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Trolls Playing in a Sandbox

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Dietcoke101, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Dietcoke101


    Mar 10, 2012
    Can someone help me with my team? It needs to be better. However, it does work because it's won me more battles than it has lost. You can probably see from the title that it's a sandstorm team, and that there's a couple trolls on my team. :)

    Kecleon (Camoflage) Color Change
    Careful 252 HP/252 SPDEF/4DEF
    Stealth Rocks
    Thunder Wave
    Knock Off
    This kecleon is a beast of a special wall. *His main purpose is to get up rocks, but he can come in really handy. *Since kecleon isn't a commonly used Pokemon, dealing with him for the first time is a pain in the but. *He's especially great at shutting down choice users, since most types are not very effective on itself. After rocks are up, kecleon then cripples the opponent by Thunder Waving them, and then by knocking off there item (say goodbye to Eviolite users such as Chansey). *If that is finished kecleon then has recover as a reliable recovery move, and can switch in on almost any special attack. *He can also hope for a lucky rock type move used on him so he can take the next special attack with 50% more special defense.

    Tyranitar Sand Stream
    Rocky Helmet
    Jolly 252ATK/252SPD/4HP
    Dragon Dance
    Ice Punch
    Stone Edge
    As always, tyranitar's main purpose in life is a good sandstorm. *Since this benefits most of my team, it's pretty important. It also gives him a 50% special defense boost. *He can switch well into any expected special move, except a focus blast, which will be great to put up the storm. *He then can set up his DDance and then have a lot of coverage with his other three attacking moves. *He has ice punch for those common dragons, and then two STAB moves for powerful hits

    Shuckle (KingOTroll) Sturdy
    Careful 252HP/252SPDEF/4DEF
    Power Trick
    Defense Curl
    Shuckle really does troll. *With over 900 special defense, and about 1000 defense after a couple defense curls, he can take any shot. Power trick is to completely cripple the opponent while giving yourself some extra power. *Defense curl is there to put up his defense, since it's not invested in defense, and to give his rollout a double power to start. Then rollout will power up every time and eventually be able to do some ridiculous damage. *Then we have rest, although I do have wish Chansey, you really don't want to be switching out when you've set up with shuckle. Just watch out for roar, whirlwind, and circle throw.

    Gliscor Poison Heal
    Jolly 252ATK/252SPD/4HP
    Toxic Orb
    Swords Dance
    Baton Pass
    Gliscor with poison heal is a real pain in the but. *He's got the toxic orb for obvious reasons, and he's invested in speed and attack for some extra power. I'd rather have some power rather than bulk since most if my team is pretty bulky. There's swords dance because he can get up to pretty high attack, and gives him more deadliness. He's got facade because he's poisoned, and earthquake for a STAB. Then he's got baton pass to pass over his awesomeness to one of his friends (Shuckle, or Tyranitar most likely), and because of his speed if he sees a possible roarer etc. he can take them out.

    Rienclus *Magic Guard
    Flame Orb
    Modest 252SPATK/252HP/4DEF
    Focus Blast
    Shadow Ball
    It's here because of magic guard. *Magic guard will keep it safe from sandstorm, and with a flame orb, it can't get statused. *Then we have 3 attacking moves, and since Reinculous is modest, it will do some extra power. *Also it has protect to stall out the opponent and get some more leftovers heal. I might switch out an attacking move for trick room, because that will help my relatively slow team.

    Chansey Natural Cure
    Bold 252HP/252DEF/4SPDEF
    Seismic Toss
    I've been contemplating using Blissey, but I'm not sure. *Chansey takes physical hits way better, but gets worn down by sandstorm. *They both do great wish passes and have natural cure. *Seismic toss is there because Chansey is even worse than dealing damage than blissey. Then I have protect to wait out the wish turn and to scout. *Then toxic is for some residual damage.
  2. Dietcoke101


    Mar 10, 2012
    I suppose my team is so good it leaves everyone speechless.
  3. TheStarRapper


    Sep 15, 2011
    So much derpppp.
    Couple question: 1.Why protect on reuniclus, you say lefties recovery but you have a flame orb. Switch protect for trick room
    2. Why rocky Helmet on ttar, the only physical hits he takes are coming from scizor and terrakion, which are near ohkos or ohkos. Lum berry or chople is better for DDtar.
    3. What is your overall focus of this team? Sand stall? Because you only have stealth rocks as hazards. It seems like teams with more focus, like rain stall or sun o could walk right through your team, because yours seems very reactionary.
    4. I appreciate derpmons like shuckle and kecleon as much as every other guy, but there are better choices (cursecradily has offensive presence unlike shuckle and similar defense in sandstorm. And since you have chansey, kecleon as a special wall seems reduntant. (Though i do see his purpose in utility).
    5. One final note, a skarmory can get spikes up and whirlwind your team to its death if reuniclus goes down. To consolidate teammates and get another special attacker, take away kecleon and change ttar to a more support variant with rocks and ice beam and fire blast to destroy skarmory's soul. Then you have an extra space for another 'mon.
  4. blunder

    blunder - OUTL
    is a Tiering Contributor

    Oct 30, 2011
    Choice Band Terrakion seems to destroy 5 out of your 6 Guys, and Reuniclus sure isnt taking two Stone Edges as it can't OHKO Terrakion thanks to the Sand Storm Special Defense Boost. I recommend using Choice Scarf Latios over Chansey to deal with Terrakion as it can outspeed Scarf Variants as well and will help your team withs its obvious speed issue

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