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Tricking my way to victory!

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Ghost_, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Ghost_


    Feb 17, 2011
    Hi everyone! This is my first try at a competitive trick room team! Still havent finished it yet completely but heres whats in store. Please let me know what i can do to make it better, all opinions are welcome! Thank you!

    Reuniclus ( Quiet)

    item: Life Orb
    Ability: Magic gaurd
    Evs: 252 hp 252 spatk 4sdef
    Moves: Psychic
    Trick Room
    Focus Blast

    note: i really like reuniclus as he's a very bulky TR setup with good covarage. Was still trying to decide between using psychic or psyshock. Reuniculus will usually be my lead along with someone else depending on what i see on the team preview. Also, going to be changing my Ev spread to the one listed by Dr, due to what he says which will make it able to tank a few more htis while still maximizing its attack power.

    Marowak (Brave)
    item: thick club
    ability: rock head
    Evs: 252 hp, 252 atk, 4 spdef
    Moves: Double Edge
    Rock Slide
    Fire Punch

    note: I think marowak seems to be a great Tr sweeper due to his amazing attack stat with a little durability with the hp evs and the thick club. His defenses arent that great but i think its not that big of an issue. Again, with these ev spread i hope to make him a little more durable and able to tank at least one hit while he retaliates and dishes out a hard hitting move. This is a moveset i thought would be ok, but not too sure about it. Edit: Going to be changing my moveset to the one listed by Dr as it looks very good and the fact that marowak can take down Focus sash and sturdy users seems like an excellent move in my book.

    Porygon 2 (Quiet)
    item: Eviolite
    ability: Trace
    Evs: 252 hp, 252 spatk, 4 def
    Moves: Ice Beam
    Trick room
    note: this is my 2nd trick room setup. He seems to be very bulky when given the eviolite as well as giving him the hp evs and maximizing his attack stat with the evs in Spatk. His moveset i believe gives him good covarage, ice beam for those pesky dragons and flying types, and thudnerbolt for those water teams that i see so much of now adays and few resistances with a reliable way to recover his health should he be hit pretty hard. If theres anything to improve here let me know.

    Escavalier (Brave)
    item: Choice band
    ability: Swarm
    Evs: 252 hp, 252 atk, 4 spdef
    Moves: Megahorn
    Note: Love having escavalier on the tr team as he has a very good attack stat and when tr is up has one of the fastest speeds around. I hate that his movepool lacks a bit but think these moves are good, especially since megahorn is one of the hardest hitting bug type moves around and both of his hard hitting moves get STAB bonus from it, and with a choise band i believe he will destroy all opposition, return im not too sure about, no clue what to add here., so i tossed in return for the time being. And the item im not too sure either.

    Cofagrifus (Quiet)
    item: Leftovers
    ability: munny
    Evs: 252 hp, 252 spatk, 4 spdef
    moves: Shadow Ball
    Trick Room
    Nasty Plot
    Energy Ball
    Note: Cafagrigus is my 3rd trick room setup, i like him because hes very bulky and can take a hit while he sets up trick room and he will be my lead when i see there is the danger of fake out on the enemy team. He can then try to sweep with a nasty plot up. Not too sure of is his moveset and item to be held. Edit: Going to be adding HP fighting to his moveset as mentioned below, this will give him complete and total covarage, especially when nasty plots up.

    Druddigon ( Brave )
    item: yache berry
    Evs: 252 hp, 252 atk, 4 def
    moves: Outrage
    Sucker Punch

    Note: Honestly didnt really have any idea who to get for a 6th member so i thought maybe druddigon? I think there might be better substitues out there for my current team then druddigon but not sure who might be good enough. Edit: Managed to get a Dw dratini to add a multiscale mixed dragontie to the team case something should go wrong and dragonite can come in to help out. What are your thoughts on adding this dragonite?

    Overall i think the team so far has pretty good covarage, 3 bulky TR setups, and 2 maybe a 3rd there TR sweepers. Im sure im missing a few things so all criticism is welcome. Thank you and have a happy new year! :D
  2. Professor Birch

    Professor Birch

    Apr 16, 2012
    Hi! I have not ever used a Trick Room team but I'll see what I can do. First off, I would recommend switching Marowak with Bulk Up Conkeldurr. It works amazing in Trick Room and can still function very well without Trick Room due to a STAB Mach Punch coming off a Base 140 Attack. I also do not think you need three pokemon to set up TR. I would recommend giving Porygon 2 Tri Attack in place of Trick Room. One last thing, your entire team focuses around Trick Room. What do you do when someone counters it with Taunt or does something else. Then you would be in trouble. For this, I would recommend switching Druddigon with Choice Scarf MoxieMence. Does the same thing as Druddigon but can function just in case someone figures out your strategy and counters it. Again, I have never made a Trick Room team. Hope this helps a little!
  3. Dr Ciel

    Dr Ciel Banned deucer.

    Jun 16, 2012

    This is a very cool team if you ask me, Trick Room really needs some more love in this metagame. Anyways, this team seems very well put together, and hopefully with my rate, it can be even better. Okay, first off, you should change the EV spread of Reuniclus to 192 HP / 64 Def / 252 SpA over your current spread. The spread that I have mentioned allows Reuniclus to maximize its attacking power while still being bulky enough to take some strong hits. Staying on Reun, you should run Shadow Ball over Recover to hit Ghosts for SE damage. Up next, on your Marowak, I would run Stone Edge, Bonemerang and Substitute over your choices of Rock Slide, Earthquake and Fire Punch. Stone Edge has a much higher base power than Rock Slide and even has a high crit chance, which is always good. Bonemerang, Marowaks signature move hits twice, allowing you to break Sashes and helps you against Pokemon with the Sturdy ability, while Substitute helps you prevent status. Next, you should change Cofagrigus' EV spread to one of 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA over your current one. This EV spread allows Cofag to keep its natural bulk while turning it into an offensive machine. Staying on the topic of Cofag, I would run HP Fighting over your Energy Ball. This gives Cofag great neutral coverage against most metagame threats. Last but not least, I would replace Druddigon with a Mixed Dragonite. Dragonite has a wide array of coverage moves it can use against most threats in the OU metagame today. Well, that's all I have to say for now. I hope I helped just a bit. Have fun and good luck with your team!

    Set (open)

    Dragonite @ Life Orb Lv. 100 -- Multiscale

    Nature: Quiet - EVs: 252 Atk / 252 SAtk / 4 Spd

    - Fire Blast
    - ExtremeSpeed
    - Draco Meteor

    ~Dr Ciel~ (The doctor is OUT)
  4. Ghost_


    Feb 17, 2011
    thanks alot, definetly changing those ev spreads and movesets to the ones you listed :D, btw so you think that three TR setups arent really nessecery? And i like moxie mence and the mixed dragonite, but wanted to know, what are your thoughts on octillery in a TR team?
  5. BKC

    is a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Tutor Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis the Smogon Tour Season 16 Championis a defending World Cup of Pokemon champion

    May 22, 2010
    Hi, your descriptions are very short, therefore they are in violation of the RMT rules. If you fix them, pm me with them and I'll unlock this thread.

    Jirachi edit: Updated. Have a good day sir.
  6. Ghost_


    Feb 17, 2011

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