
    Dragon Tail

    Dragonite! Oh how he has rejoiced in the power of his Multiscale. This nifty ability has made him a powerful dragon with impressive tanking abilities, so long as u keep SR off the field. He can take ice attacks ONLY if he is at full health, and even then something like a Blizzard or Icicle Smash will obliterate him. Cloyster, Kyurem and Mamoswine will sock him, the last two however can be stopped by a Sub and you can keep them away by swatting them with Dragon Tail damaging them and giving you a turn. most special attackers will only tickle him, and if you set up and manage to roost it can be hard to get him down from his cloud. Now this set is not a very common one so a lot of players don't know what to do of it(which is part of his its charm) however you can't rely on this. Para, subroost then phaze. As a side strategy you can phaze around after u have rocks up. I have not just won battles like this, but after paralyzing and phazing away half the team and making them take repeated SR and/or spikes damage it is pretty much gg.​


    Doom Bringer(Haxorus)@ Choice Band
    Mold Breaker
    Adamant Nature
    EVs: HP/36 Atk/252 Spd/220
    Dual Chop

    Aaaaah Haxorus. Seeing him makes anyone gasp, at the sheer power and at the manly coolness that emanates from him.Plus his shiny sprite is BLACK! I like black. Anyhow Haxorus is the reason this team became viable and he pretty much set me in the right path, the path of destruction. Annoying people with parahax is all well and good but it is just that, an annoyance. But with Haxorus in play being paralyzed is no longer just an annoyance. It's scary. Haxorus overwhelming power means that even steel types that resist his Dragon STAB are dented. About the only thing that can stop his rampage is Skarmory as he is not hit heavily by anything bar Superpower, and only so much, so he can Roost away the damage. Because of Mold breaker Levitate users can't escape his Earthquakes(in your face Gengar) and Sturdy users can't survive his hits either (umad Magnezone?). Dual Chop's accuracy is a little shaky but the ability to break subs is worth it. Also, it hits harder than Dragon Claw and doesn't lock u into Outrage. That being said, if you need to punch a hole in a team in order to let the rest of the team thrive, Outrage away. An Outrage from Haxorus is quite horrifying to behold and will reduce to dust anything that does not resist it. I mean 648 Atk is nothing to scoff at when the attack is over 120 power(thank YOUUUU STAB) But you all know this. Otherwise he is pretty straightforward. Since by the time u take him out all faster threats and troublesome steel types should be out, you just use the appropriate attack to obliterate the opponent.On a side note, Haxorus is not really slow, so he can still pull of sweeps if most faster threats are eliminated.

    Shield of Thorns(Ferrothorn)@ Leftovers
    Iron Barbs
    Impish Nature
    EVs: HP/252 Def/88 SpDef/168
    Power Whip
    Leech Seed
    Thunder Wave

    Ferrothorn has a set of resistances that along with his movepool make him ideal to provide this team with Spikes support. He is pretty simple to use so instead I will explain my choice in moves. A lot of people for example like Gyro Ball, however Gyro Ball and T. Wave do not mix. I mean, seriously people we are trying to make them slow. This is also the reason he is Impish instead of relaxed. Truly he won't be out-speeding almost anything but, hey why make it less probable? Leech Seed is a general annoyance and Power Whip provides u an attack so as not to be Taunt bait. Ferro also deals with Rain teams very well, and Tentacruel will have a hard time getting past him to spin away(unless he burns with Scald) not to mention if he does spins he will lose HP too. Some people like Rocky Helmet over Leftovers, it is viable I guess since Leech Seed recovery makes up for it a wee bit. But to be honest he is usually the sleep fodder, first one to be sacked kind of deal. If he sets a layer of spikes and cripples a pair of pokes, he did a great job.


    Soul Cleaner(Starmie)@ Leftovers
    Natural Cure
    Timid Nature
    EVs: HP/4 SpAtk/252 Spd/252
    Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam
    Rapid Spin

    Starmie is hands down the best offensive spinner. However, other bulkier Pokemon could probably do a great job specially on this team where we aim to abuse paralysis so slower spinners could get an edge too. However, Starmie is here not just to spin but as a plan B. Starmie nails Pokemon like Landorus, Terrakion and other speedy threats that are harder to paralyze. Really only scarf users are an issue here. Starmie is the only fast Pokemon here and it is a good thing too, hence the name Soul Cleaner. Not just cleaning hazards, but the whole field, Pokemon and all. Options for her include a Modest Nature if you think her speed will be enough(I used to run this in keep of the whole paraabuse theme) and changing Leftovers for Life Orb. However, Life Orb will reduce your life span and you really want to get the hazards away to let Chandelure and Dragonite switch freely. Also, losing 10% of your life to spin hazards is ridiculous >_>. IF you think it's worth it Starmie too has access to Thunder Wave which has some potential use. When I first made the team I actually let her have it, but I rarely ever had the luxury to T.wave with her. Then again, it is viable.

    Shadow Guard(Chandelure)@ Leftovers
    Flash Fire
    Modest Nature
    EVs: HP/252 SpAtk/252 Def/4
    Shadow Ball
    Fire Blast
    Hidden Power Fighting

    From the shadows of UU this ghost rises to engulf my opponents with his Ghostly Flames.Flash Fire is handy to have since I carry two steel types(Ferro being 4x weak) although the other 3 also resist so not of the utmost importance. I actually can not wait for Shadow Guard to come out as it'll make an interesting option for this team, trapping Skarm and others. However that is not so yet. Fire Blast is insanely strong if you get a Flash Fire boost. He can battle Heatran on even grounds, beating him unless he has Earth Power(rare on today's metagame). He also destroys Steel types in general. Rocks hurt him so taking them off is the healthiest way to use him. Best thing about sub+3moves is the fact most people see Chandy and think Choice.I can't blame them since that is the safest bet, and I considered it myself. But because I considered it is that I opted for this, he forces a lot of switches and is quite handy behind a sub, earning u at least a turn. Options might include HP Ground to OHKO SpDef Heatran without Air Balloon, or HP Rock to nail Volcarona who is a bitch to this team.

    Troublesome Strategies and Specific Threats

    Rain Teams:
    Rain is always a factor. Every team HAS to be prepared for rainy days or you will be destroyed. This team carries 4 Pokemon that work well in Rain: Dragonite, Jirachi, Starmie and Ferrothorn. Ferrothorn specially is a great asset when fighting rain teams, Chandelure can take care of opposing Ferrothorns or Scizors but otherwise sack him. Starmie has Thunderbolt to destroy watertypes and Hydro Pump is All-Mighty under the rain, specially if you opt for LO instead of Leftovers. Dragonite is another common threat under the rain that Starmie destroys. Tentacruel dies to either Ferro or Starmie. I usually do not have any trouble with rain teams. Even the odd Latios falls, as Ferro resists all his common moves. I am actually more scared of him outside of rain since he tends to carry HP Fire.

    Sun Teams:
    Ugh Sun is problematic. Dragonite works ok on the sun but Ferro, Starmie and Jirachi not so much. Chandelure is the hero here. Ferro will be sacked eventually. Ninetales isn't much of a threat really u can kill it easily most of the time, I mean honestly she is horrible she is just there to set up Sun and the only troublesome move she can carry is Hypnosis. Heatran, as I mentioned earlier, should fall to Chandelure unless it carries Earth Power which is not popular but not unheard of. Volcarona though, she is a bitch. And I mean it. Best bet is to paralyze her with Dragonite then procceed to erase her with Haxorus. Otherwise she will destroy your team after a few Quiver Dances. This holds true out of rain too. Venusaur, oh dear what to say of him. He is to Sun teams like tires to cars. Just let Ferro be put to sleep then para him. As soon as he is paralyzed he is dead meat as his stats aren't really spectacular.

    Trick Room:
    This is a complicated match up. Trick Room is, after all, a different approach to the same general strategy(making fast Pokemon slower). Thus making them slower is besides the point. However, since they're slower than u already u can go ahead and make them slower. Hax is always a good thing to have, even if you can't count on it. Since I don't run a Taunt user I am left with trying to kill them before they can set it. Dragonite is good here since he will always set a sub, T-wave and just stall out trick room and phaze. Haxorus can still work as he can put a huge dent on a lot of Trick Room setters. Dusclops and Bronzong are the only true issues, but Chandelure should outspeed and destroy both. Ferrothorn is Handy, but Conkeldurr will set up on his ass(though if you predict right you can leech seed him) NEVER paralyze Conkeldurr. I mean seriously do not paralyze any Guts Pokemon. This should be common sense but I wanted to stress it. Reuniclus, Slowbro well they both die to Chandelure and even Haxorus.

    Hail Teams
    Hail is the dark horse weather. However it is dangerous towards two of my best men, Haxorus and Dragonite. However if you set up rocks you already have a great advantage and Jirachi is great against Hail. Mamoswine is the only troublesome beast as it can destroy Jirachi and the latter is the only one that can paralyze him with Body Slam.So against Mamoswine well, Starmie all the way. Kyurem-B can be a menacing thing but he is usually walled by steel types.

    Sand Teams
    I love Sand. But in this case I hate it. Ok now that I am in the right mindset, Tyranitar's mix set can be a troublesome thing as BAM Fire Blast on Ferro and BAM Ice Beam on Dragonite and Haxorus and BAM Crunch on Starmie and Chandelure. Haxorus can obliterate him with Superpower, Jirachi can play him with Iron Head. Hippowdon is easier to take down, just use Starmie. sand teams are mostly comprised of ground, steels and rocks. Rock and Steel types should not be a problem,Ground types however are always a bad thing against this team. Seriously all Ground types can be problematic. But you can play around them with the one and only Starmie. Otherwise you will have to be gutsy and clever with the rest, Ferrothorn has some usage and on the slower ones even Chandelure can leave a dent because most have horrible SpDef. Gastrodon however is a bitch if you don't have Ferrothorn around and if he is a bad thing for you well, run Energy Ball on Chandelure. Otherwise your best bet is hazard damage and a quick Haxorus assault.

    Volt Turn
    Since this team relies on switching a lot, Volturn is a tacky way to stop it. If he keeps Volturning, don't switch.

    Ok so clerics are not popular but they're the single worst thing that can happen to you besides Pokemon with Natural Cure, Taunt or Substitutes. They heal all the team, and all your efforts of paralyzing their team are done
    so what I do is I para a couple, but don't go overboard. He should have a chance to get hiscleric and heal and if he does then work to eliminate him. This is why I want Shadow Tag since Celebi will die to Chandelure. Celebi is kinda bad, u can Ice Beam him or try Shadow Ball/Fire Blast from Chandelure.
    The pink blobs, Chansey and Blissey, are just as troublesome but Ferrothorn can outstall them and Power Whip will punish both. To top it all, all the clerics I listed have Natural Cure. So have fun with those.

    He is a perfect example off Pokemon that will fall to this strategy. A paralyzed Alakazam is death fodder and Haxorus can overcome Sash versions with Dual Chop.

    I put them together because you will deal with them the same way. Paralyze them at all costs and they're dead.

    Be wary of this fungi. Spore is a nasty move, and his Technician boosted attacks are no joke. Whats the more Toxic Heal variants cant be paralyzed. However, SubPunch variants are slower than Haxorus and he will destroy him with Dual Chop. Techniloom on the other hand, well let him put one to sleep then throw Chandelure, he is your safest bet.

    Jirachi or Ferrothorn should be able to take any attack of his, even after Shell Smash. Jirachi can attempt to paralyze him, if he succeeds its a win for Jirachi. Ferrothorn can opt to paralyze him or Power Whip him. Power Whip won't OHKO White Herb variants.

    Ferrothorn, or if scarfed Jirachi should paralyze him. Best thing that can happen he locks into Outrage before you lose Jirachi and you can switch and attempt to paralyze him with your body slam.

    He is an annoyance. Eliminate him at all costs. Chandelure, Haxorus, Jirachi are all good for this.

    Last Words:

    This team is played like a chess match. You are playing to get an advantage all the time, in this case making them slow. Accurate prediction and play is needed in the opening of the match but in the end game you should have a sizable advantage.It is a gambit team, do not be scared to lose a Pokemon here or there for the greater good. If the clerics and Natural Curers are removed, just focus on paralyzing everything.If you see a Pokemon you know will be hard to deal with, try not to lose your safest counter but otherwise be reckless, switch and predict away. I cannot stress how important it is to play with the end game in mind, I have lots of matches with this team in which it looks like they'll 6-0 me but it is all an illusion. The synergy is important because again, you will be switching a lot. This team plays a lot like a stall team in that sense,you have to bide your time let the opponent make a mistake. Last piece of useful advise with this team is a simple one, punch a hole. Solid players with solid teams are always hard to bring down. I can see a lot of "ifs" when I see an opposing team. Poke around until you find the best "if" and punch a hole in his team. Then absolutely abuse the Pokemon that he can't counter anymore and voila, magic victory.Thanks for reading it and I am open to suggestions, I will however debate them so be prepared to defend your suggestion. Its nothing personal I just think that debating an option lets me filter the ones I want to test out. Once again, thanks for reading and nowwww SHOOT!​
  2. Kidogo


    Feb 11, 2012
    Hey vainvalentine, this is actually a super cool team and very well thought-out. You have a great team-building process and good rationale for each mon, so my comments will mostly be set-oriented. Before I even start that, jsut a couple formatting/editing notes:
    I think you mean ferrothorns?

    I think it'd be helpful for raters to see the progression of your team during team-building process with images, so they can have a bit of a tl;dr (since it's a pretty long block of text there).

    With EV spreads, the customary way of doing it is: ___ EVs stat1 / ___ EVs stat2 / ... An example would be 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe. Since this is a norm, your current format might be a little confusing to potential raters.

    Okay, now onto the actual team:
    Rachi looks good overall, I have one possible suggestion to make that I'll get to below.

    Dnite looks good as well, although I'm sure there are some speed benchmarks that would be useful to hit. Unless I think of any specifically though, it should be fine as is.

    Now haxorus. The problem I see is that haxorus is basically only beaten by two types of pokemon: ones faster than it, and bulky steel types. Paralysis solves the first, but doesn't help with the second: any bulky steel, like skarmory or bronzong, can sponge even a CB outrage. So what I suggest is switching haxorus to this set:
    Show Hide
    Haxorus @ Leftovers / Draco Plate
    Trait: Mold Breaker
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SpA)
    - Substitute / Taunt
    - Swords Dance
    - Outrage / Dragon Claw
    - Earthquake

    This set works incredibly with paralysis support. It takes advantage of not only the speed drop from paralysis, but also the free turns--with only a 75% chance to move, you can easily sub until they're fully paralyzed, grab an SD, and then proceed to wreck. +2 Outrage is incredibly brutal, and will smash through even bulky steels (it even has a chance to 2HKO skarmory after rocks, and with Draco Plate the 2HKO is guaranteed). Earthquake is for coverage and works fantastically with Mold Breaker. Taunt is an alternative to Substitute since it allows you to utterly crush skarmory and the like, since if you SD as they switch in, taunt as they WW, and then SD again while they do ~35% with BB, you can easily 2HKO with outrage and destroy pretty much anything. Substitute is generally better though, especially if you run draco plate since you can beat skarmory anyway, and works phenomenally with that paralysis support.

    Ferrothorn looks good, maybe try out the chestoresto set? It fares even better than the standard vs rain teams since you can just rest off a scald burn, and rest can go > leech seed since the recovery is no longer needed. Just a thought though.

    While I like this starmie set a lot, I'm a bit hesitant since it seems to me you need a spinner who can stick around for a bit longer. Going with a bulky starmie spread seems like a good idea, and you could use a moveset of like Rapid Spin / Recover / Scald or Surf / Ice Beam if you wanted to cover some of the same threats. An EV spread of 252 HP / 40 SpD / 216 Speed Timid would work (outpaces base 110s, max bulk with a bit of SpD for scalds and the like). This set should stick around much longer, though you do lose some offensive presence. Give it a try though!

    I'm kinda hesitant about chandy. While it does have more offensive presence than gengar, it's p slow and almost as frail (well not really, but it's not sturdy). So I'd suggest one of two things:
    Scarf chandelure
    Switch to gengar (LO version maybe to make up for the lower base SpD, although 130 is still extremely good)
    Idk which you'd prefer, I'd personally suggest gengar since it wouldn't have to be choiced, it has a much better movepool, and it isn't SR weak as you said. A good gengar moveset might be Sball / Fblast / HP fire / Destiny Bond @ either LO or focus sash. If you go LO, you could also run Sball / Fblast / Substitute / Pain Split or Destiny Bond, which beats a lot of gar's common counters. Your call though, that's a p cool chandy set as well.

    Finally, I just noticed one big threat to the team while reading: mamoswine. It OHKOs everything on the team except for ferrothorn, which it deals ~70% to with suerpower. Meanwhile, it is immune to paralysis and threatens your main sweeper, as ice shard does ~80%. One way to help fix this would be to bump the EVs on your rachi up to 96 Speed, which outpaces adamant mamo (and 96 speed jolly beats all mamo). It can then 2HKO with iron head, and it'll get numerous switchin opportunities from dnite and haxorus, when mamo is basically forced to ice shard or be decimated by outrage / dtail. You shouldn't lose too much bulk this way, and it would really help with a huge threat to your team.

    Hope my comments helped and GL with the team!
  3. VainValentine


    Jun 1, 2012
    Hahaha, wow that was a horrible typo, I changed it right away. Ill edit the team building proccess later since that will consume some time. Right so to reply to the notes. Chandeure for Gengar is not something I really want to do, Gengar can't deal with Sun like Chandelure, and Speed is not an issue here. Movepool wise Shadow Ball and Fire Blast is all that I really need as I rarely ever use HP Fight. Really the change to Gengar is switching a strong fire move for a strong fighting move. Coincidentally, without Chandelure it'll be harder to take down some steel types. Trust me Gengar was there in my mind for a LONG time before Chandelure even occurred to me. The Starmie set on the other hand deserves a try, specially if it will stick around longer. It is however a little bad to lose offensive presence and I can't really use Scald since my team wants paralysis not Burn. chestoresto Ferrothorn seems tacky to me I don't know, but I will give it a go. Now I say tacky because Ferrothorn can Leech Seed some of his switch ins and make them less threatening, but since Celebi walls him so hard I might as well try. That Haxorus set is intriguing I will not lie and the amount of destruction it can wreak is amazing. However, Clerics sometimes ruin the strategy and the CB Haxorus I have now remains a threat even if I somehow fail to paralyze a Pokemon. Lastly YES Mamoswine, if that Starmie set you give me can OHKO him I see no problem but yes he is a nasty Pokemon for me. I will try the EV spread on Jirachi but reducing his SpDef might impact negatively. Its a worthy shot though. Thank you very much for your ideas!
  4. Mr. Green

    Mr. Green

    May 14, 2011
    Hi, there

    The team is very weak to Rock Polish Landorus and Terrakion with Choice Band, as well as Agility Thundurus-T, to solve these two weaknesses propose to insert Latias Defensive instead of Haxorus that resists and resists Terrakion anyway HP Ice Landorus Thundurus and-T. I choose to remove the Pokemon Haxorus because it is out of touch with the team, as they all have a role be accurate, and Latias perfectly covers the most significant weaknesses of your team. Latias is also in perfect synergy with Jirachi to paralyze.

    Now I want to change some things in different moveset on Dragonite 252 evs in Atk they do not work because it has only Dragon Tail as offensive move and does not have the purpose of doing harm but, to wipe out the enemy making him suffer damage from Entry Hazards, better move in special defense evs with the nature Careful to better resist special moves.

    For Starmie suggest you put Psychock> Thunderbolt, which however affects Tentacruel and Keldeo, as well as Thunderbolt, not smite Pokemon type of pure water, but is not important, since in any case with a Set bulky without investments in special attack, the bulky water not kill them anyway, then put Recover> Ice Beam to recover HP and Scald > Hydro Pump for reasons of accuracy and more PP will be seen that a Starmie bulky, more Scald has the possibility of burning.

    Chandelure put this spread on evs: 68 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 184 Spd. With 184 Evs in Spd can overcome Tentacruel, Tyranitar Choice Bander, Breloom Adamant, using Substitute first, in this way against Tyranitar for example if he wants to use you understand Pursuit or Crunch, understanding whether it is better to change Pokemon or stay in the field and use HP Fighting against Breloom can use Substitute on a possible Spore.

    Show Hide

    Latias (F) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP / 244 Def / 12 Spd
    Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Wish
    - Protect
    - Thunder Wave

    252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 Atk with Careful nature (for Dragonite)
    Psychock > Thunderbolt (for Starmie)
    Recover > Ice Beam (for Starmie)
    Scald > Hydro Pump (for Starmie)
    252 HP / 252 Spd / 4 SAtk (for Starmie)
    68 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 184 Spd (for Chandelure)
  5. VainValentine


    Jun 1, 2012
    OK Mr. Green, first thing is Latias accomplishes nothing on this team. Thundurus-T dies to Jirachi, Terrakion will be paralyzed and well Landorus could be a problem but it more than likely falls to Starmie. Haxorus on the other hand has fearsome POWER that Latias can't emulate. I am considering making Starmie bulkier but accuracy is not a problem really, I need Starmie's offensive presence to pressure the opponent. Also, Scald is OUT of the question since a burn is counter productive, if I wanted accuracy I would opt for the much stronger Surf. I appreciate the EV spread on Chandelure I shall give it a shot. One more thing, read again the EVs on Dragonite, his atk EVs are only 4 not 252. Thanks for your feedback!

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