Type Restriction Tournament II - Round One

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Fatecrashers's Precious Little Type Restriction Tournament

Sign Ups
Originally hosted by Justinawe
General Tournament Rules

Standard Rules:

Sleep Clause
Evasion Clause
OHKO Clause
Species Clause
Timer Clause

No Drizzleswim
No Ubers may be used
The winner of each match must save the battle log or replay and PM it to me.

Special Rules:

Each round there will be a restriction as to what types of Pokemon each team can have. You must build your team according to that restriction and PM it to me for verification.


They are in no particular order (in this example, your lead does not have to be a Water-type).
Dual-type Pokemon can count for whichever type you like.
If a player in this situation decides to use Swampert, he can choose whether it counts as a Water-type or a Ground-type (participants must specify this in the PM containing their team).

Round One Restrictions

  • Fire
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Water
  • Grass
  • Grass

Round One Pairings

Chase vs FireMage
Mithril vs davidness
iiZqHD vs shartruce2
Vrille vs SubakSupreme
Morgenstern vs Eo Ut Mortus
HardCore vs BROStime
Radli vs Vinc2612
Dr Ciel vs woebegonenick
Remedy vs Marshall.Law
PK Gaming vs MadBull
WhiteQueen vs Rodan
Jcpdragonx vs Brap
MapleDoom vs Lavos Spawn
Birkal vs Soulwind
Rydro vs dragonuser
Fabulous but lazy vs Demist
Harsha vs papai noel
Novaray vs Weegee the haxer
msox vs ~GreenCore
Jayde vs Shining Latios
obina. vs ThatsMyLatios
Yosh SiliS vs Corkscrew
CrashinBoomBang vs kael
TPO3 vs Mikel
FLCLvs 6A9 Ace Matador
Sir vs Maaf
Level 51 vs DarkLoïc
xxOUTRAGExx vs H-C
MaximizedGamer vs lapras6666
pokebasket vs Naru
.Robert vs Pkrs
Django vs Finchinator
Bandicoot vs Pan.
Sayonara vs Organization Member XIV
relaunched vs Valentine
Asek vs Frochtejohgurt
AuraRayquaza vs ginganinja
gr8astard vs complete legitimacy
Myzozoa vs PTZ
Atoni vs ModestGarchomp
Frizy vs Pako
SOMALIA vs Hantsuki
The Unlucky one vsKennen
Kojes vs Alice
Blue Eon vs MCBarrett
Milos vs Princess Bri
Double01 vs KidChameleon
Huntofthelion vs Cherub Agent

Underlined names indicate the person has sent in their team for verification
Bold indicates winner of match

Deadline for Teams to be sent in: Feb 8th
Deadline for Matches to be completed: Feb 12th
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